Serum can be used under foundation to give your daily makeup routine some skin care benefits. 

Benefits of Wearing Serum Under Foundation

  • Evenly toned skin
  • Lightening of dark spots
  • Hydrated and balanced moisture
  • Added radiance to complexions
  • Primed skin for makeup application

How to Apply Serum Under Foundation

  • Apply the serum to a clean face in upward strokes, I use about 2 pumps.
  • Let it set for about a minute before doing any concealer, highlighting or other complexion corrections.
  • Now do your corrections.
  • Next you will apply foundation.  For the best coverage a sponge is ideal.  You can stipple the product on without streaks.  Stippling creates a smooth finish because it is buffering on the makeup.

Made in USA Serums We Love

Le Mieux Brightening Serum

Le Mieux Brightening Serum addresses one of the top skin care concerns in the nation: hyper-pigmentation (dark spots) and dull skin. This product will also get you the glowing, clear, luminous skin that looks so youthful without looking or feeling greasy. Le Mieux products are cruelty free and do not contain petroleum products, parabens or sulfates. Read Angie's review of the Le Mieux Brightening Serum for more information on the benefits of this serum. Le Mieux Brightening Serum Review #usalovelisted #serum #beautytips

Botanic Organic Pomegranate & Argan Antioxidant Oil Serum is perfect for thirsty and aging skin. It also smells amazing, so take deep breathes in to relax yourself after application. The pomegranateargan and pumpkin oils protect against wrinkles caused by oxidation, while oils of sea buckthorn and tamanu help to restore skin damaged by age, exposure and trauma. Calendula herbal oil soothes and helps to regenerate new skin cells and the argan oil contains sterolins. These improve skin’s metabolism, reduce inflammation and promote excellent moisture retention. Don't miss Jill's Botanic Organic skin care products review. Save 15% off  now on your order of Botanic Organic skin care products with discount code USALOVE. No expiration.Organic Pomegranate and Argan Antioxidant Serum from Botanic Organic - American Made BeautyDisclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love.