When buying gifts for grownups, here is a hint: every one loves gifts they can put to use right away. Giving useful gifts ensures the gift you give doesn't end up part of someone's clutter chaos.  And of course, I will tell you to choose an American made gift. It will help you filter the huge number of gifts available this time of year and you'll end up with the perfect present.

Truly Useful Gifts, Made in the USA

A Good Night's Sleep

Authenticity 50 bedding is manufactured in the USA from seed to stitch and is made from high quality, grown in California, Supima cotton. Supima cotton thread is stronger and softer than regular cotton, creating softer, more breathable bed sheets. Authenticity 50 bedding is available in the percale weave which is longer lasting (the sheets even get softer with more use), more durable, and less prone to pilling than sateen weave bedding. Authenticity 50 bedding is NOT wrinkle free, as formaldehyde is used in the process to make fabric wrinkle resistant, and EWWW, who wants to sleep wrapped in formaldehyde?! Authenticity 50 offers sheet sets, duvet sets, duvet covers, and classic pillowcases. Authenticity 50 bedding is available in the colors of Carolina Gray, Pacific Blue, and Signature White.

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Cozy Feet

Made in the USA Soulmate Socks are the mismatched socks that go together. These fun, colorful, and multi-patterned socks for men, women, and kids are not identical like “normal” sock pairs, but they do go together.   Soulmate Socks are Eco-friendly and made from recycled cotton yarn. The colorful yarn used to create Soulmate Socks is made from t-shirt fabric factory remnants.  These socks are not only unique, but they are made to last and will be the favorite pair of socks for years. For more made in USA sock gift ideas, don't miss our ultimate list of made in USA socks.

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Tea Time

Fiesta dishware is an iconic American kitchen favorite. Made in USA Fiesta teapots come in a variety of colors. Add some American grown tea, and artisanal tea snacks to create a useful gift set.
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Smoothie Splurge

We all want to start the new year on a healthier note. Help that person on your list get a kick start with a Vitamix blender.  Nothing beats a Vitamix smoothie! For more made in USA small appliance ideas, visit our source guide for made in USA household. 

Comfy PJs

Everyone needs a comfy pair of favorite pajamas. We have the source list for American made pajamas for men, women, and kids, so there is bound to a pair that would make the perfect gift. Don't miss our source list of made in USA moccasins and slippers! Perfect pajamas #pajamas #PJS #USALOVELISTED #MadeinUSA

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