10 Products We Love: Made in Ohio

Made in OHIO

Ohio is a beautiful state with a diverse geological landscape & fantastic attractions that keep visitors coming back for more.  From the world class amusement parks of Cedar Point and Kings Island to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Lake Erie Islands & shore communities there is something for everyone in your family to enjoy.  This top 10 list of things made in Ohio was extremely difficult to limit because Ohio is such a large and diverse state; limiting it to just 10 products was hard!

10 Products We Love: Made in Ohio

Step2 Toys, America’s largest manufacturer of toddler & preschool toys, has not one, but TWO factories in Ohio. One is located in Streetsboro, and one is in Perrysville.

Step2 toys made in Ohio | America's largest manufacturer of toddler & preschooler toys

Dum Dums, classic American lollipops, have been made in Ohio since 1924. Today, Dum Dums are made by the Spangler company in their Bryan, Ohio facility. If you are ever in the area, make sure to plan a ride on the Dum Dum Trolley and tour the Spangler Museum and Dum Dum factory.

Airstream Trailers began in the 1930’s by Wally Byam, who was tired of pulling a platform for his tent, behind his Model T Ford chassis.  He built the first tear shaped shelter on the platform with a kerosene stove & small ice chest. Today, you can tour the factory & see Airstream Trailers being built!

Airstream made in Ohio

Brillo steel wool soap pads have been made in the USA for over 100 years. Today, they are manufactured in London, Ohio.

Brillo steel wool soap pads | Made in Ohio | Made in USA for over 100 years

Harry London learned to make chocolate from his father & started the company in 1922 in his home kitchen.  Today, Harry London Chocolates are manufactured in Canton, Ohio and factory tours are available for a small fee and chocolates can be purchased on line.

Harry London Chocolates made in Ohio

Wilson Footballs, the official football of the NFL, has been manufactured in Ada, Ohio since 1955.  The factory produces around 4,000 footballs per day or over 700,000 per year.

Wilson footballs | Made in Ohio

Rossi Pasta  Hand-made, fresh pasta is cranked by hand, cut by hand & hung to dry-even the eggs used for the pasta are cracked by hand.  The pasta is fantastic with big flavor & texture you can’t find in a store!  Rossi Pasta is available online and located in Marietta, Ohio.

Rossi Pasta | Made in Ohio

Anchor Hocking Glass has been manufactured in Lancaster, Ohio since 1905 and today there is an additional plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania.  The company manufactures a wide variety of glass, including drink & cookware but so much more & is available in retailers across the world!

Anchor Hocking | Made in USA | Kitchen essentials

Annin Flagmakersthe oldest flag manufacturer in the USA, has been making quality flags for over 100 years. One of Annin’s four facilities is located in Coshocton, Ohio where over 15o people are employed to make American flags.

Annin Flagmakers | Oldest manufacturer of flags in the USA | American flags made in Ohio

Longaberger Baskets headquartered in Newark, Ohio in a building replicate of the Medium Market Basket but 160 times larger, Longaberger Baskets are manufactured in Frazeysburg, Ohio and sold through a variety of stores & home party sales consultants.  Founded in 1973, Longaberger is still family owned!

10 Things we LOVE made in Ohio!

Guest post writer Jessica Mudrick was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved with her family to Cutler, Ohio. She currently lives outside Philadelphia and runs the website Delaware County Moms.

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  1. Also made in Ohio: Libbey Glass, which is made in Toledo and Anin & Co. manufactures some of its American flags here. Going along with the restaurant theme, the first Max & Ermas was in Columbus, Ohio as well 🙂
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  2. And I almost forgot Jenis in Columbus! It is seriously the most amazing ice cream I've ever had. The owner comes up with the most amazing combinations like goat cheese and roasted red cherries, and chocolate and cayenne. The past two places I have lived in Columbus have been within walking distance to a Jenis. haha. And it can be shipped!! http://jenisicecreams.com/
    My recent post Channeling American-Made at Coachella

  3. Jenis ice cream is by far the best ice cream ever… And all Ohioan made.

  4. How about Esther Price chocolates made in Dayton!

  5. or forever red body wash that you can find at bath and bodyworks in ohio.

  6. Alexandria says:

    And don't forget Root Candles made in Medina, OH 🙂

  7. Handmade rugs by Linda Surace
    <a href="http://Www.itsalinda.com” target=”_blank”>Www.itsalinda.com.

  8. Mary turek says:

    Also mason jars are made here. And stoffers. Chevy cruises are made in lords town.

  9. The Pool Netr™ is Made in Ohio, and proudly! We’re in Bryan, Ohio, the same town that brings you Etch-A-Sketch and Dum Dum’s! The Pool Netr™ line will always be Made in the USA!

  10. Cheryl Burnett says:

    Smuckers jams and jellies
    Trail balogna
    Valley Vineyards wines
    Meier’s Winery (their Solera 44 sherry has been served in the White House)

  11. The only one company I had not heard of is Rossi Pasta, I bet it is wonderful tasting pasta. thanks for sharing these.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Also made in Dayton, Ohio are Mike Sells Potato Chips!

  13. Jeffrey says:

    I live in Ohio and was unaware of some of the products on this list.

  14. I have never been to Ohio, but I see the products made there are terrific. My kids had Step2 Toys and I use Brillo often.

  15. So many things made in the manufacturing state of Ohio, but two of my favorite are Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter – Plain City, Oh and Krema Peanut Butter – Columbus, Oh
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  16. Beef Jerky and Meat Snacks by Medina Meats with their Gold Rush label. Mac’s Fudge and Lollipops also in Medina, Ohio. .Yost Candies makes Old Fashioned Lollipops in Dresden, Ohio. Cincinnat, Ohio has Doscher’s Brand (Made in Covingto, KY). …B. B. BATS candies by Runk Candies and Marshmellow Ice Cream Cones also in Cincinnati, Ohio. Popcorn Balls in Cleveland, Ohio. Rudolph Foods makes Pork Rinds and Cracklins. Abbot Labs in Columbus Ohio makes Nutritional Suppliments/Drinks. Kellogs in Cincinnati. Tipp City has P. NUT manufacturere. King Nuts in Solon Ohio. Apple Chips made in Amish Country by Tasty Brands. Guggesberg Cheese in Amish Country. Don Herman’s Pickles (Amish Country) Lintz Pickels and Kaiser Pickels (Cincinnati, Ohio). .Empire Meats in Clevelabd Ohio. Budweiser Beer in Columbus, Ohio….Weaver Meats making Beef Sticks and Jerky (Chubby Checker Brand)….Hustler Magazine started in Columbus, Ohio. Skyline Chili and Gold Star Chili in Columbus Ohio. Tony Packo’s and Mids Sauces in Toledo Ohio.

  17. ellen beck says:

    Ohio has so much to offer. It is state that is showing companies big and small and household names to lesser known. This is why I buy American. So many great products!

  18. Golden Giant Building Systems is a family owed steel building manufacturer in Kenton, Ohio since 1971.

  19. I love the Anchor Hocking glass products. We are switching to glass from plastics and this is great to know about.

  20. Mahrya Riley says:

    You forgot about Graeter’s Ice Cream in Columbus, Ohio and also Toft’s Ice Cream in Sandusky , Ohio.

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