Spring is quickly turning to summer, the frost-danger dates have passed across most of the country, and from farms to apartments, people are thinking about gardening.  Here is a quick list of our 10 favorite garden gadgets, all made in USA.

• The CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator is our favorite all-time gardening tool – the only one most gardeners will need.

• You'll be able to quickly and neatly compost kitchen scraps with some wiggly fun with a Worm Factory Composting System.

• For compact, indoor composting without the worm action, go for the fully Automatic Indoor Composter.

• Treat yourself to some American-made comfort with a Recycled Inner Tube Keeling Pad.

• Grow your own kitchen garden with this Herb Seed Kit, assembled in Poughkeepsie, NY by disabled adults at a non-profit workshop.

• Amuse yourself and your garden's guests with these cute, colorful Cheeky Garden Stakes.

• Engage in some guerrilla gardening by just tossing these Wildflower Seed Bombs made in Ohio wherever you hope to see more color.

• You can enjoy a healthy culinary trend with a Micro Greens Growing Kit.

• Try a GrowBottle, made from recycled wine bottles discarded from restaurants and turned into a self-watering seed starter.

• And finally, watch mushrooms grow from spore to stir-fry with a Mushroom Growing Kit made in Oakland, CA

All of these items, available at Uncommon Goods and Amazon, are made in the USA. Happy gardening!