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American Made Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs might conjure up mental images of flat, not very squishy seats that sit low to the ground. They’re uncomfortable to sit in, hard to get out of, and they just don’t last. My personal memory is finding a tear in our large bean bag chair and sweeping up tiny Styrofoam balls for weeks.

You can still find these types of bean bags—that is, if you shop for the cheapest ones on the market. Instead, consider buying a bean bag chair that’s actually comfortable, made to last, and fits into your home’s aesthetic. The bean bag chairs that fit this description are made domestically. Keep reading to learn more!

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What to Look for in an American Made Bean Bag Chair

A beanbag chair made with the highest quality materials is the perfect addition to any home because the entire family can enjoy it. While traditional bean bags left something to be desired style-wise, not to mention quality, find just about any style, shape, and fabric you're looking for in today's bean bag chairs.


Believe it or not, you can buy just about any style of bean bag chair. Choose a style that fits your environment. If you’re looking for an ergonomic design, choose a chair that keeps its form and shape in all the right places. You’ll also find gaming chairs with pockets, outdoor bean bag chairs, whimsical chairs for kids, and so much more! Some bean bag chairs hold their shape, while others meld right into your body. You’ll find bean bag chairs perfect for the dorm room or bedroom, while others covered in luxurious fabrics, like leather or fur, fit ideally into your living room décor. Our friends have a six-foot-wide oversized bean bag chair in their guest room that I enjoy when I’m reading late at night.

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Buy round, square, rectangular, pear-shaped…any shape! Bean bag chairs come in almost all shapes and sizes.

Exterior Fabric

Covers come in leather or faux leather, suede, cotton, linen, faux fur, and recycled fabrics. If you’re looking for eco-friendly, choose cotton or recycled fabric. Other materials include nylon and polyester, or a cotton-poly blend.


Bean bag chairs come in a variety of sizes. Most are labeled as kids’ size, teen size, or adult size. Review the sizes on each product’s page. Other sizes are extra-large for two people to share.


Most bean bag chairs contain beads made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) or Styrofoam. They may come in the form of beads or cushions. Others are filled with polyurethane foam. If you’re looking for natural materials, some bean bag chairs are stuffed with plant-based foam made from soy and vegetable oils, cork, or even buckwheat hulls. Eco-friendly foams include recycled polystyrene and synthetic foams certified by Greenguard and Certi-Pur.


Choose double-stitched bean bag chairs sewn together with thick thread; otherwise, they will come apart at the seams rather quickly. Also, if zippers are used, read product descriptions to ensure they are heavy duty nylon zippers.

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Best Bean Bag Chairs Safety Features

In 2014, two children lost their lives after unzipping a bean bag chair, climbing inside, and suffocating on the tiny Styrofoam “beans.” Because of the tragedy, The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall and highlighted several safety features to shop for when choosing a bean bag chair. Shop wisely when buying a bean bag chair, and consider these safety features:

1)  Look for closed and permanently disabled zippers that children cannot unzip. If by chance, your bean bag chair has an enabled zipper, it also should come with a safety lock. Most quality bean bag chairs have this feature today. If it doesn’t, sew the bag shut.

2)  Choose products with both inner and outer covers to avoid a choking hazard.

3)  Both fabric layers should be double-stitched and durable fabrics.

4)  Do not allow a baby or young child to nap on the bean bag chair.

5)  Keep the bean bag chair away from sharp edges and fire.

Do you know of a company that makes its bean bag chairs in the USA that we didn’t feature? Leave us a comment and link, and we’ll check it out! Thanks for shopping American-made!

Best Bean Bag Chairs Made in the USA

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