Dear USA Love List Readers, wherever you are, I hope you are safe and you are well. If you have been looking for Made in USA face masks, then you may be having a hard time.

At first, there was a shortage of masks because much of the manufacturing of these essential supplies is now overseas. Then, American factories ramped up their operations and began cranking out face masks in all kinds of styles. Now that some time has passed, predictably, imported masks are flooding in.

There are many, many good options for made in the USA face masks and I hope you will go out of your way to choose from the American Made options. I believe I have found some fantastic made in America masks that will work for my family. I'm sharing them here in case you are interested too.

UPDATE: The first mask on the list below is the one I ordered for each member of my family, but I am searching each day and finding more made in USA options (even as, alas, others fall out of stock). Whatever style you are looking for, we'll do our best to collect all of the best American made options here. We update this list all the time. Since first writing this list, I have ordered several more and we all use different masks for different activities. I hope my notes below are helpful as you choose the perfect face covers for yourself and your family.

All of the masks on this list are available on Amazon if you like to shop there. Don't miss our longer source lists for American Made Masks and Masks for Kids Made in the USA.

USA Love List founder Sarah Wagner wearing her favorite American made Tuga Sunwear neck gaiter mask (available on Amazon) and West Main Pearls.

This is me, wearing the first mask I bought from this list that has since gone out of stock (paired with West Main Pearls, naturally). I have gone on to order an entire wardrobe of “face fashion”. I'll be wearing masks from here on out to stay healthy, stop the spread of illness, and support the American apparel industry.

An important note about wearing masks, face covers, and neck gaiters… we are not doctors. We are not giving out any kind of medical advice. I am just a mom who saw a Made in USA face mask, bought it and now I'm sharing it with you too. I have spent a lot of time in Japan where it is simply polite to wear a mask when feeling under the weather and entirely common during allergy season and in public places. I have always thought it was a sensible practice and I have been waiting for that fashion to trend in the United States.

I'm also glad to wear a mask in stores if it makes the workers feel safer. It is my way of saying thank you for their service during trying times.

I think the mask-wearing trend is upon us and I think it will be with us for a while. I don't mind searching for and spending some money for an American made version in the style I like. I read this study which said that fabric does not block all viral particles but it does block some and that makes a difference – especially if everybody wears them. Also, covering my own face in public reminds me not to touch my face. It's a habit I need to break! The best mask for you is the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident enough to wear it as long as you need to when you are out and about, at work, or at school.

Wearing a mask is going to be part of shopping in a mall. Here are the Made in USA masks I chose for my family on Amazon.

As manufacturers of Made in USA face masks have time to catch up, a variety of styles are starting to be available. It is nice to have choices! Many people are choosing to wear these any time they are out in public. In some places, wearing them in public places is required. I'd also start wearing one of these at all times at home if I suddenly started not feeling well, as part of my attempt to isolate myself from other members of my family.

Let's not buy imported masks. We can do that at least, right? Here are the Made in USA masks I bought my family on Amazon.

By now, plenty of imported masks have flooded the market. But in the early days of the pandemic, home-made masks and masks made in American factories were our only options. Let's remember who was there for us when we needed them.

As always, we'll update the list below as we find other options. These are only our top picks for Made in USA face masks available on Amazon. If you see something that should be on our list, feel free to add it in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Now it is more important than ever to buy from our USA-based businesses so we thank you for your support.

Made in USA Face Masks Available on Amazon

The Made in USA Face Mask I Just Bought For My Family on Amazon, plus an updated list of American made mask options at


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