What sunscreen are you using? Please, please say it’s a natural mineral one. Go check it now! If it has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, you’re good to go. If not, read more about sunscreen chemicals and how they affect us. Don't slather yourself with cancer causing chemicals that are supposed to be preventing skin cancer. They even offer UV protecting dry shampoo!

Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen

If you’re using a chemical sunscreen, now is the easiest time to switch because Bare Republic Natural Sunscreen, powered by COOLA, offers a price conscious 100% natural sunscreen for the modern eco-focused customer. It’s retailing exclusively in Target stores nationwide. This natural collection is based on mineral only sunscreen active ingredients, and includes an industry leading state-of-the-art mineral continuous spray line.

  • Mineral Based, Water Resistant Formulas
  • Reef-Friendly
  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVA
  • Designed and made in California
  • Non-Synthetic Fragrance

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