When cooler weather comes, cozy up with the best flannel shirts made in USA. Shop for soft, snuggly flannel shirts for men, women, and kids in button-up, zip-up, and pullover styles. You’ll also discover some pretty great colors and patterns beyond the traditional plaid.

Keep reading to learn more about the making of a fabulous flannel shirt made in the USA.

American Made Flannel Shirts

What goes with football games, campfires, and warm cider? Flannel shirts, of course!

Flannel shirts are a wardrobe staple for family members wherever they call home. Even Florida, Texas, and Arizona have a few chilly evenings during the winter months, so most people reach for their favorite flannel.

These inviting shirts help you keep warm (but not too warm) while also looking stylish. Guys enjoy wearing them with their jeans, while ladies can accessorize them with leggings, jeans, or chinos with rolled cuffs. Sensory-sensitive kids especially enjoy the ultra-soft fabrics that feel like a warm hug around their torsos.

But not just any flannel fulfills the expectation. Once you compare your $10 fast fashion flannel shirt to one of the nicer, handcrafted selections we provide, you’ll trade in your pumpkin spice latté for several of these fine-fitting brands.

The Flannel Fabric

You would think it wouldn’t be so hard to source flannel fabric made in the USA, but as with many fine fabrics that were once made in America’s textile mills, now they come from other countries such as Europe, Japan, or even China.

Part of the reason is the process it takes to make flannel. Cotton yarns are first dyed and then placed on the weaving machine. Rather than the plaid patterns being printed, they’re actually woven together from the threads, a complicated process. Then, the fabric is brushed on one or both sides to get its characteristic “fuzzy” feel.

Some flannel shirts are made from a combination of cotton and wool, blending the two materials together for a heavier, warmer option when it’s especially cold.

The Crafting of a Flannel Shirt

Although the fabric arrives from other countries, numerous American makers await its arrival, and that’s when the fun begins. These hardworking folks measure, cut, sew, and add durable zippers or buttons. They tuck here and pleat there, add cuffs and pockets. Several customize their flannel shirts to fit your exact measurements, hand-tailoring them to your personal specifications.

The Cost of a Made in the USA Flannel Shirt

You’ll find a range in price points of made in USA flannel shirts, mainly due to whether or not the shirts are custom tailored. Still, an American-crafted flannel shirt costs mo. re than your mass-produced, fast fashion shirts you’ll find in big box stores. However, once you put one of the USA-made shirts around your torso, you’ll understand why.

  1. Each shirt has been painstakingly made by hand. Attention has been given to the smallest of details. After all, the company’s reputation is on the line. As an added plus, the fabrics are natural, not synthetic fabrics that wear out quickly, lose their shape, or tear easily.
  2. These workers are being paid a fair wage. When you buy a flannel shirt made by one of the American retailers we list, you’re helping someone put food on the table for their family.
  3. You’re also supporting quality work environments. American manufacturers by law have to provide good working conditions and treat their employees fairly.
  4. You get stellar customer service. I cannot emphasize this quality enough! I am constantly amazed at the kind reception and assistance I receive whenever I reach out to a U.S. company. For example, Freenote Cloth listed below responded within 30 minutes of my email with a several-paragraph explanation about its flannel shirts. This individual detailed each of the company’s selections, sharing how they’re made, the weight of each fabric, and how they differ from one another. I’ll give all the details below.

Finally, while these shirts won’t last until the end of time, they almost last that long! They’re that well made. It’s frustrating to buy a shirt you love only for it to wear out after a couple of seasons. Not the case with these shirts.

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How to Save Money

If you look on each company’s website, you’ll find numerous ways you can save money. Each company doesn't offer every discount, but you'll find one or more offers as listed below:

  • Discounts: Buy a certain dollar amount and receive a discount.
  • First Orders: Receive a certain percentage off of your purchase for a first-time order.
  • E-Mails: Sign up for emails that include specials.
  • Free Shipping: Receive free shipping when you place an order of a specific dollar amount.
  • Guarantee: Most companies offer a guarantee on their craftsmanship.

I could go on and on about why I’m a believer in the American companies that make flannel shirts and deliver an all-around great experience to you, the customer. Instead, let’s get to the list!

Best Flannel Shirts Made in the USA

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