We are often asked, “Where are LEGOs made?” because they are such a classic toy that has been around for a very long time. While they do seem like the kind of toy that might be made in the USA, they are not. The brand is originally from Denmark and is now manufactured globally.

LEGOs are not made in the USA. LEGO bricks are manufactured in several facilities around the world located in Denmark, Hungary, Mexico, and in China.

Mount Rushmore made of LEGOs.
LEGOs are so ubiquitous that they can seem as American as Mount Rushmore, but the company is Danish and they are now produced in several countries, none in the USA.


So those classic building bricks that kids love are not made in the USA, but that doesn't mean there aren't other high quality building toys and LEGO accessories that are. Over the years our USA Love List editors have found many American made options!

Do you have a favorite American made LEGO alternative that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, and we can add it to this list! We update this post often.


K'NEX rods and connectors have been made in the USA since 1992. The easy-to-find K'NEX kits, available on Amazon, at Target, and at most other toy retailers make a superb go-to when you need a birthday party gift for a boy or girl and you want to buy American. They are available at all price points and they have been a favorite of serious builders of all ages and skill levels. The rods and connectors are manufactured in Pennsylvania. They fit with LEGO pieces and can add a whole new level to your kiddo's building imagination.

American Made K'NEX Toys - K'NEX Building Toys for Children

More American Made Building Toys We Love

I must admit, when I started compiling this list of American made building toys, I thought I would be lucky if I found five products. Well, amazingly, I managed to find 15 high quality building toys made in the USA. This list contains blocks, building kits, and more, for kids toddler to teen. Adults will love some of these items too!

Made in USA Building Toys For Baby to Teens #usalovelisted #gifts #toys #STEM #madeinUSA

American Made LEGO Accessories

If you have a kiddo that loves Lego, then you know those tiny bricks need storage, and other accessories. Our Gifts for Kids Who Love LEGO list contains many made in USA ideas.

Are Legos made in the USA? We found American made options for the kids who love Legos. American Made Gifts for Kids Who Love Legos.

Have you visited our Made in USA Shopping District? It is the place to start your shopping when you want to find the best of American-made.


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Are LEGOs made in the USA? Find American Made alternatives.