Men’s Fashion Dress Shirts & Polo Shirts: A Made in USA Source List

Men's Fashion Dress Shirts & Polo Shirts  Made in USA Source List

Just in time for the coming season, we have compiled this list of American made men’s fashion dress shirts & polo shirts. Purchase Dad a dress shirt or polo shirt that will look good AND stand the test of time.

The fashion dress shirts on this list will also suit the needs for business attire, and special occasion attire. Don’t keep buying cheap, foreign made men’s fashion dress shirts that don’t fit right. Try one or more of the made in USA brands on our list below and look sharp while supporting American manufacturing!

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Men’s Fashion Dress Shirts & Polo Shirts: Made in USA

Men's Fashion Dress Shirts & Polo Shirts American made |Made in USA men's clothing



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  1. I agree that it is worth it to buy better made shirts for men. American Made is the way to go!

  2. I did not realize there was this much of a selection available. How many of them are eco-friendly

    • They are all more eco-friendly than anything shipped here from overseas markets. The carbon foot print just by virtue of the distance travelled will be considerably greater. Also, the environmental standards in the USA are much higher. Another consideration is the vast amount of trash, oil, gas and other pollutants that make their way into the ocean during the trip. The recent infestation of our waterways by invasive species (zebra mussels for example) from ballast water and the underbelly of vessels has had quite an impact on our local ecology and the natural balance of our food chain and environment. Certainly products using “green” or eco-friendly technology, recycling and other means to reduce the impact on our environment are available, but the supply chain effect is something that often goes unmentioned and forgotten despite it’s importance and significance. Thanks for your concern about Mother Earth and the American worker.

  3. Hi Tracey, My name is Kunal wanted to reach out to you about my brand Umber and Ochre.

    “Umber & Ochre designs and crafts small batch clothing in San Francisco – globally-sourced with all-natural materials of the highest quality that are specially dyed and left untreated to age, develop and endear with time and wear. The shirts are made from Handwoven fabrics.

    Please visit us at


  4. Tamra Phelps says:

    I’ve tried the Alial Fital brand & really liked it. They make great shirts & hoodies.

  5. These all sites are very great worthy high quality products offering sites and loved the all collections of designs but when we call about the exact cuts and shapes i am prefer the oasis shirts house in Beverly Hills California good and perfect in mens dress shirts.
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