10 Things We Love, Made in Texas

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Don’t start a “what’s bigger” debate with a Texan unless you have a few hours to spare. Texans are very devoted to their diverse state and take pride in flying their flag at the same height as the American flag.  Due to the size of Texas it is the only state which has almost every terrain on earth including deserts, swamps and coastlines. It is also one of the most culturally and socially diverse states.  Texans have a big appetite and love their breakfast tacos, Tex-Mex, BBQ and frito pie, so our list primarily consists of food but there are a few companies in Texas that may surprise you.

Stuff We Love, Made in Texas

Jenny N. Customized Leather and Canvas Handbags

Attention is in the details with bags from Jenny N.  Jenny Nemlekar designs and hand sews each one of her bags in her Dallas, Texas studio. She uses premium full-grain leather, metal hardware, and water-resistant canvas to line her bags. Jenny N. bags are built to last for years. As a one-woman operation, Jenny focuses on quality over quantity and provides customer-centric service. Every Jenny N. bag can be customized from the leather color, thread color, monogram, and closure styles.  There are so many options; the possibilities are endless.

Jenny N Design handbags | Made in Texas


Marshall Pottery Terra Cotta Pots & Planters

Marshall Pottery has been manufacturing clay pots in the USA since 1845 from the red clay of Texas. Today, Marshall Pottery is the largest terra cotta pot manufacturer in the United States. Marshall Pottery red clay terra cotta pots and planters are also sold with the Deroma label.

Stetson Hats

We can’t have a made in Texas list without having something cowboy on it now can we?  Stetson cowboy hats are the most famous cowboy hats and they are manufactured right in Garland Texas. For 150 years Stetson hats have been worn proudly by Texans.

Texas Beard Co. grooming products for beards- Made in Texas

Texas Beard Co. Beard Care Products

In case you haven’t notice, beards are back in style. In fact, the highly stylish beard is big, burly….and well groomed. Texas Beard Co. beard grooming oils and balms are handcrafted in Texas and include all natural essential oils. 

Olive Oil

From beard oil to…olive oil. Since we are on the topic of oil, did you know that there are many companies in Texas that manufacture olive oil? Olive farming is a risky business in Texas because of the unpredictable weather and fact that it takes 100 pounds of olives to make one gallon of olive oil. The southern Texas has the climate best suited for olive growth and with companies like Heart of Texas Olive Oil Company, Southeast Texas Olive, and Texanathe  Texas olive oil industry is holding its own.

Igloo Coolers

Over 70 years ago the Igloo company started  manufacturing beverage coolers and plastic container coolers in Katy, Texas. Today, Igloo employs 1,200 people on a 3 building campus and continues to be a world leader in cooler manufacturing.

Pace Picante Sauce- Made in Texas

Pace Picante Sauce

Pace has been manufacturing picante sauce in Texas since 1947. The secret to Pace Picante Sauce and salsa products is in the jalapeno. Pace created a “No Heat” jalapeño for mild products that keeps all the jalapeño flavor, but has no jalapeño bite. Pace was acquired by Campbell’s Soup Company in 1995.

San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS)

SAS has been making hand-crafted shoes and handbags since 1976. Primarily known for being the “comfortable” shoe, they are popular among seniors and those with leg injuries. Though SAS has two factories in Texas, one in San Antonio and one in Del Rio, not all of their footwear is American made. Check labels and descriptions carefully.

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Toyota Tundra and Tacoma

In 2003 Toyota opened a new 2,000,000 square foot assembly plant in San Antonio hiring 1,850 people to build the Tundra pickup truck and it was the commitment to creating zero waste that put the plant in the headlines. Their plant has become the model for the most advanced technologies to convert landfill gas and solid waste into fuel. Today, the Tacoma is manufactured and assembled there as well.

Russell Stover candy| Made in Texas

Russell Stover Candy

Russell Stover has 5 manufacturing facilities in the USA, and one of them is located in Corsicana, Texas. If you ever happen to be in this area of north Texas, you absolutely have to stop at the Russell Stover candy store near the candy factory on…wait for it…Pecan Delight Ave. 

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Are you from Texas? Traveled in Texas? Did we miss your favorites? What do you love that’s made in Texas? Do tell.


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  1. The Tablet Claw is also Made in Houston, Texas! We are proud to support fellow Texans!

  2. <a href="http://www.tabletclaw.com” target=”_blank”>www.tabletclaw.com

  3. Michelle F. says:

    great list. i love the salsa

  4. Lazart metal wall hangings and Thirstystone products are made in Gainesville, Tx

  5. Did you know that there are only 3 electrical supply grids in the USA? One is East of the Mississippi, One is West of the Mississippi and Texas has it's own.

  6. I love the creative hand-carved spirit faced birdhouses made by Monte Spinker. They are very unique, hand made and functuional! The birds fly up the nose. Check them out!

  7. Love my Dr. Pepper! Had no idea it was from Texas!

  8. We are proud to make many of our collegiate totes, aprons and coolers in Houston, Texas!

  9. Fickle Pickles made in Boerne, Texas! Don’t miss these little pieces of heaven! Also sold in Gruene, Texas🙂

  10. Robin Wilson says:

    I had no idea that some of these were made in Texas! Esp Dell and Dr. Pepper. Cannot wait to see North Carolina in the list!

  11. Love Shiner Bock. I bought my Justin boots a couple of decades ago and they still look amazing.
    Latest Post: Kansas City and the BelfryMy Profile

  12. You forgot big red and heb

  13. Toyota, no we Texans don’t love the Japanese firm or their cars,however we do love our Suburbans, Tahoes and Escapees made in Arlington, for many years! Don’t say you love a Japanese car company and say your from Texas!

    • Toyota employs a lot of people at their San Antonio plant and they are relocating their North American headquarters from California to a new $1+ billion facility in Plano. I’ll drive my Tundra with pride and my neighbor that works there is thankful.

  14. I didn’t know about Dublin Dr Pepper, thanks!!

  15. Here’s my list of five sustainable fashion brands, all MADE in TEXAS! https://notmadeinchinachallenge.com/2016/05/25/5292/

  16. We’re so proud to make the Cycle Snap in Texas alongside these other great brands!

  17. http://www.phillyseafood.com/home/

    Texans love Texas Gulf Shrimp, caught by Texan fishermen, on Texas boats, processed in Palacios Texas. Look for the Philly’s Premium Wild Texas Shrimp at retailers across the country! Go Texas!

  18. Kat Mendenhall Cowboy Boots
    Texas styled cowboy boots made in Texas, by Texans
    We offer the first 100% non-leather, Texas style handmade cowboy boots, western wear, and accessories.

  19. Kelly M. says:

    As a native texan, I love this list!

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