If you're looking to use more non-toxic products in your life, here are seven great American made green gifts for the home that you'll be sure to love. Many of these items are priced to make great gifts for anyone that the recipient will enjoy for many years to come.

American Made Green Gifts for the Home

Liberty Tabletop Flatware

If you're looking for non-toxic American made flatware that is produced with eco-friendly processes, look no further than Liberty Tabletop is the only flatware that is still manufactured in the United States, upstate New York to be exact. Liberty Tabletop stainless steel flatware is made from domestically sourced steel that is 8 to 10 percent nickel and 16 to 18 percent chromium. Unlike stainless steel in foreign flatware manufacturing, Liberty Tabletop guarantees that the metal mix in their stainless steel does NOT contain lead, mercury, or any other toxic metals that we don’t want in our mouths. If you are soon to be married and aren’t sure what type of flatware to add to your registry, Liberty Tabletop has a buyers guide on their website that can walk you through the process.

Liberty Tabletop Kensington 45 piece set #thanksgiving #dinner #tableware

Organic Cotton Bedding, American Blossom Linens

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American Blossoms Linens organic cotton bedding makes a great green gift for the home. There are dye free colored bedding options to chose from. All American Blossoms Linen bedding is formaldehyde free. Take 15% off your American Blossom Linens luxury organic bedding order now with code USALOVE. No expiration. One use per customer.

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Bee's Wrap Food Wraps

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I cannot tell you how great Bee’s Wrap food wraps are! These wraps keeps your food fresh and sealed without having to waste money or resources on buying plastic wrap. The wraps are made of beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. Simply use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap, create a seal and, when cool, the wrap holds its shape. It’s a must have for anyone who spends time in the kitchen, or anyone who wants to cut down on their use of plastic. 

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Fannie Pack Bundle – Aunt Fannie's

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Aunt Fannie’s believes in the pure power of food-based ingredients. More than “natural,” Aunt Fannie's cleaning products contribute to and do not disrupt the microbiome, unlike synthetics, pesticides or man-made antibacterials. Your home has its own microbiome, that even “natural” products can disrupt. Aunt Fannie's products get rid of the bad—dirt, food, unwanted germs—without getting rid of the good stuff. I love how well these products work. I'm particularly fond of the Cleaning Vinegar Wipes - they are effective and biodegradable. I love that this bundle costs under $20 too.

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Natural Mattress - My Green Mattress

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My Green Mattress makes American made, natural mattresses, that are shipped factory-direct to you.The Pure Eco All-Natural Organic Mattress is the most popular and economical mattress with a new more comfortable spring system that offers excellent lumbar support. This medium-firm mattress is conforming and pressure relieving making it perfect for children, teens, and adults. The Pure Echo is handcrafted with all-natural, hypoallergenic materials, including organic cotton and natural wool for the deep, healthy sleep you deserve at a price that won't keep you up at night. The 100% natural wool is sourced from a company in California. The wool batting is 100% natural, is not treated with any flame retardants, and contains no polyester fibers. MyGreenMattress discount code USALOVE  saves you $125 off of any MyGreenMattress twin size or larger. No expiration. One use per customer. Black Friday Offer: $200 off Natural Escape, $150 off Hope and $135 off Pure Echo and Kiwi.  20% off crib mattress and accessories

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360 Cookware & Bakeware

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American made 360 Cookware is manufactured in a Green E-Certified factory in West Bend, Wisconsin which has been recognized by the EPA. 360 Cookware waterless vapor cookware cooks food faster and at a lower temperature, so flavor and nutrients are locked in. Save 20% off 360 Cookware with discount code USALOVE. No expiration. One use per customer.

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