Whether you are going to a housewarming party and need a gift idea, or you are on the hunt for a thoughtful gift for new homeowner friend, we have have you covered in our list of best housewarming gifts, all made in the USA (of course).

Best Housewarming Gifts: Made in the USA

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

The tradition of giving new homeowners gifts has been passed down through the centuries in many cultures. The following list includes the most popular traditional housewarming gifts, their meanings, and American made housewarming gift ideas. Pick a few, or all of these items and present them in a gift basket for a meaningful gift.

A loaf of bread, so there is never hunger in the home  
A freshly baked loaf of bread can be picked up at a favorite local bakery, or follow this popular recipe for Homemade White Bread Using a KitchenAid Mixer and make your own.

Candles, so there is always light and happiness    
There are many candle companies that manufacture in the USA.  There is a candle scent, color, size for every personality in our American made candle source guide.

Salt or herbs to spice up life in the new home
Redmond RealSalt is made in Utah.  

Honey to sweeten life in the new home  
Pick up some local honey at a farmers' market or give a gift that contains honey, like one of the items from our list of American made honey products.

A broom so that the new house will always be clean, and to sweep out evil & bad luck  
Give a high-quality, durable Amish broom that's handmade in Pennsylvania.

Non-Traditional, Practical Gifts Housewarming Gifts

If practical housewarming gifts are more your thing, then check out our American made suggestions below that are sure to be used and appreciated.

Everyone can use new towels. A complete American made towel set will be a welcomed addition to a new bathroom. We have a made in USA towels source list that includes towel sets that can be monogramed too.

A clock
A decorative wall clock, mantel clock, and table clock all make practical housewarming gifts. Choose one from our source list for made in USA clocks.

Blankets, throws, sheets, and duvet covers can be found in all price ranges and American made in our Buy Bedding Made in the USA: The Ultimate Bedding Source List. 

A table lamp, floor lamp, or even a credit/gift card towards new outdoor lighting are all gift items that would be used by a new homeowner. Our American made lighting guide has styles for every taste and price.

Customized change of address cards 
Customized change of address cards are a useful gift that a new homeowner will appreciate. Most of the companies listed in our American Made Custom Greeting Cards, Note Cards, and Stationery Source List offer them.

Small Appliances
A new coffee pot, a new blender, or any other small appliance makes a fabulous practical housewarming gift. Think there aren't any American made? Well, we found some. Check out our Kitchen Appliances and Household Appliances Made in USA Source Guide for more ideas.

Have you heard of any traditional housewarming gift ideas that we missed? What other items do you think make practical housewarming gifts? Let us know in the comments and we will share our American made suggestions.  

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