Whether you’re an amateur target shooter or a seasoned hunter, you’ll not find a shortage of the best crossbows made in the USA. The United States is home to a variety of top-quality crossbow manufacturers who produce some of the absolute best crossbows on the market.

Each of these companies is innovative in its own right. Some have existed since the 1930s, but they all have been around long enough to engineer the highest quality crossbows available today.

Before getting to the American companies themselves, we’ll discuss key features and other considerations before making your purchase, along with whether or not you would enjoy using a crossbow.

But first, a quick history lesson….

History of Crossbows

The first crossbow was invented around 783 BC for hunting and going to war. Images exist today of wooden crossbows used in Europe at around 1200 CE. They were used in various wars until the early 1700s. Obviously, their use decreased as gunpowder arms replaced them. However, they continued to be used for hunting, especially when looking for big game such as elk. They're used more often today in archery, but whether a person hunts or shoots at targets, men, women, and kids all enjoy the sport. I actually have two young female friends (one is a former pageant queen!) who fancy a little crossbow hunting.

Today, the United States is home to a number of top crossbow manufacturers, including TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, Ravin Crossbows, and Bear Archery, to name just a few. These companies produce high-quality crossbows that are popular among hunters of all experience levels.

Crossbows have been around for centuries, and over time, they have evolved into several different types.

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Types of Crossbows

1.  Recursive crossbows: These are the most traditional type of crossbows, with a bow that curves away from the shooter. They are simple and easy to use, and they have a lower draw weight, making them good for beginners.

2.  Compound crossbows: These are the most popular and advanced type of crossbows among hunters and recreational shooters. Compound crossbows are accurate, powerful, and versatile. They have a complex system of pulleys and cables that reduce the draw weight and increase the speed of the arrow. While they are more accurate and powerful than recurve crossbows, they also are more expensive and require more maintenance.

3.  Pistol crossbows: These are small, lightweight crossbows that are easy to carry and shoot. They are not as powerful as other types of crossbows, but they are still capable of taking down small game.

4.  Rope-cocking crossbows: These are crossbows that have a built-in mechanism for cocking the bowstring, making it easier for the shooter to load the arrow. They are great for people who have a hard time cocking a crossbow manually.

5.  Reverse-draw crossbows: These are crossbows that have a shorter limb assembly, which allows the shooter to hold the crossbow closer to their body. They are more compact and easier to maneuver than other types of crossbows, making them ideal for hunting in tight spaces.

No matter which type you choose, it's important to follow all safety guidelines and practice good shooting techniques to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Are You a Good Candidate for an American-made Crossbow?

A crossbow is a versatile and exciting tool a wide range of people enjoy using. Outdoor enthusiasts and hunters will appreciate the accuracy and power of a crossbow, while those interested in medieval or fantasy-themed activities might enjoy using one for recreational purposes. Crossbows can also be a great option for those looking to get into archery, as they are generally easier to use and require less physical strength to operate compared to traditional bows. Additionally, many people find the unique mechanics of a crossbow to be a fun and interesting hobby in and of itself. Overall, anyone with an interest in archery, hunting, or outdoor activities is likely to find enjoyment in using a crossbow.

Overall, the type of crossbow that is right for you will depend on your skill level, budget, and intended use. Are you new to the sport? How much are you willing to spend? And will you use your crossbow for target practice, or do you desire to become a serious hunter?

Regarding your budget: While it's important to get good value for your money, keep in mind that with crossbows (as with many other products) you often get what you pay for. A higher-priced crossbow may have better materials, construction, and features, and ultimately be a better investment.

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What to Consider when Choosing a Crossbow

The crossbow industry in the USA remains innovative in crossbow engineering. America continually introduces new technology and materials that improve performance and accuracy. Crossbows with cocking aids and other safety features can make the sport more accessible and enjoyable, especially for those new to crossbow hunting.

When it comes to choosing the best crossbow for your needs, consider important key factors.

Key Factors

Size and weight: Look for a crossbow that is lightweight and easy to handle. This will make it easier to aim and shoot right on target.

Draw weight: This term refers to the amount of force required to draw the string back and load the crossbow. A lower draw weight will be easier to handle, but may not have as much power as a crossbow with a higher draw weight.

Power stroke: Power stroke applies to the distance that the string travels when you draw the crossbow. A longer power stroke usually results in more power and speed.

Arrows: Make sure the crossbow is compatible with the type of arrows you want to use.

Materials: Materials are one of the most important factors in the quality of a crossbow. Look for crossbows made from high quality materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, or other lightweight but durable materials.

Construction: The construction of a crossbow is also important. Look for crossbows that are well-made, with attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship. A well-made crossbow delivers more accuracy. Virtually all American-made crossbow companies prioritize quality construction.

Scopes: An illuminated scope is a useful feature, especially for hunting in low light conditions.

Field Points: Field points, specialized arrowheads, impact the accuracy and performance of your crossbow. Aluminum arrows are another popular choice for crossbow hunting, as they are lightweight and easy to handle.

A good crossbow should have a range of useful features that make it easier to use and more effective. Look for crossbows with adjustable sights, detachable quivers, and other features that can help you get the most out of your crossbow.

Other Important Factors

Consider specific brands, crossbow speed, and ease of use before buying a crossbow.

Brand reputation: It’s also a good idea to consider the reputation of the brand that makes the crossbow. Look for brands with a history of producing high quality, durable crossbows, and good customer service. Again, the American companies we recommend are reputable and deliver great customer service.

Speed: The speed of the crossbow, measured in feet per second, is an important factor, as is the kinetic energy, which measures the force behind the arrow. Crossbows with higher kinetic energy and speed usually are more powerful and accurate.

Ease of use: A quality crossbow should be fairly easy to use, once you understand the function. This is especially for those new to crossbow hunting. Crossbows with cocking aids and other safety features can make the sport more accessible and enjoyable.

Why Choose a Made in the USA Crossbow?

When it comes to buying a crossbow, many people are tempted to opt for the cheaper options that are made outside the United States. While it might seem like a good deal at the time, there are several reasons why you should consider investing in a made-in-the-USA crossbow instead.


First, the quality of a crossbow made in the USA is likely to be higher. This is because American manufacturers are held to stricter standards. They are much more likely to use better materials and components, which means that your crossbow will be more durable and reliable.

Customer Service

In addition to the quality of the crossbow itself, you should also consider the customer service that you will receive. American companies are generally known for their excellent customer service, which means that you can expect to receive prompt and helpful assistance if you have any issues with your crossbow.

Fair Wage

Another important factor to consider is the issue of fair wages. When you buy an American-made crossbow, you can be confident that the workers who built it were paid a fair wage for their work. This is not always the case with overseas manufacturing, where labor practices sometimes can be questionable.

Supply Chain & The Economy

Finally, consider these two final reasons: supply chain and economics. Few supply chain issues occur when you purchase an American-made product simply because you’re not relying on materials to arrive from offshore. Furthermore, American-made money stays in America, which improves our overall economy.

Please Note

Certain crossbow companies appear to make their products in the USA, but in reality, they are American companies that source their crossbows and accessories elsewhere. Some of these companies include Killer Instinct and Excalibur Crossbows. Killer Instinct makes its bows overseas. Excalibur makes amazing products just over the border in Canada.

Additionally, while Bob Lee Bows, an American bow company since 1933, is in the USA, it does not make crossbows.

Kodabow, who made its crossbows in Pennsylvania, is no longer in business. The same is true for Parker Bows, once located in Virginia.

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to the world’s best crossbows that are made in the good ole’ USA!

Best Crossbows Made in the USA

Do you know of a company that makes crossbows in the USA we didn't list? We invite you to leave a comment and link near the bottom of this article, and we'll check it out!

About TenPoint Crossbow’s Famous Acudraw Pro

The Acudraw Pro, made by TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, is a device that can be installed on certain models of crossbows to make the process of cocking the crossbow easier. It is a rope-based system that utilizes a crank handle to take the strain off of the shooter's arms and shoulders when cocking the crossbow. The Acudraw Pro is designed to be easy to use and can significantly reduce the amount of effort required to cock a crossbow, making it a popular choice among hunters and recreational shooters. It is compatible with several different models of crossbows and can be easily installed and removed as needed. You'll find it on TenPoint's website.

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