Our readers asked, so we did the research and compiled this list of made in the USA Men's boots! Please remember, not all of the boots/shoes manufactured by most of the companies in this list are American made. We tried to link to the ones that are but read the descriptions carefully. Also, some of the companies assemble some of their boots in the USA. As always, we support any effort a company makes to keep jobs here in the USA and try to give our readers as much information as possible.

If you are looking for women's boots, most of the companies listed below also offer women's sizes. Also check our lists of mens' dress shoes, made in the USA,  women's boots made in the USA or our ultimate guide to American made footwear.

Made in USA Men's Work Boots and More

Made In USA Cold Weather Boots: Steger Mukluks

Steger Mukluks makes men's boots (and women’s boots too!) in Ely, Minnesota. Steger Mukluks' collection of men's mukluks are designed to keep your feet warm. The range of boot options have you covered from everyday wear, shoveling the drive, hunting, ice fishing, and even the extreme conditions of arctic expeditions. The high cut of the boot will hold in the warmth on your legs too

The Yukon style Mukluks, pictured below, are an extreme condition design. These boots are designed for extreme weather conditions of temperatures down to -40F. They also have the Steger Mukluks signature aggressively treaded sole. These boots are great for surveyors, winter carpenters, hunters, and anyone else that spends time out in the cold.

Made in USA Men's Boots: Steger Mukluks extreme cold weather boots #usalovelisted
Made in USA Uniform Boots: Capps Shoe Co.

Capps Shoe Co. employs over 175 people between their warehouse & office in Lynchburg, Virginia, and their factory in Gretna, Virginia. Capps Shoe Co. Uniform Boots are made in the USA from US sourced components. The Uniform Division sells the Department of Defense uniform footwear for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines thru Federal Contracts. The Molder WELT steel toe slip on boot pictured below is a popular uniform boot approved by the uniform boards of all divisions of the armed forces and by Police and Sheriff departments. Capp Shoe Co. offers significant discounts for qualified Veterans and Active Service Members. In order to receive the discount please contact customer service at 800-533-7733.

Made in USA Men's Boots, Work Boots, Hiking Boots, and More: The Ultimate Source List

This list is updated frequently. If your favorite made in the USA men's boot company is not here, let us know in the comments and we will add it to the guide. 

  • AFBOOTS  AFBOOTS are work and casual wear boots, made in Tennessee.
  • All American Clothing Co. is an online retailer of American made footwear and clothing. All American Clothing Co. offers a large selection of Thorogood union made work boots, which include slip resistant, safety toe, electrical hazard, and waterproof styles.
  • Bates   Bates tactical military boots and work shoes come in styles suitable for all temperatures. Also available here.
  • Belleville  Belleville has been making a wide variety of tactical and military boots in Illinois since 1904.
  • Capps Shoe Co. uniform boots are made in Virginia by American craftsmen and women. Learn more about Capps Shoe Co. uniform boots at the top of this post.

  • Carolina   Carolina manufactures a variety of styles of work boots in the USA.
  • Chippewa    There are many styles of Chippewa boots that are American made, including pull on boots, and lace up work boots.  Check labeling carefully for made in USA.
  • Corcoran   Made in Pennsylvania, Corcoran boots are military boots + security personal boots including styles of jump boots and field boots.
  • Danner    Danner offers a vast selection of made in USA hiking boots, hunting boots, work boots, and urban wear boots. Also available here.
  • Double H Boots    Double H Boots are built for working on the ranch. American made styles can be found in steel toe work boot, ranch boot, and cowboy boot styles.
  • Frye   The Frye Company has been manufacturing shoes in the USA for over 100 years. American made styles include; dress boots, pull on boots, western boots, & work boots.
  • Gokey   The fine leather boots by Gokey are handmade to order. Styles include hiking boots, pull on boots, and even snake proof boots!
  • Hathorn Explorer boots are made in Washington.
  • Haix  Haix makes hardcore firefighter and EMS boots in men's and women's sizes.
  • HELM   HELM men's fashion boots are crafted in Maine.
  • Hoffman Boot pac boots and leather boots are made in Idaho.
  • Justin   There are still styles of Justin work boots + western cowboy boots made in the USA.
  • Keen   Keen hikers are American built in Portland, Oregon.
  • LL Bean    LL Bean rubber-bottomed boots are made in Maine and are fabulous in rain and snow.
  • Lucchese manufactures select styles of boots in the USA
  • Matterhorn   Matterhorn is owned by the same company that owns Corcoran boots. Made in Pennsylvania, Matterhorn boots styles include work boots, mining boots, field boots, and security & police boots.
  • McRae Footwear makes all leather and warm weather military-style combat boots.
  • Nicks Boots are handmade in the USA and come in hunting, ranching, and logging styles. There are also selections of all-purpose work boots, firefighter boots, and casual fashion boots.
  • Nocona   Many styles of Nocona Western boots are made in the USA, including unique college-themed boots.
  • Red Wing   78 styles of Red Wing Boots are made in 2 US factories; one in Missouri, and one in Minnesota.  Styles include Oxford work shoes, work boots, loggers,  & pull ons. Some made in USA styles can be found on Amazon (read description carefully).
  • Reebok   Yes, Reebok has a line of made in the USA work boots; military boots, postal approved boots, and athletic work boots. Also available here.
  • Rocky    The made in USA selection of boots by Rocky include military boots, postal approved boots,  and waterproof insulated boots.
  • Schnee's   Schnee's rubber bottomed pac boot is made in Montana.
  • Steger Mukluks boots are designed with outdoor adventures and cold weather in mind. Learn more about Steger Mukluks at the top of this article.

  • Thorogood American Heritage work boots are made in Wisconsin.
Thorogood boots for men: Made in USA #footwear #giftsformen #usalovelisted
  • Tony Lama   Tony Lama manufactures many styles of handcrafted Western boots in the USA.
  • Trask Trask makes a stylish chukka moccasin style boot, made of American bison and American steer leather.
  • West Coast Shoe Company (WESCO Boots): Men’s & Women’s, Shoes & Boots for work & Play.  Authentically American – Made in Oregon High-quality footwear for loggers, linemen, construction, motorcycling or fashion.  Stock boots and custom built.

Made in USA Men's Boots Deal: Get FREE Shipping at check out with code USALOVE on your WESCO Boots order. Value up to $25.

  • Wolverine   Select styles of Wolverine boots are made in Michigan and other factories across the USA. The made in USA styles include steel toe hiking boots, work boots, and a classic style fashion boot called the 1000 Mile Boot.
  • Yuketen    Several styles of Yuketen moccasin inspired boots are handcrafted in Maine.


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Mens Boots Made in the USA: The Ultimate Source List

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