On the hunt for comfortable, durable work boots that will hold up to the demands of your daily grind? Investing in a pair of American made work boots might be something you are considering after blowing through pair after pair of cheap foreign made ones. I have compiled this list of made in the USA works boots, uniform boots and shoes, and military boots to make your search easier.

Best American Made Work Boots

This list includes twenty American-made work boots brands, but which ones are the best? Easy answer: All of them.

I used to work for a retail store that sold work boots. I know how challenging it is to find work boots that have all of the features that are needed. Some people need steel toe, some soft toe. Some need 6 inch boots, some 8 inch and higher. Other shoppers are looking for leather work boots, pull on work boots, or fabric work boots.

Certain jobs require specialty work boots which can be hard to find. I have included American made logging boots, fire fighter boots, military, police and EMT boots, even postal worker boots are included in this list.

There are soooooo many options!! All of the made in USA work boot brands on this list are known for being the best in the boot industry.

What Work Boots Are Made in the USA?

You might be surprised to see popular work boots brands on this list like Wolverine Boots, KEEN, Red Wing and Carolina. There might even be some brands you have never heard of, yet have been making work boots in the USA for over one hundred years like West Coast Shoe Company and White's.

Not all of the brands on this list manufacture all of their work boot styles in the USA. I have made it clear to note when extra detail needs to be made to verify which styles are American made. At USA Love List, we recognize every effort a company makes to keep jobs on American soil.

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American Made Work Boots, Uniform Boots & Military Boots

Footwear Industries of Tennessee (FIT)- Manufacturer

Footwear Industries of Tennessee (FIT) is the manufacturing company behind several of the made in USA work boots on this list. The manufacturing facility cuts, stitches, assembles and packs and the operations are highly automated. They offer a choice for production- Berry Compliant (100% made in USA), or assembled in USA with domestic and imported parts. Popular work boot brands made at this facility include Wolverine and Carhartt.

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