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An unexpected way to buy American is by investing in local experiences instead of spending your money on more "stuff". Here you will find our favorite ideas for local travel & experiences.

Our Favorite Whole30 Restaurants, Listed By City

One way to “Buy American” is by spending your money on experiences like dining out rather than spending on imported “stuff”. If that's not enough to lessen your guilt over eating out, we're making sticking to the Whole30 challenge easier by starting a list of Whole30 restaurants, listed by city. (Add your own in the comments and we'll update the list periodically.) You might have to make substitutions to make sure entrees are compliant with the challenge and food restrictions, but these restaurants are making it easier than ever. Don't miss our Whole30 challenge tips and extensive list of Whole30...

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Ultimate Travel Packing List for Backpacking, Domestic, and International Travel

It's hard not to over- or under-pack. I've found that when I travel via car I over-pack. Then when I fly, I under-pack because I don't like feeling bogged down by my belongings. There has to be something in between, with a focus on essentials you might need, and wouldn't want to be stuck without. I've spent months thinking about this travel packing list and finding all American made traveling essentials that you'd need for any type of travel you might be doing. You'll be surprised that everything you need is available and made right here in the USA. Here's...

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Visit the Nation’s Capital: 16 Fun Things to do in Washington, DC

Are you thinking about planning a trip to Washington, DC?  DC has so much to offer, it can be overwhelming. Even as a native to the area, I've not done all the things tourist do. I know, it's crazy! I've put together a list a list of all the must see, fun things to do in the city, oh, and where you should stay while you are here. 16 FUN THINGS TO DO IN DC There’s a lot to see in our nation's capital, so manage your time wisely, and plan ahead. There you can experience DC’s great museums, most of which...

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Nine Luxury Travel Destinations in the USA

USA Love List was created during a road trip when the site's founder, Sarah Wagner, and her family were traveling from Pennsylvania to Michigan in their RV. Our staff loves travel and Fall is the perfect time to take in the changing sites of the beautiful landscapes across the country, especially on the East coast. See our list of nine luxury travel destinations in the USA we love. New England's Finest Boston, Massachusetts Mandarin Oriental Boston offers an intimate, luxurious hotel stay, while combining classic New England elegance with refined Oriental touches to create one of the most distinctive hospitality experience in...

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True Food Kitchen: Sources Local Food With Locations Across The Nation

I was first introduced to True Food Kitchen when I was traveling in southern California in October 2012. I absolutely loved the restaurant and wondered why the Washington DC area didn't have a location yet. I was really feeling cheated and also frustrated that I couldn't order the Thai-Basil Grapefruit Martini whenever I wanted one. You couldn't imagine my excitement when I saw a True Food Kitchen was opening near me in Merrifield, Virginia. True Food Kitchen is celebrating the autumnal equinox this year with its opening in Merrifield, Virginia. Check out the local, sustainable fare inspired by Dr. Andrew...

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