Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Ever wonder what the difference between REUSE and RECYCLE is? Companies that REUSE items to make products do so when they cut, sew, bend or form unwanted “trash” into beautiful, stylish, functional new items. Companies that make products from RECYCLED goods melt, press, bend and transform an old item into a new substance. Then this substance is used to create a new product.

In honor of Earth Month, here is a list of products that are made in the USA from recycled goods. Support these companies and reduce our trash impact on the environment!

Eco-Friendly Products Made in the USA from Recycled Goods

1. Journals Unlimited themed journals
Made in the USA from recycled paper, these are not your typical journals!  Each Journal Unlimited journal has a different theme and contains a unique guided fill-in-the-blank format. These journals would make a great Mother's Day, graduation, or wedding gift!

Eco friendly gifts: Journals Unlimited made from recycled paper

2. West Paw Design pet beds

Even your pets can be green with a bed made by West Paw Design in Montana!  West Paw Design uses its own IntelliLoft Fiber Fill to stuff their pet beds.  IntelliLoft is created from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Don't miss our source lists for made in USA dog supplies and made in USA cat supplies. bumperbed-solid-stripe-pattern_03. Okabashi shoes

Okabashi shoes are made in Buford, Georgia from, well, recycled Okabashi shoes.   According to the Okabashi website, “Last year alone Okabashi was able to re-grind and re-introduce over 100,000 lbs of scrap material, diverting 10 tractor trailers full of waste from our landfills”. Okabashi offers many styles to choose from in both men's and women's sizes. I absolutely LOVE that Okabashi shoes are recyclable! I wish more shoes were. Don't miss our source lists for made in USA shoes and made in USA sandals.American Made Shoes From Okabashi4. Re-Play children's dishes and utensils

Re-Play children's utensils, plates, bowls,  and cups are BPA free and made in the USA  from recycled milk jugs. Eight Re-Play utensils save 2 milk jugs from landfills! Don't miss our source list for made in USA baby toys, toddler toys, and preschooler toys. 

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Eco friendly products made in USA from recycled trash