Liberty Tabletop

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Giveaway: Made in USA Liberty Tabletop Steak Knife Set

This week's USA Love List American made giveaway prize is something that everyone who hosts dinners needs. And if you need a treasured Father's Day or wedding gift, this is it. Read on to learn more! Made in New York, Liberty Tabletop Flatware Made by Sherrill Manufacturing in New York state, Liberty Tabletop is the ONLY flatware available that is still manufactured in the USA. Liberty Tabletop stainless steel flatware is made from domestically sourced steel that is 8 to 10 percent nickel and 16 to 18 percent chromium. Unlike stainless steel used in foreign flatware manufacturing, Liberty Tabletop guarantees that the metal...

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Best Wedding Gifts, Made in the USA

When friends and relatives get married, we're thrilled for them, but it usually means giving a substantial gift. The key to giving American-made wedding gifts is knowing which brands to look for on the registry and having some off-registry favorites. These are ours. Don’t miss our other lists of American made wedding gift ideas;  Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas, All American Made,  Best Bridal Shower Gifts, Made in the USA and American Made Wedding Gifts: Things They Didn't Put On Their Registry Best Wedding Gifts, Made in the USA Authenticity 50 Luxury Sheets Treat the special couple to American made luxury sheets from Authenticity...

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Made in USA Kitchenware: The Ultimate Source List

This USA Love List Source List is a long one, and I am sure it will be getting longer! Kitchenware is a category that covers any tools, utensils, appliances, dishes, and cookware, that can be used in the process of preparing and serving food. Everyone has and needs kitchenware items. The next time you are ready to replace your cookware, bakeware or dishes, be sure you check this list first and make that purchase an American made one. These items also make great gifts! Bookmark this list of made in USA kitchenware so you can easily find it when you...

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Thoughtful American Made Gifts for the New Homeowner

Do you have someone on your shopping list who recently became a new homeowner? Wouldn't you love to give them a solid, made to last, American Made gift to grace their new home? We have ideas for thoughtful gifts for the new homeowner, all picked out for you to give and they are all made in the USA. For more ideas, don't miss our our list of The Best Housewarming Gifts: Made in the USA. Thoughtful American Made Gifts for the New Homeowner Home Decor Items from Lime & Leaf Every new homeowner appreciates a chic new home decor item...

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Best Bridal Shower Gifts, Made in the USA

On the hunt for the best bridal shower gift or wedding gift? These bridal shower gift suggestions are practical, long lasting, and of course, made in the USA! Best Bridal Shower Gifts: Made in the USA Bedding: Authenticity 50 Luxury Sheets Authenticity 50 luxury sheets are made in the USA from seed to finish, making them the only luxury bedding completely American made. Authenticity 50 bedding is made from American grown Supima cotton. Supima cotton has longer fibers than regular cotton, making it softer and stronger. The stronger cotton thread results in cotton bedding that is durable and long...

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