Our Source List for Hard-to-find Made in the USA Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations  Made in USA  Artificial trees, outdoor decorations, indoor decorations, stocking hooks...and more!

Have you been hunting for American Made Christmas decorations?  They can be hard to find, but we found them for you.  Holiday decorations are something that you get out and use year after year. Choose made in USA products that will last, that you can trust, and most importantly, that you feel good about.  

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Hard to Find – American Made Christmas Decorations

Whether you have already begun transforming your home into a winter wonderland, or you have yet to bring the Christmas boxes out of storage, here is a list to inspire you to purchase made in the USA holiday decorations this year.


It appears that there is no manufacturer of Christmas lights anywhere in the USA! However, there are companies that manufacture Christmas decorations in the USA that include LED lights (Remember: the lights themselves are NOT made in the USA).

Crab Pot Trees are indoor and outdoor Christmas trees made in North Carolina from mesh wiring left over from crab trap manufacturing. Strands of LED lighting are attached to these fabulous tree shaped wire creations for easy holiday lighting displays. Crab Pot Trees come in multiple sizes and are very easy to set up and fold for storage.

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Innovative Glass & Home glass ornaments and serving dishes are handcrafted in Maine by artists Polly & Dan Plourde.  Polly & Dan design ornaments that are funky and unique. Each ornament is individually created, so they won’t always look exactly as pictured. Innovative Glass & Home offers clear snowflake and icicle ornaments, or colorful themed ornaments, all which make great gifts as well as decorations for your own Christmas tree.

Innovative Glass & Home christmas ornaments- Made in Maine

Christmas Ornaments made in Rhode Island
Gloria Duchin pewter ornaments are made in Rhode Island.
Wee Forest Folk | Collectable holiday miniatures | Handcrafted in the USA
Wee Forest Folk handmade mouse miniature holiday collectibles. Each Wee Forest Folk mouse miniature is hand sculpted, and painted by a talented artist.
Wendell August Forge classic metal ornaments | Handcrafted in the USA
Wendell August Forge, headquartered in Pennsylvania, manufactures classic metal ornaments.
Teak Isle Christmas Decorations
Teak Isle Manufacturing is the producer of marine grade plastic outdoor holiday decorations, window displays and holiday ornaments. Teak Isle is a leading marine product manufacturer and supplies parts to boat builders.

Commercial Christmas Decorations

Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc  manufactures commercial Christmas decorations, including giant artificial trees and LED lighted displays, in Oregon.

Online Retailers of made in USA Christmas decorations

LL Bean has a nice selection of holiday wreaths and tabletop centerpieces which are made in Maine from fresh evergreens.

Neimen Marcus offers a large selection of clearly labeled high made in the USA Christmas decorations.

Plow & Hearth, a catalog and online retailer of home and lifestyle products has a clearly marked sections for made in USA indoor and outdoor holiday decorations. 

Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland, a.k.a The World’s Largest Christmas Store, is located in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Not all of the Christmas items they sell are made in America, but with ‘Made in the USA’ at the top of their web page as one of the search topics, it’s easy to find ornaments, nativities, and decorations that are .

Norton’s USA is an online retailer of only American made goods, including holiday decorations.


If a fresh cut tree is what your family prefers, visit a tree farm this year and pick out your own. My kiddos love to run through the trees to find the perfect one for our house. To find a tree farm near you check out PickYourOwn.org. Most of these farms even sell wreaths and garlands or other holiday decorations.

Holiday wreaths and other handmade holiday decorations can be purchased at local bazaars, holiday craft shows and farmers’ markets. Check your local newspaper to find one near you.  You’re sure to find great holiday decorations like ornaments, or even handmade greeting cards

Christmas Decorations |American made source list | Outdoor decorations, artificial trees, stocking hooks, ornaments, and more!

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  1. You are not the only one in love with Bronners. That place Makes Christmas Wonderful

  2. The Holiday Tartan Fir Centerpiece from LL Bean is Made in Maine but the decorations on it are imported.. So be careful when buying from LL Bean.

  3. We have been producing commercial Christmas trees, wreaths, and LED lighted displays made right here in the USA for nearly 40 years. Love your site and glad to see you promoting other US manufacturers.
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  4. cari shiel says:

    Saw Family Creations sell handmade Christmas ornaments from recycled Christmas trees. They also do custom shape designs https://www.etsy.com/shop/sawfamilycreations

  5. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for sharing where we can find ‘Made In The USA’ ornaments and other Christmas decorations for our homes and/or businesses!

  6. Angela Hunter says:

    Hello my name is Angela Hunter an I need to know do you all make Artificial Christmas Tree I have a new idea

  7. KaleMick says:

    Great list! I’d like to also add a great wholesaler of Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands and other craft florist evergreens – superb quality, ships everywhere, and really work with you to get the right pricing and amount – Oregon Evergreen & Willamette Evergreen (http://www.willametteevergreen.com/wholesale-floral-evergreens-wreaths-garland-etc) Such beautiful evergreens from the Pacific Northwest that ship everywhere! Check them out!

  8. Thanks for helping make the holiday season a lot brighter with products made In the USA!

  9. Donna DaBillo says:

    I’ve been looking for ornaments and lights made in USA, thanks for the lists

  10. Hampshire Pewter, made in the USA. http://www.hampshirepewter.com/about-us.html

  11. Mary Jo Edwards says:

    Love a crabpot tree!

  12. Wow. So hard to find. Hyper local may be the way to go… holiday craft bazaars.

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