Sticking to basic beauty tips this summer will make for a short and sweet routine.  You can spend your time soaking up the summer fun with little effort using all the right American made beauty products to create your summer style.

Basic Beauty Tips for Summer

Here are a few tips to save your skin, have no fuss hair, and wear statement nails.

Nourish & restore

Summer skin takes some abuse with extra sun, sweat and loads of sun protection.  Facial oil allows for the skin to be un-suffocated while nourishing at the same time.  If you spend a fair amount of time in the sun it's best to skip many of your anti aging products as their active ingredients increase sun sensitivity.  You are ALWAYS providing anti aging properties by hydrating and using sun protection so focus on that in the summer.  Chemical free Velvet Transforming serum is the perfect light weight blend for some non-toxic, overnight repairing.

nyl Velvet Transforming Serum - facial oil for renewing summer skin | easy beauty tips for summer

Sunkissed Skin

No tan is a healthy tan unless it's in a bottle.  Add some color and glow with sunless tanner.  Check out all of our favorite made in the USA sunless tanners and read the expert application tips for a streak free tan in our self-tanning posts.

Effortless Hair

Using dry shampoo will help you achieve several looks of summer.  The product provides volume for the messy and undone do's.  It allows more ‘stick' for styling fun braids and – hellllo, it extends your time between washes.
*Tip* spray it on before bed and it will absorb more oils while you snooze.

NYM Dry Shampoo - Easy summer beauty tips. Get tons of styles using dry shampoo.

Retro Nail Color

Playful, bold nail color complements the sunshine.  This is a great way to add a pop of color to your style. Essie is one of our favorite made in USA nail polish brands because of its superior shine and its range of colors from classic to trendy.

Retro Nail Color | summer 2016 nail trends

Even Skin Tone, Sunscreen & Glow

Get a little coverage from uneven skin tone and the sun in one product.  Perfect for summer because it allows your skin to breathe and show through with a little perfecting.  It won't melt off and you can apply it with your fingertips.  Juice Beauty CC Cream is still my go to pick for summer skin that glows.

Easy summer beauty tips | Juice Beauty CC cream for even skin with sunscreen.


easy beauty tips for summer