When you really think about how much time your face spends on a pillow, you really want to make sure that that pillow is made in the USA. You can be confident that an American made pillow is manufactured with quality materials in the best conditions. This list includes sleep pillows, throw pillows, accent pillows, and more.

Made in USA Pillows: The Ultimate List

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  • American Blossom Linens all-natural bed pillows are filled with wool from sheep raised in the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest states and covered in a heavy cotton fabric we make from cotton organically grown in the USA. The wool is cleaned and carded in the USA into tiny bolus pieces that are slightly felted giving a wonderful cushion for your head and the most comfortable and restful sleep. 15% off your American Blossom Linens luxury organic linens – order now with code USALOVE. No expiration. One use per customer.
  • Authenticity50 made in USA Custom Comfort Pillows are adjustable for comfort–like your pillows on the flat side, take some filling out. Like your pillow full, leave the filling in. These pillows are stuffed with CertiPUR-US® shredded gel memory foam and microfiber filling.
Made in USA Pillows: Authenticity50 Custom Comfort Pillow. A cooling pillow stuffed with shredded gel memory foam and a microfiber lining. #usalovelsited #madeinUSA #pillows #Authenicity50
Custom Comfort Pillows from Authenticity50 are made in the USA from seed-to-stitch® by the best manufacturers in America, providing over 500 jobs.
  • Brentwood Home foam sleep & body pillows, as well as hypoallergenic pillows are made in California.
  • Brooklyn Bedding luxury sleep pillows are made in America.
  • Comfort Revolution foam memory pillows are assembled in the USA.
  • ComfyComfy buckwheat pillows are hand-sewn in the USA. 
  • COOP Home Goods pillows are made in the USA. Their pillow selection includes the Original, Eden, body pillow, toddler pillow, travel & camp pillow and more. Note: only their pillows are American made.
  • Core Products, headquartered in Wisconsin, manufactures therapeutic pillows.
  • Cozy Pure manufactures organic sleep pillows in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • eLuxury is an online retailer of bedding products. Not all products are American made, but they have a selection of down pillows and feather pillows that are.
  • Glenna Jean accent pillows are designed for baby and kid rooms.
  • Helix pillows are available for every sleep preference.
  • Leesa premium foam and hybrid sleep pillows are made in the USA.
Made in USA Pillows: Liz & Roo baby accent pillow shams are hands sewn. 15% off Liz and Roo with discount code USALOVE. No expiration. One use per customer.  #usalovelisted #madeinUSA #pillows
Liz & Roo baby accent pillow shams are hands sewn. 15% off Liz and Roo with discount code USALOVE. No expiration. One use per customer. 
  • Malpaca 100% natural pillows are made in American from US alpaca wool products
  • MyPillow pillows are manufactured in Minnesota from materials all made in the USA.
  • Nest Bedding luxury sleep pillows are American made.
  • NoFeathersPlease.com is an online retailer that offers a selection of made in USA allergen-free organic sleep pillows.
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