Not only are Better Life cleaning products safe for people, pets and the planet, but they work great too!

Better Life cleaning products were developed by two dads who decided they didn't like the toxic chemicals and residue that traditional cleaners left behind for their children to be exposed to. Their resulting products are a great line of safe cleaning products that are American made, Eco-friendly, plant derived cleaners, containing NO dyes, NO alcohols, NO synthetic fragrences, and NO petroleum based ingredients.

I have been using made in the USA Better Life products for practically all of my spring cleaning chores and love the results! Here are my experiences with each of the cleaning products I tried:

Better Life Cleaning Products Review

Dish It Out dish soap not only works well to wash dishes, but I've added a dab to a bucket of water and used it to wash the walls, and wipe down the refrigerator and cupboards.

Even The Kitchen Sink natural cleansing liquid scrubber works wonders in the bathroom. It scrubs the grime off the tub and shower walls without scratching

What-EVER! multipurpose cleaner is used to wipe down everything in my house- from the kitchen counters, to the coffee table, to the bathroom vanity and the Clary Sage & Citrus is a refreshing scent. I even use it to clean the tub before my daughter takes her bath, knowing she won't be exposed to chemical residue.

The product that surprised me the most was Automatic Magic, the automatic dishwasher gel. Now, I gave up on liquid dishwasher soap years ago because of the residue they left behind.  Every once in a while I would try a new green brand to no satisfaction. Well, I finally found one that I'm satisfied with! The Better Life Automatic Magic works just as well as the famous brand (not natural) packets that I have been using.

Another product that Better Life carries that I love is their wood cleaner, Oak-Y-Dokey. I live in a log house which has A LOT of wood to clean. Since I heat with a wood stove, this wood needs to be conditioned to prevent cracking. Water based wood cleaners can dry the wood out more. I found out from the Better Life head chemist (who just happens to be one of the dads that founded the company) that Oak-Y-Dokey is not made from straight water, but from an emulsion, and is therefore less drying than the water based cleaners. Oak-Y-Dokey is great for wood furniture and cabinets too. And it has an awesome Cinnamon Lavender scent that makes the whole house smell great.

In addition to home cleaners made in the USA, they make body soaps and lotions too! My whole family loves the Cool Calm Collected hand and body lotion. The natural citrus mint scent is strong and refreshing.

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[Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.]