Goetze’s Candy Company

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Road Trip with Kids: 5 Tips That Will Keep You Sane

For many of us, with summer comes at least one family road trip. We have a couple of road trips penciled in our calendar for this summer, and with kids who are too excited to sleep in the car, I have had to come up with ways to keep them busy (and keep the peace!) for long stretches of time. Road Trip with Kids: 5 Tips To Help Keep the Sanity 1. My kiddos like to draw, color, and write, so they need a stable surface to make this possible in the car. The Dexas Slimcase works perfectly for this....

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Made in the USA for 100 Years or More: The oldest American made products

Can you believe that there are products still made in the USA today, that were made here before the United States of America even existed?  The editors at USA Love List went on the hunt for companies that have manufactured their products in America for over one hundred years. Some have been around even longer! The Oldest American Made Products Caswell-Massey personal care products have been American made for 262 years. Cologne Number 6 was a favorite of George Washington. Crane & Co, a manufacturer of fine stationery, was founded in 1770. Since 1879 Crane & Co has supplied the United States Treasury...

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10 Things We Love, Made in Maryland

While I'm a Virginia native, Maryland is quite close. I live 5 minutes from the border, right over the Woodrow Wilson bridge. Even though I'm close to Maryland, I was surprised to find so many great products I had never heard of, or never knew were produced in Maryland! I've curated a thoughtful list of the best products made in Maryland that we're sure USA Love List readers' will love.  Our list of 10 things we love, made in Maryland: Caramel Creams and Cow Tales are chewy caramels wrapped around a rich, cream center. They have some what of...

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Caramel Popcorn Recipe: We Have One for Every Craving!

Instead of sharing just ONE recipe for plain old caramel popcorn, we have teamed up with Cow Tales to bring to you a caramel popcorn recipe for every craving. Are your taste buds screaming for something chocolatey, salty, tangy, or fruity? Well we've got you covered with one of these recipes. Simply click on the photo and you will be brought to the Goetze's Candy Company website for the recipe. Mmmmm….caramel. Which one will you make first?    All photos courtesy of www.goetzecandy.com  Disclosure: This post is sponsored, which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not,...

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8 Caramel Recipes You Need Right Now

I love caramel. Enough said. If you too need a periodic caramel fix, here are are eight caramel recipes, all of which feature American made caramel candy manufactured by Goetze's Candy Company.  How to make Caramel Apple Bars Caramel + local apples = the perfect fall dessert! The recipe below is slightly modified from the original recipe posted on the Goetze's Candy Company website. These decadent bars didn't stand a chance in my house! They are very moist and the gooey caramel topping is to die for. Ingredients For the caramel topping: 10 oz bag of Mini Cow Tales (Cow...

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