Are you shopping for a tea kettle made in the USA? Don't be fooled by websites that have fake articles with links to purchase made in USA tea kettles. You can't trust that those tea kettles are actually American made. At USA Love List our editors have been compiling lists for readers of products made in the USA for years. You can trust that we have done the research for you.


Currently, there are no tea kettles made in the USA. The cost of a tea kettle made in the USA would be exceptionally high. Today's consumers care more about how much an item costs than they do about where it is manufactured. Tea kettles made in China and other countries flood the market are cheaper and in more demand. We do, however, have some American made alternatives to suggest.


So there are no tea kettles made in the USA, but that doesn't mean there aren't other American made tea products. We found many American made tea kettle options that can be used to steep the best cup of tea.

Do you have a favorite American made tea kettle alternative that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, and we can add it to this list! We update this post often and we will always on the hunt for an American made tea kettle manufacturer!

Whistling Tea Kettle Assembled in the USA

Medelco offers many different sized of tea kettles in their Cafe Brew collection of Whistling Kettles. These kettles are gas and electric stove top safe. They are assembled in the USA with glass from Germany and other foreign and domestic parts.

Tea Kettles Made in the USA: The Whistling Kettle is assembled in the USA. Glass from Germany. #madeinUSA #tea

Fiesta Teapots

Fiesta teapots are manufactured in West Virginia by the Fiesta® Tableware Company. Fiesta dishware has been made in the USA since the 1930s and has gained in popularity in recent years because of the vibrant colors the products are available in. I love my Fiesta teapot! It is the perfect size for brewing 2 or 3 cups of tea.

Any tea kettles made in the USA? No, but we found this made in USA teapot from Fiesta.