Duluth Trading Co: Hardworking, American Made Apparel {Review}

Duluth Trading Co Product Review

If you’re looking for comfortable, hardworking, Made in the USA apparel and accessories, allow me to introduce you to Duluth Trading Co.  Sound familiar?  If you’ve ever watched ESPN or any other sports or outdoor channel, I’m guessing you recognize the name because you’ve seen one of Duluth Trading Co.’s many amusing commercials.

Duluth Trading Co. was founded in 1991 by two brothers living in Duluth, MN, who sought to find a better way to transport tools from one job site to the next.  Since then, their business has evolved into a wide variety of clothing items including underwear, outerwear, and footwear, along with clothing accessories and tools.  Best of all, Duluth’s website features a Made in the USA section that includes shirts, pants, outerwear, footwear, accessories, and tools – everything you could ever want!

Duluth Trading Co.: American Made Apparel, Accessories, and Tools

After testing out a variety of Duluth’s products, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by two things: the quality of the products, and the number of compliments that I received after wearing them.  By far, my favorite Duluth Trading Co. products are the men’s contractor oxford work shoes.  You can tell the quality of the shoes right off the bat – they are heavy!  But man, are they comfortable, and I cannot begin to tell you how many people have told me how much they love the look of them.

I am also a BIG fan of Duluth’s work belt.  I’ve searched high and low for a belt that will last longer than a couple of months. This one has lasted the better part of a year and still does not show any signs of wear and tear.  In fact, this belt is so great that Duluth has dubbed it as their “Gets Better With Age” belt!

Duluth Trading Co. Jeans

One of Duluth Trading Co.’s most popular products are their ballroom jeans. These might not be the most fashionable jeans to wear when you go clubbing, but if you want a durable pair of jeans to wear on the job site or at home on the weekends, I am not sure that you’ll find a pair more comfortable than these.  I kid you not, these jeans are about as comfortable as wearing a cozy pair of sweatpants!

Be sure to check out Duluth Trading Co.’s full line of Made in the USA products here.  You can also visit one of Duluth’s brick and mortar stores to see their products in person!

Disclosure: USA Love List received some products in this post unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.

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  1. Wow – they have some really cool stuff! I’m both girly girl and like to chop wood and hike. This is for me! And first time I’ve heard of ballroom jeans – cute!

  2. Stevie Wonder says:

    My first time order from Duluth Trading Co. For those of you thinking of doing business with them. High prices for cheap wage foreign manufacturers. Out of 52 pairs of pants only 1 pair is made in the USA and out of 80 shirts only 1 is made in the USA. They boast USA and wave the flag, over one set of clothes? To suggest your a Made in USA company and give a false representation.
    I just got my refunds this week..

    To Customer Service:
    Just got my Firehose work jeans. I was disgusted to see that I just bought Duluth jean that were made in Vietnam. As a decorated Vietnam Veteran I would NEVER had purchased these and you should list Country of Origin. Vietnam, a country we were at war with and lost 57,000 young men. A Country that is still Communist and we are supporting them with OUR money for clothing you order from them. Duluth Trading will NEVER get another penny from me. I was excited about your line of work pants (especially the Fire Hose line) until I read the Made In Vietnam label when they arrived.

    Your site says, and I quote “Wave it loud & proud. USA made jeans, shirts, belts, work boots & shoes let you work in comfort – and tell the world Made In America matters”. How can Duluth stand there and make believe they are a flag waving company? I did search the internet and found 8 jean companies that DO make theirs in the USA and yes, to some of us MADE IN THE USA DOES MATTER.

    I will pay the return fee of $6.95 gladly just not to wear a pair of pants made in a country that I fought against and lost friends to.

    A disappointed ex-customer,

    • They lied and said their products r American made!! I received my pants and to my surprise discovered it was actually made in Indonesia !!! WTF

  3. Duluthtrading company is Not all Made in USA. False advertisement. Ron explained it very well. I had same experience.

  4. I live in Mexico, so I ordered two pairs of pants from Duluth BECAUSE they say it’s “Made in USA” so I wouldn’t have to pay a lot in import duties. To my surprise when the pants arrived I had to pay $30 USD in import duties alone because the product is Made in VIETNAM, not the USA, I guess I won’t buying from this company again.

  5. Requesting current catalog please: robert nessier po box 1120 trinidad calif 95570 thank you

  6. Like most very small amount of there clothes are made in the USA.

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