Things We Love, Made in Minnesota

Stuff We Love, Made in Minnesota

Minnesota: also known as the land of 10,000 lakes (though in actuality, the state has 11,842), potlucks, temperatures that would make a polar bear shiver, and the state where being “Minnesota Nice” is never out of style. Minnesota is also filled with incredible craftsmen dedicated to locally sourcing their products, and a hearty amount of business returning to artisanal and handmade goods as the highest standard of quality. Check out our list of companies we love that are making products in the great state of Minnesota.

Things We Love, Made in Minnesota

If you haven’t heard about Sweet Jules Caramels, you’re absolutely missing out! This Minnesota-based company, run by two sisters, was born from a long line of chefs and foodies, and it only takes indulging in their caramels to know that they have good taste and talent. Sweet Jules offers flavors that you’d expect from a caramel company, like Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean, but they also have more unique offerings like Beer & Pretzel and Bananas Foster. With variety like this, there’s really no palate that won’t be pleased by these sweet treats. Our personal favorite was Dark Chocolate & Salted Pecan, which has a buttery caramel base, dark chocolate top, and chunks of salted pecans sandwiched between the two layers. We loved these caramels for their homemade taste. We also appreciated their polished packaging, which includes a fun color-coated flavor chart so you drown in the caramel possibilities, making it perfect for gift giving and sharing with others! If our descriptions aren’t swaying you, take a look at the drool-worthy photos, which will definitely leave you wanting to satiate your next sweet tooth hankering with a box of Sweet Jules Caramels.

Sweet Jules American Made Caramels - Made in Minnesota

Loll Designs modern outdoor furniture is manufactured in Duluth, Minnesota. We love that Loll Designs is an Eco conscious company.  All Loll Designs products made from 100% recycled plastic- mostly from milk jugs. Fun fact: since 2005, Loll Designs has recycled more than 75 million milk jugs into outdoor furniture.  Loll Designs outdoor furniture is durable and weather resistant so it doesn’t need to be stored in winter. Remember, all products are designed and manufactured in Minnesota, a place that has long, cold, and snowy winters.  Loll Designs out door furniture products include seating, dining tables & chairs, planters, and accessories- all available in a variety of colors.

Loll Designs outdoor furniture & accessories made in Minnesota

J.W. Hulme Co. leather bags | Made in MinnesotaMinnesota leather goods company J.W. Hulme Co. has been using artisans and locally sourced full-grain leathers to craft their travel bags, briefcases, accessories, and decor for the last hundred years, and has been recognized by publications across the country for their exceptional quality. Each bag is sourced from select leathers, sewn individually with high-caliber and unbreakable threads, and is guaranteed for a lifetime. They support “a legacy of American quality,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Can you imagine a world without Scotch tape? We really can’t, actually, so it’s lucky that Scotch Magic Tape is exclusively made in Hutchinson, Minnesota by Minnesota company 3M. 3M is the same company that makes Post-it notes. Essentially, Minnesota has been making life easier for America since 1902!

Pearson's candy | Made in MinnesotaKnown for Nut Goodies, Mint Patties, and Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls, the Pearson’s Candy has been operating out of St. Paul, Minnesota since 1909. A Minnesota favorite, the salted nut roll combines a creamy nougat center surrounded by golden caramel and salty Virginia peanuts– the original sweet and salty snack.

 Oh Baby! Brand clothing and home goods: We may be a bit biased on this one, but the Minnesota Love collection from Oh Baby! brand clothing and home goods is the perfect way to show Minnesota pride, and everything in the collection is made by artisans in Minnesota! We use sustainable, upcycled fabrics and vintage sweaters to make every product completely different. Made in USA Boots From Steger Mukluks

Steger Mukluks makes its mens and women’s boots in Ely, Minnesota. They are great for everyday wear in up to to -10 Fairenheit. You can buy them in regular or wide, depending on the width of your foot. The upper part of the boots are made of wool and moosehide and the soles are made of rubber with a contour insole. I have a large calf and typically cannot wear boots that go over my calf; I can wear these though. They are warm and comfortable.

Baby Elephant Ears are sold around the world to give your baby the best possible head and neck support for cranial-spinal developmental stages–and they’re manufactured in Cambridge, Minnesota. They’ve teamed up with Project Regina, a vocational training program for immigrant and refugee women based in Minneapolis to ethically manufacture their pillows. We’re always ready to support local small businesses owned and run by women!

Dogwood Coffee Co. | Made in MinnesotaWe’re partial to a good cup of coffee, and small roaster Dogwood Coffee in South Minneapolis fits the bill exactly. Their specialty is developing relationships in the sourcing and roasting process, to find the highest-quality beans as possible while becoming part of the specialty coffee scene in Minneapolis. Luckily for non-Midwesterners, their beans are available online as well. Sip, relax, and enjoy.

From when the mill was founded in 1865 to this very moment, Faribault Woolen Mill cozy woolen blankets are made using the exact same methods down south in Faribault, Minnesota. Scarves, accessories, throws, and more are woven using energy from the nearby Cannon River and hard work from Minnesotans to create sustainable, long-lasting woolen products.

Mary Lauer owns Oh Baby!, a magical children’s store located in Edina, Minnesota. She designs and produces a line of whimsical children’s clothing and home goods, all handmade in Minnesota.  Oh Baby! is proud to be Minnesota-made.

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Stuff We Love, Made in Minnesota

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  1. It’s almost time to start using those Polaris Snowmobiles!
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  2. There is also a great new company that was started in the state of Minnesota, for the state of Minnesota. It’s called Sota Clothing and it contains a simple, yet catchy design. I believe its a mostly online store at the time, but the designs and color schemes are great and the materials are quality. Copy and Paste this URL if you would like to take a look at some designs:

  3. Maryann D. says:

    I love Scotch Magic Tape and I did not know it was made in Minn. Sounds like some super companies are in Minn.

  4. Robin Wilson says:

    I didn’t know that Scotch tape was made there, but I have had Pearson’s Candies before and they are delicious. Would love to check out J.W. Hulme Leather and see what I can find too! Some more great finds!

  5. Can never have enough scotch tape

  6. We had a reader email the following list of companies making their products in Minnesota. We’ll add these next time we update the post, or perhaps it is time for a Part 2? Thanks, Melissa!

    I wanted to add to your “By State” list for Minnesota. There are so many more products made in MN than you have listed. here are a few:

  7. Nice list of state made items. What a variety.

  8. Karen Waller says:

    Love Pearson candy

  9. Medtronic’s creator of the heart valves. Sven shoe’s

  10. This list is great and informative, thank you!

  11. Our tumblers are made in Minnesota as well! Great to be manufacturing in the USA.

  12. I love these made in different states posts. Good to know and we get to learn something new!

  13. Melissa R says:

    I love Minnesota!

  14. TOTALLY helped me with my questions!! I got an A+ on my paper + I learned a lot about Minnesota.Everyone should use USALovelist for projects. TTYL 😉

  15. I’ve always wanted to visit there but never have. Now I’m getting too old to travel that far, I have a lot of med. prob. The state looks wonderful from pic. & books & things that I’ve seen. You ever find the Wilder Homestead?

    • Sarah Wagner says:

      Yes, Donald! I have been to the Wilder homestead in Minnesota, as a matter of fact. It was a stop on one of our cross-country road trips in our motorhome. We went to the farm, which is open for visitors and has been preserved, where the Wilder family dugout was on the banks of Plum Creek. We camped, in our Winnebago, not far away in a lovely municipal park, also on Plum Creek. The was also a fantastic little museum there. Our kids will never forget it.

  16. Qurba Joog says:

    Oh wow, I did not know Scotch made in MN! Great. I run into these yogurt smoothies from a small boutique MN company that I first saw while reading the Tribune couple of weeks ago called Ziwa. I love the Mango, Blueberry and the plain. MN is coming up!!

  17. ellen beck says:

    We lived in Minnesota, and the list is endless. They also have some great beekeepers there. For the life of me, I cant recall the name of the company but they also made the very best brandy caramel sauce at the same place.

  18. Minnesota Nice! I love this list, and would also love you to add one of my favorite fashion brands made in the USA Soul Flower ( made in Minnesota!

  19. I am a Minnesotan and am honored to have a made in Minnesota product. It is a grooming bath brush for animals. Patented and designed for horses, the brush works just as well on all hair covered animals. Made at Isanti Tool in Stanchfield, MN.

  20. Lawrence Willborne says:

    Minnesota, home of Al Frankin. Thank you Minn(not)

  21. Those Sweet Jules Caramels look amazing. Caramel is my FAVE.
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