It's hard not to over- or under pack. I've found that when I travel via car I over-pack. Then when I fly, I under-pack because I don't like feeling bogged down by my belongings. There has to be something in between, with a focus on essentials you might need, and wouldn't want to be stuck without. I've spent months thinking about this travel packing list and finding all American made traveling essentials that you'd need for any type of travel you might be doing. You'll be surprised that everything you need is available and made right here in the USA.

Here's our Ultimate Travel Packing List for Backpacking, Domestic, International, and RV Travel with all American made products you'll need for travel. Hopefully, you can use this list as a reference for your future travel adventures.

Ultimate ‘American Made' Travel Packing List

Did we miss anything in the list? If so, let us know in the comments section. We don't want to be stranded without something.




  • Cosmetics BagCinda b offers all the matching cosmetic bags you'll need. They're perfect because they're lightweight, stain-resistant, and easy to spot clean.
Travel Essentials and Packing Guide Travel Case Sets from Cindab
  • Crossbody BagSee our Handbag Guide
  • DaypackMIS Mesh Backpack is a perfect “day pack” great for day hikes or short trips. It's made of 500 denier Dupont Cordura Nylon and has a water-resistant Urethane coating. The heavy military mesh comes in a raschel knit pattern. It comes with a lot of clever design features to be a small pack, yet it still carries all the essentials, and then some! See also our backpack guide.
  • Luggage – See our list of travel bags. ROAM luggage is a favorite of ours because this brand allows you to create the bag that's exactly right for you, so you'll enjoy it for years to come. Every Roam case is individually assembled using the fastest wheels, strongest zippers, sturdiest handles, and light but durable polycarbonate. They also make customizable totes, backpacks, and duffels.
ROAM luggage can be customized for your needs and style. Once you order, it is made in the USA.

  • Organizer Set – MIS Organizer Set is something you never realized you needed until you have them! I love using them to travel because I can easily identify where each type of garment is. I use the small one for unmentionables and socks, the medium size for tops, and the large size for bottoms or dresses. Established in Los Angeles, CA in 2014, all of our MIS products are produced at a factory specialized in manufacturing military goods.  All materials, fabrics, metals, webbing tapes, and zippers used in the products of MIS are certified as Mil-Spec (Military Specification) and made in the USA.  MIS fabrication uses manufacturing techniques even suited for polar regions.  Our products are sturdy but simple, designed for town-use.  The brand name comes from “Make It Simple”.
American Made Traveler Organizer Set - Made in USA - Made in California - American Made Travel Essentials
  • Rolling Luggage – Cindab Carry-on Rolly is a perfect size and weight for most travel.  The bag has three interior slip pockets and an 8″ handle drop, making travel easy.
Lightweight American Made Luggage from Cindab| Travel Essentials and Packing Guide

First Aid, Personal Care, and Beauty Items


Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap | Made in USA from hemp oil


First Aid and Other Necessities

  • Medicine – Benedryl, Dramamine, Immodium/Pepto Bismol, Anti-Itch Cream
  • Menstrual Supplies – LENA Menstrual Cup, eliminate carrying bulky toxic products and switch to a menstrual cup
  • Pain Relief – All Good Herbal Freeze comes in a spray form making it easy to use and offers instant relief for tense muscles and joints
  • Skin Balm
  • Wet Wipes

Electronic, Travel Necessities and Forgotten Essentials

  • Cell Phone ProtectorKitoo makes a great made in USA phone case with an integrated ring grip and stand.
  • Multipurpose Tool – this American made Leatherman multi-tool is compact for travel
  • Safety Whistle –  American Whistle Safety Whistle
  • Sunglasses: See our Sunglasses Source Guide
  • TiesGear Tie reusable ties are made of a flexible steel wire that maintains its shape and a waterproof rubber exterior that grips objects without scratching them. They're perfect for keeping your things in order or using to tie things, as needed.
Ultimate Travel and Packing List for Backpacking, Domestic, and International Travel | American Made Gear Ties

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Ultimate Travel Packing List | Featuring American Made Products