Back to School Shopping Guides

Back to School shopping is a great time to seek out American Made products. From school supplies, to kids' clothing, to school uniforms, see what we found that's Made in the USA. Psst... pass it on!

Lunch Bags, Lunch Gear for Kids and Adults: A Made in USA Ultimate Source List

Whether you are on the hunt for Made in the USA lunch bags and lunch gear for the new school year, or you are looking for some reusable container (and possibly lunch packing) inspiration, we have this ultimate source list just for you. Don't miss my tips on how to pack an Eco friendly  lunch! Lunch Bags, Lunch Gear for Kids and Adults: Made in the USA Lunch Bags & Boxes Organic Lunch Bags: Enchanted Slumber Enchanted Slumber is a mom owned & run company based in California that focuses on products for kids that are of high quality, and that leave...

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Made in the USA Backpacks & School Bags; Our Top Picks for Students of All Ages

This is the perfect time of year to make sure your school and work bags are working for you. No matter what they say, there ARE made in the USA backpacks and school bags! These are worth special ordering. Kids to adults, check 'em out. If you need a new one, this is a good opportunity to buy American and get a bag that will last. I searched the web for made in the USA backpacks and school bags then put together a list of my favorites. These are my top picks.  What made these eight selections my favorites? I...

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Pack an Eco Friendly Lunch With These Four Tips

A typical bagged school lunch contains a sandwich (in a plastic baggie or  wrapped in plastic wrap),  and usually 2 or more store bought, individual serving, pre-packaged items like a yogurt, a bag of apple slices and a package of crackers or cookies . Also included is a juice box (with a plastic wrapped straw) or a bottle of water, a spoon that is thrown away, and a paper napkin. At the end of the lunch, nothing is left for the student to take home- everything goes into the trash, EVERY DAY!  Multiply this by the number of students...

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Made in USA Socks: The Ultimate Source List

Socks are an easy and inexpensive way to support American made business. We have lots of options. We're sure there's something for everyone in your family. USA Love List readers looking for made in USA socks, you've come to the right place. Check out exclusive discounts, and even FREE sock offers. We found made in USA socks starting under $10, so buying American made socks is just another easy way to support our economy! Fashion Socks for Him and Her This Night is a new business dedicated to making beautifully designed and milled socks in Reading, Pennsylvania. Kate T. Williamson,...

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Made in the USA Eco Friendly School Supplies & Office Supplies

The summer is coming to a close and it is time to prepare for another school year.  No kiddos in school? Then now would be a great time to reload your desk with a fresh batch of office supplies that are made in the USA and eco-friendly too.  Love the Earth and love the USA with one practical shopping list. Made in the USA Eco Friendly School Supplies & Office Supplies USA Gold pencils Real wood pencils made from sustainably grown California cedar trees. Post-it Greener Notes page markers All Post-it products are made in the USA from well...

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