I was born and raised in Michigan, then roamed around to a few other states for about 16 years before resettling just 20 minutes south of one of Michigan’s borders – a border I cross every day to work in Michigan.

When I tell people I’m from Michigan, they inevitably tell me that they have family in Kalamazoo or they went to school in Ann Arbor or they know someone from Detroit. And then I have to tell them, “Well, you see, I’m not from that part of Michigan. I’m from the U.P.” Then I would try to explain, using my hands to illustrate the state as all good Michiganders do, pointing out the Upper and Lower Peninsula.

Made in Michigan

You see, the whole of Michigan – all 600 plus miles it takes to drive from the western end of the U.P. to the Detroit suburbs – is home to makers. Building things seems to be in our blood, the way the water of the Great Lakes is in our souls. From the beginnings of the auto industry to the timber barons of the 1800s to the craft brewers of today, we can’t resist transforming raw materials into something altogether greater.

All of this made the job of choosing just 10 products or brands pretty difficult. In fact, this list has expanded since it was first published. We couldn't stop at 10. What are your favorites that I missed?

Products Made in Michigan

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