10 Things We Love, Made in Wisconsin

I’m Amanda, I live in Wisconsin and I blog for an online Wisconsin gift store.  I’ve learned a thing or two about Wisconsin products and the people who make them, so I am excited to share my ten best things, made in Wisconsin.  Some of the products on my list you might expect to see, but some of them might surprise you.

10 Things We Love, Made in Wisconsin


Not so surprising… The first thing everyone thinks of when they hear Wisconsin is cheese, and we’re proud of it! Wisconsin cheesemakers make 2.6 billion pounds of cheese each year according to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. When looking for gifts for friends and family, consider a gift basket that features Wisconsin cheese from Northwoods Cheese.
Made in Wisconsin: Gift basket featuring Northwoods Cheese


You’ve also probably heard that we enjoy bratwurst in Wisconsin. It’s 100% true. A sporting event without a bratwurst just doesn’t feel right. Try Nueske Applewood Smoked Bratwurst and other award winning Nueske products.

Nueske Applewood Smoked Bratwurst, made in WisconsinIce Cream

Now ice cream might not come to mind right away when you think of Wisconsin but our high standards for dairy products applies to frozen treats as well. In Wisconsin we like our ice cream with rich dairy and quality ingredients. One of the ice cream shops in my home town called the Chocolate Shoppe, has a motto: “If you want low fat, eat carrots!”.

Outdoor Gear

Whether it’s fishing, camping, hunting, biking or snowshoeing, we love the great outdoors in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is home to several companies making quality outdoor products including  Firl Industries (canvas log carriers).

Firl Industries log carriers, Made in Wisconsin Wood Work

Wisconsin has many talented woodworkers like David Haesigg of DHH Designs. One popular style is to use a variety of different colored Wisconsin woods (walnut, oak, cherry, etc.) in one piece to create stylish and functional items like clipboards, vases, salt and pepper shakers, and more.
DHH Designs, Made in Wisconsin

Flower Bulb Baskets

Spring is quite fickle in Wisconsin. We never know if it will be 75 and sunny or 35 and snowing, so we like to bring Spring inside when we can. Flower bulb baskets from Wisconsin Grower’s Greenhouse are a popular gift since they bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors.
Wisconsin Growers Greenhouse gift baskets

 Wisconsin Art

The beauty of Wisconsin inspires artists to capture Wisconsin scenes in all types of art including photography, prints, and even fused glass like the artwork by Jennifer Spink of White Lily Glass.


Classic  pottery pieces from family owned  Rowe Pottery Works, are hand crafted and intricately detailed in Wisconsin. These clay creations make a great gift or addition to your own homes decor.

Rowe Pottery Works, Made in Wisconsin Cookies

Gourmet, hand decorated cookies make a thoughtful gift for any occasion, and the bakers in Wisconsin have every personality and season covered. The bakers at K-Delights create colorful holiday cookies, thank you cookies, and of course, Green Bay Packer cookies.


A Kringle is a giant Danish pastry from Racine, Wisconsin. They have flaky layers, decadent fillings and icing on top, so if you haven’t tried a Kringle, you’re missing out on one of Wisconsin’s specialties. Since there are several Danish bakeries in Racine, Wisconsin, make sure you get your Kringle from my favorite- O and H Bakery.
Kringle Danish, Made in Wisconsin
We love our cheese and bratwurst but we have so many more Wisconsin products that we are proud of! I’m always excited to hear about Wisconsin-made items so if you have any favorites that I didn’t list, please comment below.
 Amanda Maurer is the resident blogger at Wisconsinmade.com, an online gourmet food and gift store providing products made with pride and passion in Wisconsin to the rest of the United States.

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  1. This is AWESOME! Thank you, Amanda, for this great post. Reading through your descriptions of Wisconsin-made products felt like a walk through the woods. {{sigh}} Homesick. I am way overdue for a visit home. 😀 Thanks again.
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  2. My favorite Made in Wisconsin products are cookware and bakeware made by Regal Ware. All of the products are made in the Regal Ware factories in West Bend and Kewaskum. Wisconsin cheese and bratwurst need great Wisconsin-made cookware to make them really come alive 🙂 And you can even buy on-line direct from the factory at <a href="http://www.regalware.com” target=”_blank”>www.regalware.com.

  3. Ernie Quinto says:

    We bought Saladmaster set back in December 2011 & it's made by Regalware in Wisconsin right?

  4. Hi Ernie- I'm not familiar with Regalware but I checked out their website and it seems like the company is based in Wisconsin. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

  5. You missed beer. We have Point Brewery and Leinenkugels to name a couple

  6. Heh! How could we have missed beer? Thanks for sharing some local labels. There must be others?

  7. I thought about beer- especially New Glarus beer! They are very strict about making it available ONLY in Wisconsin so I didn't want to tease anyone who lives outside of the state. 🙂

  8. z853www says:

    Love this article! There are so many great products made in Wisconsin, it would take more than one blog post to get them all! Also love the shout out to West Bend in the comments, that's where I live 🙂 I had no idea New Glarus beer was only available in Wisconsin, I guess I've never noticed!
    My recent post My Baby (with Linky)

  9. Good Article regarding products coming from Wisconsin, I like the Cheese made in Wisconsin, also the Cookies!

  10. Would love to try A Kringle… sounds yummy!
    Latest Post: Father’s Day gift ideas for the stylish man!My Profile

  11. Amber B says:

    Great list! Love all things Wisconsin! 🙂

  12. I really enjoy Fazoli’s, everyone that I go to in Wisconsin rewards me with great food and great service, every time.

  13. Great list but you missed Horseradish and specialty sauces (Beer’n Breat Mustard) from Silver Spring Foods.

  14. Speed queen washers and dryers Ripon Wi
    Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac
    Evinrude, Racine
    Seven Marine, germantown

  15. If you’re looking to buy from Wisconsin artisans, visit this page and search “Wisconsin” to get a great list of local makers: http://www.aftcra.com/local/search

  16. Badger Box is a brand new subscription box that delivers products from Wisconsin to people nationwide. It’s cool because you can get a box of curated products from all over the state, so it takes the hassle out of trying to find the perfect gift. Let them surprise you with a cool box full of awesome products from around Wisconsin.

  17. Don’t forget Gail Ambrosius Chocolates! 🙂 The BEST dark chocolates. Made in Madison.

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