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Our Beauty Editor shares tips, products reviews and advice, along with her favorite American made beauty products. These are products you will use on your body, possibly every day. Choose made in USA formulas you can trust.

Four Simple Travel Style Tips, and Our Stay At Donovan House in Washington D.C.

Travel Style Tips and Our Stay At The Donovan House DC

I love staying in hotels. Who doesn’t? I really love the carefree nature associated with staying at a hotel. I don’t have to worry about anything on my increasingly long to-do list or anything that needs to be done around the house. Even though I live outside DC, I love the idea of a staycation […]

Video Makeup Tips to Look Awake: 3 Tips, 60 Seconds Each, Look Brighter Now


Sometimes we do not get enough sleep, it is inevitable.  The tired look , however, is not inevitable.  You can make your eyes look less tired by brightening  them up with a few makeup tips to look awake, fast.

Six Products You Need Right Now to Enjoy the Benefits of American Honey

American Honey

September is recognized as National Honey Month since this month marks the end of the typical honey harvesting season across the United States. The goal of National Honey Month is to promote the importance and benefits of American honey.

Giveaway: Enter to win FarmHouse Fresh Honey Bushel Basket Gift Set

Enter to win FarmHouse Fresh Honey Bushel Basket Gift Set made in Texas

Did you know that September is National Honey Month? September marks the end of honey collection for most beekeepers in the United States. In honor of National Honey Month, FarmHouse Fresh is offering a Honey Bushel Basket Gift Set for today’s USA Love List Giveaway.

Fake the Awake Look: 4 Simple Steps, 4 Made in USA Products {American Beauty}


Fall is here and with it we have darker and earlier mornings.   This can leave a girl with dark and tired eyes. Fake the awake look with a simple early morning routine that brightens up your eyes in four simple steps.

Giveaway: Enter to Win a Sweet Rejuva Minerals American Made Beauty Haul


Rejuva Minerals is offering a made in USA beauty haul for this week’s USA Love List giveaway.   Fall is the perfect time to update your beauty routine and change up your look.  There are endless cosmetic companies but few are entirely made in the USA. Rejuva Minerals is all American made and they offer beautiful, […]

Ten Products We Love, Made in Idaho


When people from Idaho introduce themselves to a national audience they get a lot of  “Oh yeah, I know where Iowa is! No? Ohio? No? Wait, did you say Idaho? Potatoes!” Well, we might not be the most well-known (for anything besides a starchy vegetable) of the 50, but this landlocked state is making a […]

American Made Beauty: 15 Gifts Under $15

15 American Made Beauty Gifts under $15

Beauty enthusiasts who have a huge stash of product want nothing more than to add to their collection.  These American made beauty products are all $15 dollars or less and hot on the “it” list right now.  Anyone who loves their products understands the delight in receiving the latest and greatest in beauty as a […]

How To: Get a Brow Lift Using American Made Makeup We Love


As we age, our eyelids lose some of their elasticity and start to droop slightly. That’s how the space between our brow and lash line lessens.  To visually correct that and open your eyes back up, you can do a few easy things with your makeup to “lift” your brow line and make those eyes […]

Giveaway: Innate For the Healer in You – Enter for Organic Skin Care

Innate For The Healer In You Organic Skin Care {Giveaway}

Innate for the Healer in You has been crafted by a team with health in mind.  Their organic skin care products are all natural and compromised of many organic ingredients.  The founder, Dr. Janelle Havelka, has used her skill in chiropractic care, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy to create this line for the health and wellness […]

9 American Made Organic Products for a Healthier Lifestyle


Let’s talk about American made organic products. Keeping our body and family healthy is a primary concern.  Creating a home filled with products that are useful and healthy feels good.  Selecting organic goods limit the amount of toxins you bring into your home. Choosing those products of the high quality American made variety reduces your […]

American Made Essentials: 10 College Dorm Budget Beauty Products Under $10


Taking your beauty routine to college can pose some challenges with space limitations and a budget.  Defining your style and looking great still doesn’t have to be sacrificed.  I have a list of the basic beauty essentials to check off your supply list.  All 10 of these budget beauty products are made in the USA […]

American Beauty: Review of Natural Skin Care Products from California Naturel

Natural Skin Care Products from California Naturel

California Naturel created a beauty experience that caters to all the senses with their skin care line.  Their natural skin care products are American made, naturally scented, free of parabens and harsh synthetic ingredients.   All the products have a distinct aroma and beautiful texture.  The effective formulas are all packaged in high quality bottles that embody […]

Add These American Made Back to School Beauty Basics To Your List For a Fresh Start to Fall

Back to School Beauty Basics

It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to summer and ready ourselves for more routine, especially at back to school time.  Now is the time to stock up on your American-made Back to School beauty products and get things started on the right foot.  Looking your best helps you in feeling your best and that is […]

3 DIY Beauty Routines for Salon Results – American Made Beauty Products

DIY Beauty Routines

The feeling you have when you leave the spa or salon is the best.  Your hair is styled to perfection and your skin is glowing.  It can be hard to keep that up in your everyday routine.  We have a few DIY beauty routines that are inspired by your favorite professionally created looks. These tips […]

How to Fix Dry Skin with 6 Made in USA Solutions You Can Trust


Dry skin can be uncomfortable causing it to be flaky, tight, and crepe like. I am going to tell you how to fix dry skin for good in six simple steps, using basic products I trust.

8 American Made Vegan Beauty Brands We Love


Natural and vegan beauty products are a requirement for many.  People not living a vegan lifestyle may still find these vegan beauty products to be among the most effective and great for their beauty routine.  Natural and vegan beauty products are packed with active ingredients that make a real impact, omitting filler and frivolous ingredients.  […]

6 Natural Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin


Over processed skin can be a factor to an unbalanced and blemish prone complexion.  Getting back to the basics can be the answer.  I have 6 tips using natural skin care to balance oily skin and restore a clear, radiant glow to your face.

Five Simple Steps for a Fun Summer Party and an American-made source list for everything you need


It’s now or never time… August is about to hit. Have your summer entertaining plans come to pass? In the spring, we dream of summer afternoons in the backyard, entertaining on the deck or patio but sometimes the season gets away from us. If you haven’t hosted your friends or neighbors for a barbecue yet, […]

My Five Best Anti-Aging Tips For Your Face From SPF Addict

{My twin, Erin, my friend, Lindsay, and I at the Westport Rivers Winery.}

I just came back from a fun summer vacation in Westport, Massachusetts. I absolutely love going there. It’s a relaxing town on the Westport River, which opens up to the Atlantic Ocean. From musseling to boating and sailing and having a sunset picnic at the local winery, I spent a lot of time in the […]

Las Vegas Looks: Four Steps for Day to Night Made in USA Makeup


A night out in Vegas is often followed by a very late night out and will probably be followed up by yet another.  The city is fast paced, full of excitement and grand resorts.  Aria is among the new.  I’m planning a night out at Aria and I am going to share with you one […]

How to Keep Your Summer Tan Using Trusted American Made Products


Hold on to your sun kissed summer skin with American-made bath and beauty products.  Find out how to keep your summer tan glowing all summer long using American Made products you can trust. Keep your skin healthy in any shade by using moisturizer and exfoliating on a regular basis.

Enter to Win Essentials from Thesis Beauty – American Made Organic Beauty Giveaway

Thesis Organic Beauty Products, American Made

Thesis Beauty is not a new favorite of USA Love List but we are celebrating their new launch.  Thesis, formerly known as Antho, is a line of organic beauty and skin care.  The family run company created products that were truly organic, vegan and eco friendly.  They have kept the process entirely American made and […]

6 Summertime American Made Natural Beauty Products


Great American made natural beauty products are among my favorite.  Each season we need to swap a few of our beauty products to keep our skin in optimal condition.   Summertime brings extra sunshine, heat and for some oil production.   Here are some of the best natural American made products to use this summer.

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