How to Use Self Tanners for Glowing Spring Skin. Tip: Choose Only Made in USA


It feels like spring, but if you are still hanging onto that mid-winter complexion, you’ll be glad to know that self tanners have come a long way. However, self tanners are no time to gamble with unknowns. When you buy a product manufactured in the USA, you can have more confidence in the quality and consistency […]

Hydration, Vitamins, Wellness – Made in USA Sources To Look & Feel Your Best


Maintaining a great complexion and healthy skin start with taking care of yourself from the inside. Today I’m going to give you the absolute low-down as it pertains to my area of expertise: skin.  Let’s talk about adding made in USA vitamins, exercise and lots of hydration to your daily routine.

How To Pop A Pimple Like A Pro & The Best American Made Acne Products to Fix It


How to pop a pimple the proper way is good bit of info to have in your bag of tricks.  It is true that many should just be left to heal and disappear on their own.  We can expedite the process for the un-poppable though and some can be safely popped.  The goal is to […]

3 Products That Will Change Your Skin Now- All Natural Skin Care, Made in USA


Skincando is an organic and natural skin care line that is the works of a Licensed Esthetician and Organic Beauty Specialist.  That fact drew me to the brand.  Many of the products are still hand made to order.  These are natural beauty products as they are intended. Using products of this nature require a different […]

Makeup Remover Wipes, 4 Made in USA Brands – American Beauty

Cleansing facial wipes, Made in the USA

Beauty wipes, makeup remover wipes, cleansing cloths, facial wipes… they have a few names but the idea is all the same.  These wipes are designed to clean your face sans the sink and water.  Nearly every brand is offering a cleansing wipe.  I discovered that many of the inexpensive drug store brands are made overseas.  However, […]

How To Fix Chapped Lips – The 3 American Made Beauty Items You Need Now


Winter has been especially brutal to many of us this year.  The extreme cold can really deplete the moisture and leave your lips flaky, tight, and dry.  I have the solution for how to fix chapped lips.  Here is a three step guide to restore your lips to a healthy smooth, hydrated and full look. […]

Bello Moi Cosmeceutical Anti Aging Treatments – Review & Giveaway


I often write about anti aging treatments in USA Love List beauty articles.  That is because prevention and preservation are the best things you can do for your skin. Bello Moi is an American made skin care line that is all about slowing down the signs of aging on the skin and rejuvenating your outer […]

Made in USA Personal Care – Feminine Health & Beauty


Most of my articles are all about skin care and taking great care to keep your skin in the best possible health.  I would like to explore a more holistic approach to healthy beauty in the coming months: a beauty that includes more than just our hair, skin and makeup.  Dont worry: I will still […]

Green Mama Approved Body and Hair Care Products for Children

Body and Hair care products for kids

Why is it so hard to find chemical (paraben, sulfate, petroleum oil) free, dye free, soy free, (anything free for that matter!) body and hair care products specifically for kids?! I did all of the work for you and the hair care products for children I found are American-made too.

The essential 4 Step American-made DIY Manicure for Beautiful Hands

American Made Manicure

Refresh your dry winter hands with 4 easy steps and American made manicure supplies. Go ahead, treat yourself! You’re supporting our economy and getting products with ingredients you can count on.

Why Facial Oil is Trending and which Made in USA brands you can trust


Using facial oil is gaining momentum as an ideal facial treatment and moisturizer.  While it is not a new concept, it is becoming more mainstream, but  many people are still skeptical.  The idea of oils in facial care became a big no-no because of the mineral oil debate,  so much so that the benefits of […]

Three New Finds for Natural Dental Care, Made in the USA

Natural Dental Care

Today, USA Love List will share with you three American made natural dental care products that are not only helpful in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but that are also natural and Eco-friendly.

Six Spa Essentials for D.I.Y. Pampering, all Made in the USA

DIY Spa Essentials on

There is nothing like a trip to the spa.  Close your eyes; breathe deeply, and all your senses are met with delight.  With the right products you can create a spa experience at home. The pure ingredients in these American made spa essentials for D.I.Y pampering will speak to all of your senses.

How To Get Clear Skin – Made in USA Acne Products & Tips


Absolutely no one wants to be bothered with acne.  How to get clear skin is one of the main questions I get during my work as a licensed esthetician in the salon.  This comes from teen and adult suffers alike but each person’s treatment is different and getting clear skin is very much a process […]

How to Wear Red Lipstick (and the easy to find USA-made brand you should know)

Red Lipstick

The long list of “rules” for wearing red lipstick can be daunting. Between that and the hundreds of red hues available, it’s no shock that few bare the bold red lip. Shade selection is where it can get overwhelming with all the talk of warm and cool skin tone verses the undertones of the lip […]

5 Sexiest Beauty Tips: Refresh Your Makeup with American Made for Valentine’s Day


Get a subtle, gorgeous and romantic look with our sexiest beauty tips for your Valentine’s Day makeup.  These 5 products are the focal point of looking like an effortless beauty. These 5 products also happen to be American made.

What a Treat! Indulge in American Made Bath Gifts for Valentine’s Day


You can put a great custom basket together with some choice American made bath gifts.  Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love so what better time to love yourself (or someone else) with the very best of bath and body care.  Put a package together or choose a favorite, but a gift of pampering is […]

The Benefits of Using Facial Toner with Evande Made in USA Skincare System


When I introduced the Evande Beautifying Trio I briefly covered how the system works.  I explained a little about how to use each of their three products (Gentle Facial Cleanser & Makeup  Remover, Alcohol Free Pore Minimizing Toner and Oil Free Face & Neck Moisturizer) in a video. Today’s video will showcase the benefits of using facial […]

Makeup Shelf Life: All About Care, Cleaning, & Expiration {American Beauty}


Keeping your makeup organized is a great start to having clean and bacteria free products because you know where it all is.  I posted my favorite makeup organization and American made storage solutions to get it all organized last week. Today I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about how to care […]

Tips & Products to fix your Makeup Organization Made in USA


Everyone needs a great place to stash their makeup and skin care products to keep the bathroom from cluttering up.  Just tossing your most used goods into a drawer or under the sink can cause chaos in the morning.  Having a sorting system keeps the morning routine flowing smoothly.  You may also need a way […]

The Health Benefits of Tea and Our Favorite American Sources

Health Benefits of Tea

Have you been working hard to keep those New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier and take care of your body? Did you know that something as simple as drinking the right type of hot tea can help? Studies have shown that certain types of teas can improve health, prevent diseases, and even aid […]

American Made Resort Style Must Haves

American Made Resort Style

While it might be snowing where you are, I think it’s safe to say we’re all dreaming of white sandy beaches, sunny clear skies and mai tais.  If you’re lucky enough to be headed somewhere warm, here are our top American Made Resort Style must haves this season.

3 Detox Facial Masks for Healthy Skin


To get a fresh faced look you need to get rid of things that are keeping your skin from being its healthiest.  A season of cocktails and party food can dull your complexion and start to show up in your pores.  Dead skin cells sit on the surface preventing good hydration from properly penetrating your […]

A New Look for the New Year – 5 Steps to An American Made Makeover


It’s the Beginning of a New Year and time for a new look.  Now is the perfect time for an American made makeover.  Take some time for you and get yourself ready for 2014 by putting your best face forward.  I have pulled some ideas together, including old and new favorites, to propel your style […]