Made in USA Treats: Tell the Easter Bunny to Buy American!

Easter Treats

Celebrating Easter with kids means loading up a basket full of a bunch of cheap candy and toys. This is a situation where it is impossible to avoid imported junk, right?  Wrong. (Did you really think we’d say right?! How long have we known each other?)

10 American Made Easter Candy Brands We Love: Treats You Can Trust

Easter candy

With whole aisles dedicated to Easter candy in stores today, it is quite overwhelming when one is looking for American made candy to purchase. Reading the labels isn’t always helpful, as many packages don’t even state where the candy is made. Well, USA Love List has done the research so you don’t have to, and […]

DIY Vodka Infusions with Three American Made Bar Essentials to Try Today


I love a well-balanced, complex cocktail. My favorite cocktail notes are floral, spicy, or fruity. While I’m no bartender, I think one easy way to make a complex drink is to use infused alcohol. I suggest using vodka since it’s generally clean tasting so the flavors of your vodka infusion will shine through. I love […]

Easter Bunny’s Shopping List: Ten American Made Easter Basket Essentials

Easter Basket

This year the Easter Bunny will be filling the Easter baskets in my house with only American made treats.  And not because I have declared so. My kiddos have. “Mommy, I hope the Easter Bunny knows to get us ‘Made in the USA’ things for our Easter basket,” said my 4 year old daughter when […]

Enter to Win a Prize Pack of Gourmet Pasta Sauces from Dave’s Gourmet


From March until June my calendar is full every weekend with a birthday, anniversary, or graduation party. Family get togethers are scheduled at least once a month with Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day all rapidly approaching.  What does a calendar full of events with family and friends mean? Well lots of food of course! […]

Looking Forward to Getting your Grill Out? Enter to Win a Gift Basket of Pluto’s Caribbean Seasonings


Did you catch our guest post from Marie Maguire earlier this week about her favorite seasonings, all made in North Carolina?  She called out Pluto’s Jerk Seasoning as one that she would not even leave the country without having a bottle in her suitcase.  That’s a pretty strong endorsement!

Spice things up with “Goodness Grown in North Carolina”: American Made Seasonings We Love


I’m talking today about my favorite American made seasonings and spice mixes. I’m one of those people who cooks for my family just about every evening. I do it not to win the housewife of the year award, but because it’s healthier and cheaper than eating out or picking up pre-made.

Four Printed in the USA Books To Read for Spring Gardening Inspiration

gardening inspiration

It’s been a long cold winter across the US.  When I look out the kitchen window, I still see my yard completely covered in at least 4 inches of icy snow.  It’s hard to believe that the first day of spring is just weeks away. I am not letting the fact that my gardening spaces […]

Try this for a Change: Bison Recipes Using Wisconsin Raised Bison

American Raised Grass Fed Bison via

I’m so glad I found Grass Fed Traditions grass-fed bison. Imagine my delight when I learned these bison are raised in Wisconsin with no chemicals, hormones, or grains. I’ve put together a few bison recipes using Wisconsin-raised bison in lieu of beef. In case you aren’t convinced to try it, here’s why I love cooking bison:

Valentine Caramel Brownie Goodness Made With A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Recipe for Caramel Brownies

Guest Post by Carrie Curry of  Chockababy. One of my favorite recipes to make is also one of my most requested: Caramel Brownies. They are gooey, soft, chocolatey, and sweet. A perfect dessert for your Valentine, or anyone else you love! I make them with my KitchenAid Stand Mixer which is American-made.

Calling All Chocolate Lovers: My Favorite Chocolate Made in Pennsylvania

Chocolate Made in PA

As I sat down to write this post I realized I have A LOT to say about chocolate.  And as I did my research for this post I came to two conclusions: (1) my pants are a bit snug and (2) I am proud to say I was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  One thing […]

Enter to Win a Prize Pack of BBQ Sauces, Bloody Mary Mix, and more from Gator Ron’s

Gator Rons Sauce

Last week, USA Love List showed you how Gator Rons can help ensure you throw the perfect tailgate.  Now, here’s your chance to win a tailgating prize pack to help you get through the rest of the winter!

Affordable American Made: Valentine’s Day Foodie Gifts For $36 or Less

Affordable American Made Valentine's Day Gifts

While I’m not overly fond of the term foodie, because I think it’s overused and ill-defined, I am a lover of food. I look for items that are made from great, organic, and local ingredients. Gift giving for a “foodie” is easy – there’s an element of practically and lust associated with food gifts. Okay, maybe […]

All-American Super Bowl Tailgating Recipes Made with Gator Ron’s Sauces

Gator Ron's Sauce Made in Maryland

Whether you will be tailgaiting at MetLife Stadium or grilling in your backyard, I hope you get a chance to try Gator Ron’s. They make my favorite Made In the USA sauces and they are made not far from me in Maryland.  With the Super Bowl only a few days away, it’s time to start stocking up […]

Cast Iron Cooking: Try This Meaty Dutch Oven Chili Recipe

Dutch Oven Chili

I have always been intimidated by cast iron cookware.  Owning pots and pans that needed to be “seasoned” and kept rust free, just seemed too high maintenance for me. Until I discovered the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

Mushroom Stuffed London Broil: Cooking In a Cast Iron Skillet, American Made {Guest Post}


Guest Post by Heather McCurdy of Real: The Kitchen and Beyond Almost every piece of beef or fish I make in the oven is made in my Lodge cast iron skillets. Why? They turn out beautifully and go from stovetop to oven so easily.  I can put them in the oven on low heat or under […]

Aroma of Love: Artisan Chocolate Candles – Enter to Win from Vance Family Soy Candles

Vance Family non-GMO Soy Candles made in USA

There are so many temptations to veer us off track from our New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. Valentine’s Day is no exception. From chocolate to candy, there are sweets to tempt us at every turn. What if you could enjoy a sweet treat without the calories? Our favorite soy candles from Vance made in USA soy […]

Eight Made in USA Must Haves for a Swell Roaring 20s Party

Ten Roaring '20's Party Must Haves

If you’re going to throw a themed party, I highly suggest making it a Great Gatsby or Roaring 20′s themed one. There are so many cool props and items you can find, all of which are made in the USA. Did you catch my post yesterday about American made Flapper Fashion? If you liked that […]

White Chocolate Blueberry Scones: Favorite Recipes Using a KitchenAid Mixer, Made in the USA

1) Blueberry-White-Chocolate-Scones--600x448

Guest Post from Darla DeMorrow, author of The Pregnant Entrepreneur and HeartWork Organizing If you love the old red, white and blue, there’s a good chance you associate blueberries with the “blue”. I’m a blueberry fiend. So when I was blessed with the prize of a (made in USA) KitchenAid mixer, I got to work […]

The Health Benefits of Tea and Our Favorite American Sources

Health Benefits of Tea

Have you been working hard to keep those New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier and take care of your body? Did you know that something as simple as drinking the right type of hot tea can help? Studies have shown that certain types of teas can improve health, prevent diseases, and even aid […]

Tito’s Vodka: Clean Tasting, Gluten Free American Made Vodka {Review}


Without being a connoisseur, reviewing vodka can make you feel like someone trying to judge the wetness of water. From my understanding, great vodkas (generally) have less smell and less taste when compared to their lower priced competitors. With this, and given the chance to sample liver fattening amounts of Tito’s Handmade American Vodka, we […]

Affordable American Made: 30 Gifts for $30 or Less {2013 Holiday Gift Guides}


Everyone wants to find a great gift that won’t break the bank. I’ve put together a list of 30 gifts for $30 or less for everyone on your list. They are all affordable American made, so  you’ll feel even better about your purchase!

10 Things We Love – Made In Tennessee

10 Things We Love Made in Tennessee

Guest Post by Jana Keightley In Tennessee, home to southern hospitality and sweet tea, we are no stranger to inventive thinking and ingenuity.  From Graceland to the Bristol Motor Speedway and every stop in between, you can find someone making their footprint on the American Dream.  Just have a seat and let us serve you a […]

Holiday Giveaway Event: American Made Gifts For Wine Lovers {2013 Holiday Gift Guides}

American Made Wine Gifts

There are a lot of wonderful American made gifts for wine lovers. Lucky for you, we’re giving you a chance to wine a few of the products that were featured in our American Made Gifts For Wine Lovers {Holiday Gift Guide} If you’re looking for a great wine storage, we love WeberWine Stax. Husband and wife team, Mike & […]