Cast Iron Cooking: Try This Meaty Dutch Oven Chili Recipe

Dutch Oven Chili

I have always been intimidated by cast iron cookware.  Owning pots and pans that needed to be “seasoned” and kept rust free, just seemed too high maintenance for me… until I started using the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

Give Him American Made Gifts He’ll Love This Valentine’s Day

American Made Gifts For Him - He Will Love Barberry Coast Shave Co. Gifts For Valentines Day via

Get your man looking and smelling good this Valentine’s Day. Here are a few American made gifts he’ll love. Buying American for a special occasion sometimes requires planning ahead, but he’s worth it (and so are these gifts).

Baking Super Bowl Snacks With Kids: Caramel Apple Pizza

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.09.10 PM

I’m not gonna lie, my favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday is the food….dutch oven chili, nachos, wings, and dips…OH MY! This year my kiddos decided they want to make something to add to our game day feast. With great dismay, they realized we were missing a dessert. This could NOT happen! To remedy this, […]

Giveaway: Dave’s Gourmet Natural Pasta Sauce Bestsellers


Winter has hit most of the United States in full force this week and temperatures have dropped drastically to record lows. Baby, it’s sure as heck cold outside! I think that today’s giveaway is perfectly timed. Who wouldn’t be warmed with a plate of pasta topped with thick, flavorful, natural pasta sauce?  Comfort food at it’s finest!

4 Healthy Practices That Will Benefit the Whole Family In 2015

Healthy Family in 2015

This year, instead of making a New Year resolution that I will NEVER STICK TO, I will make a conscious effort to  focus on 4 healthy practices that will benefit my whole family. Since I am the manager of my household, I have the power when it comes to what my family eats- I am the cook, […]

Treat Yourself to a Cup of Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate {Recipe}

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Recipe

It is finally starting to feel like winter in my neck of the woods. What better way to warm up on a quiet (quiet once the kiddos leave for school!) winter day, than with a decadent cup of salted caramel hot chocolate?!

Giveaway: Live Maine Lobster Delivered to Your Door

Enter to Win a Maine Shore Dinner for Four including live lobsters delivered to your door! via

Have you ever dreamed of having live Maine lobster delivered directly to your door? It sounds impossible, but it is quite possible! In the darkest days of winter (or in the long, languid days of summer), the folks at will catch and expertly package live lobsters and other northestern seafood specialties. Packed on ice […]

Your Holiday Cocktail Recipe: Thai Basil Grapefruit Martini (Square One Organic Vodka)

Thai-Basil Grapefruit Martini With Square One Organic Vodka

Remember when I introduced you to True Food Kitchen? And I told you I loved their Thai-Basil Grapefruit Martini? Well…guess what? I scored the recipe for you from our friends, and fellow vodka lovers, at Square One Organic Vodka!

Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe {Featuring Bob’s Red Mill Flour}

Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes are a HUGE hit with my kiddos for breakfast, and yes, even for dinner- especially when they come served with whipped cream on top!  I love serving pumpkin pancakes for meals because, not only are they quick and easy to make, but unbeknownst to my kiddos, they are also packed with vitamins and nutrients. Pumpkin […]

More American Made Gifts for Wine Enthusiasts

American Made Gifts For The Wine Enthusiast | USA Love List

Are you still racking your brain for what to buy your dad who has everything he needs or your best friend who always has the newest item? We recently find a stylish take on a curated wine selection that arrives right at your door from Club W. See more details about it below. As I think about […]

American Made Gifts For Coffee and Tea Lovers

DIY Cider Chai Recipe and American Made Gifts For Coffee and Tea Lovers via

Pick your beverage of choice: USA Love List has the best ideas for American made gifts for coffee and tea lovers. Don’t miss a great recipe for Spiked Cider Chai.

Sarah’s Picks: 30 American Made Gifts Under $30

Wrappily makes American made recyclable, compostable, reversible wrapping paper we love!

My, have we had fun with this series. I’ve been collecting my favorite American made gifts under $30 for quite a while. This is the fourth one we’ve published, so by my count, that’s 120 affordable Made in USA gifts. Don’t miss Tracey’s, Angie’s, and Jill’s lists.

Jill’s Picks: 30 American Made Gifts Under $30

Affordable American Made!

I love creating new traditions, especially during the holidays. You read about my recipe tradition. Last year I wrote my 30 under $30 picks, so I decided to keep the tradition going this year too.

Six American Made Gifts For Men Under $50

American Made Men's Gifts via

USA Love List is here to prove buying American is affordable. Men are so hard to buy for. I know I’m not alone in saying that, so I created a list of American made gifts for men under $50. What would you buy for the man on your list?

American Made Gifts For Someone Who’s Into Craft Cocktails

The Best French 75 Recipe With ReJigger via

For everyone who firmly believes in the saying, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” this list is for you! We think you’ll love USA Love List’s American made gifts for enthusiasts of craft cocktails. If you love a great cocktail, don’t be afraid to try making your own at home. ReJigger’s cocktail shaker is making it easier […]

Eight American Made Gifts For the Foodie

Holiday Gift Guide The Foodie Featuring American Made Finds via

If you love to eat, and you love to eat well, you know that great meals start with the best ingredients and involve the right equipment. It takes time to acquire all the essentials for a complete gourmet kitchen, especially if you are trying to find the best Made in USA options out there. From the amazing […]

It’s Pumpkin Pie Time! Made in USA Pie Necessities (Plus A Tito’s Pumpkin Pie Martini Recipe)

Pumpkin Pie supplies #madeinUSA

Pumpkin pie is a family favorite at Thanksgiving, and all year long! With these American made pie necessities you can easily and quickly make a tasty pumpkin pie for you next festivity, and make sure it is transported and served in style! If cocktail making is more up your alley than pie baking, give Tito’s […]

Spice Your Holiday Right With Simply Organic Spices in a Warm Sangria Recipe

Wine Recipe For Sangira Using Simply Organic Spices | USA Love List

As I think about gifting, or entertaining this holiday season, it’s the smile and laughter enjoyed with family and friends that I love most.

Our Fall Inspirations, All American Made

Fall Inspiration, American Made

Looking back, we have covered a huge range of American Made items we love, inspired by the Autumn season. Before fall turns to winter, take a look back and see what inspires you! Fall brings an abundance of fashion and beauty trends, decorating ideas, and cool-weather activities for you and your family. Here are all of […]

Baking With Kids: Halloween Sugar Cookies Made With Love, and American Made Baking Supplies

Halloween sugar cookies

One of our favorite things to do in the Hanson house on a day off from school is bake together. Today, Sophie and I decided to bake some Halloween sugar cookies with American made supplies.

Bourbon vs Whiskey: Celebrate National Bourbon Month

Bourbon vs Whiskey Celebrate National Bourbon Month with

October is National Bourbon Month. Before you tip your glass back, make yourself look really cool by first understanding the difference between bourbon vs whiskey.

Stay away from imported Halloween junk: keep it Earth-friendly and made in the USA


If you’ve already started the hunt for those “Made in the USA” words on Halloween decorations and costumes in the big box stores, you might be feeling discouraged by now. No worries! There are ways to support American manufacturers and local business while looking out for the environment too. Here are our best tips:

Made in the USA Halloween Treats: American Made Goodies for your Goblins and Monsters

#madeinUSA Halloween Treats

It is now October and the countdown to Halloween is on! Were you thinking that Halloween is a great time to support American businesses and that you only want to give candy you can trust to the precious kids in your neighborhood? Great minds think alike! Make Halloween Sweeter with USA Made Treats I have […]

Six Products You Need Right Now to Enjoy the Benefits of American Honey

American Honey

September is recognized as National Honey Month since this month marks the end of the typical honey harvesting season across the United States. The goal of National Honey Month is to promote the importance and benefits of American honey.

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