Natural, American Made Pet Treats and Pet Food: Don’t Compromise on Your Companion’s Care

Natural pet food made in USA

To many Americans, the word “pet” does not do justice to the spot our four legged friends have in our hearts. Our cats and dogs are members of our family and are treated as such. Those of us that have “fur children” and animal best friends know how important what goes into their bodies is to their overall health. Do you know what is in the food you give to your cat? Do you read the labels of your dog’s treats? What do you really know about your pet food and treats?

Important Update: The FDA has launched an ongoing investigation into pet deaths and illnesses related to the consumption of beef jerky treats. It is estimated that over 1,000 dogs have died. Nearly all of the reported deaths/illnesses can be traced to jerky imported from China. See the FDA notice here. We’ve compiled a list of sources for dog treats made in the USA.  Please save and share it in addition to the article below and our other related pet articles.

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you decide what is good for your furry family member. Always remember to consult your veterinarian when changing the diet of your cat or dog. Like humans, every animal is different. Some have allergies, sensitivities and medical issues which could even be associated with a certain dog or cat breeds.

Does buying dog food that says “Made in USA” on the label automatically mean that your dog/cat is 100% safe?

The answer is no, but he/she will be SAFER.  Despite where pet food is made, there is still a risk of bacteria contamination. Just like human food, there are no guarantees. Most pet food is not kept in consistent temperature conditions. Heat and humidity can promote bacteria growth. Purchasing pet food made in the USA could decrease this risk as time in transport is lessened. This could decrease exposure to temperature changes.

Remember, the huge pet food recall in 2007? Cats and dogs all over the US were being sickened and killed from pet food that contained melamine. This ingredient originated from China. However, it still was found in products manufactured in the USA. How was this possible? Some pet food made in America contains “fillers”, or additional ingredients added to the product to bulk it up and serves no nutritional purpose. It is not required to list where pet food ingredients come from. The same is true with human food. Reading the ingredient label and doing company research is very important!

Does seeing the word “Natural” on the label mean the pet food is 100% healthier?

Again, the answer is no. There is no regulation in the pet food industry that defines what “natural” means. It could mean there are no added colors, which would make it safer, but not 100% “natural”. You need to read your labels and research the brands. Make sure the pet food manufacturer’s definition of “natural” matches yours.

Here is a list of dog food, cat food, and treat items that are manufactured in the USA

Do all of the products manufactured by the companies named contain 100% made in the USA ingredients?  In most cases, no. However, the companies we had chosen to highlight take great pride in research and putting the overall health of our four legged family members as a #1 priority.

Merrick makes cat and dog food (in both wet and dry varieties), as well as pet treats in Hereford, Texas. What I LOVE about Merrick is they state in their 5-Star Promise (located on the Merrick website) that ALL of their ingredients are from local farms and NOTHING comes from China. They consider themselves “natural” because they consider Merrick products to be food in it’s purest state- no artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives.

Merrick #madeinUSA pet food & treats
EVO brand offers pet treats and food for dogs, cats and ferrets. According to the EVO website, their made in the USA pet products contain more protein and fats, and less carbs and starches, like the diets of wild dogs and cats.

EVO #madeinUSA pet treats and food

California Natural specializes in wet and dry dog food and dog treats, but does also offer high quality cat food and treats too. California Natural products are recommended for dogs that follow the “Rotational Feeding” program, a program that believes offering a variety of protein  into a diet leads to optimal health.

California Natural #madeinUSA dog treatsBoth EVO and California Natural products are manufactured in Hereford, Texas, and both brands are a subsidiary of Nutura Pet Products. According to thier website,  Nutura highly regulates it’s manufacturing process.Why do I LOVE EVO and California Natural products?  Only high quality, natural ingredients are used and all of it’s meats pass USDA inspection. Their product manufacturing is monitored as rigorously (maybe more in my opinion) as most people food!

Wysong manufactures food and supplements in the USA for dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, horses, and yes, humans (supplements). Wysong considers themselves natural because they use all natural ingredients and no artificial sugars, coloring, preservatives.  Wysong is family run and was founded by a veterinarian, Dr. Wysong, in 1979. Why do I LOVE Wysong products? Extensive research has been put behind their products and every ingredient serves a nutritional purpose., On their website Wysong is very honest in where their ingredients originate and in MOST cases they do all come from the US. One thing that Wysong does make clear is that their are no domestic sources for amino acids and ALL are manufactured in China.  And FYI, amino acids are considered important dietary supplements and are added to human vitamins too.
Wysong #madeinUSA pet treats & pet food

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Do you know what the labels mean on your pets food? Is your pets food safe? We help you out.

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  1. Thanks for the list. With the huge scandal of pets dying from liver failure due to bad ingredients in cheap pet food a few years back, it's more important than ever to feed these “members of the family” properly!

  2. thanks for giving all the description. don’t wanna buy a harmful chemical for my cuty. hope these product will be helpful for me.

  3. Nita Woodruff says:

    I would like a list of dry dog food that is made here in the USA. I want my beloved dog to be safe as she eats her dog food.

    Please send me a list of dry dog food to my e-mail address and thank you.

  4. Walter L. Ellingwood says:

    Thanks for the information on dog food made and processed in the United States, but the labels you mention are not on the shelves in the stores that I shop at in Kansas.

  5. Be careful – 100% MANUFACTURED in US does not mean that the food is absent ingredients from China – China has virtually cornered the market of those vitamins, minerals and supplements added to pet (and human) foods which are shipped to US manufacturers and then manufactured into the dog food in the US – and yes, that means the potential for contamination from the ingredients. Until we label for the country of origin of ingredients I will be cooking my own dogwood (and people food)

  6. Paulette says:

    Does anyone know a good brand of food to feed a picky GoldenDoodle? When I say picky I mean it to the maxx. Thanks so much,

  7. Paulette says:

    It has to be made in the USA and grain free as well. Thank you so much if anyone can help me here I would appreciate it. Looking for a good brand of dry or canned dog food for a very extremely picky GoldenDoodle.

  8. Robin Wilson says:

    I was one of those people scared to death when jerky deaths were made public. My dog will only eat jerky treats and let’s face it…like you said our pets aren’t pets they’re family so she get treats. But now she only gets “people” Made in the USA (not distributed, MADE) jerky. She has had some from Wysong but she is just so darn picky! 😀

  9. Thanks for these recomendations. I am very concerned about this issue since some pets have gotten sick and died from imported ingredients!

  10. Can’t thank you enough for posting this information.

    “We can judge the heart of man by his treatment of animals.” ~ Immanuel Kant

  11. sharon enter says:

    I bought EVO dry dog food for my dog for more than a year. He loved the food but every time I ordered it I also received a recall notice. The food was made in China, not USA. Finally changed food, but can’t find anything he likes as well. I am trying to find a food made in the USA

  12. Artemis, The Honest Kitchen, & Halo are a few more high quality pet foods made in the USA. I’m sure there are a lot more, too, but these are 3 that I have fed my pets personally over the years. None of them do any invasive testing on animals (but may conduct taste tests), & Halo also donates a ton of food to rescues via

  13. Dominique says:

    Another company that has four manufacturing facilities in the USA, is Taste of The Wild. It is grain free, it list all the meat products first which is what you need to look for. They use wild boar from Texas, bison, salmon Venison, lamb. You can tour their company and see how they make their food. My dogs love it if you go to their website you can read about the products. If you go to this website it will explain what you need to look for in ingredients and where to get good quality go to it will answer questions and explain. Also if you want to check out Taste of the Wild pet food go to their website

  14. Dominique says:

    Here is an email I received from customer service from Taste of the Wild, it is always good to ask questions from your pet food company. Hope this helps.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Our foods are manufactured in four facilities, all in the United States. Two are located in California, one in Missouri and one in South Carolina.

    We use some ingredients that are not USA sourced, lamb from New Zealand, lamb meal and venison from Australia, duck meal from France, potato protein from Germany and dried chicory root from Belgium.

    There are ingredients that are critical to our formulations (i.e. folic acid and taurine) that can only be sourced out of China. Our choice is to either include these ingredients or manufacture our foods without them, which would not be in the best interest of your pet, in our view.

    Some pet food companies are making “China-Free” claims despite the facts I’ve outlined above. They accomplish this by utilizing a loophole in European law. European laws allow for ingredients purchased outside their continent, then reprocessed in Europe, to be labeled with European origin. We could likewise hide behind that loophole in the law, and tell you what you want to hear, but choose not to for obvious reasons. I’d rather you not feed our foods than to tell you they are China-free, when they are not.

    Food safety is our #1 priority and it shows in the amount of new business we get from word of mouth-friends and neighbors talking to one another, recommending our foods.


    Customer Service

  15. I do think it would be safer to buy Made in the USA Pet Food. I am sure there will always be a worry about quality, but I would feel much safer buying USA food.

  16. Carol S says:

    This is good info and will be helpful to many.

    My problem: finding safe toys made in the USA for dogs. I ask every time
    I look for American-made toys. As you know, they are very hard to find. I think I have bought all the ones made in the USA that I want, but I frequently want to buy another, either for my dog or my friends’ dogs. I will not buy anything made in China.
    Please help! I welcome any suggestions and recommendations for good toys that are safe and well made in the USA.

  17. Great information. We just switched to Evo for our cat and it’s been great. She lost weight and seems calmer. All good things. Thanks for the other sources of healthy dog and cat food.
    Latest Post: Six Things Cooking Geeks Know About Cooking Oils That You Don’tMy Profile

  18. Great list! However, I just looked up Wysong, and it looks like they have dog and cat food made with rabbit meat, not food for rabbits. Which is unfortunate, because I was hoping to find some high-quality American-made rabbit food for my pet rabbit. :/
    Latest Post: perhaps, I have gone insaneMy Profile

  19. I was always told avocado is damaging to our dogs and cats, yet it’s in a dog food, us wasn’t Merrick sold out to Purina?? Purina has had many recalls.

  20. This is good information. People need to be careful about the ingredients in pet food, and make sure any food not specifically made for a pet is OK for them. They are depending on you and trusting you to take the time and do the right thing always, don’t let them down.

  21. ellen beck says:

    taurine is eseential for cats without it they will fail… the majority of cat and dog foods have too much grain and these are animals and are carnivores (especially felines) most times I make our own food from meat scraps. I also add in ingredients that are fresh. Yes, it is harder, but all of our animals live long and healthy lives.

  22. These dogs are very loving and I just love to be with them! Anyways this post is really awesome. This is incredible site with excellent information.I am glad to visit here.

  23. I am so glad The FDA has launched an ongoing investigation regarding pet deaths and the treats they are eating. How horrible to have a pet suffer from the food we buy for them.

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