We often are asked for sources for American made tools. It makes sense that workers and homeowners alike would want to buy tools made in the USA. Here is our list of brands you should seek to build your toolbox.

American Made Tools

Chapman MFG.: Chapman Interchangeability

Chapman Mfg. interchangeable screwdriver sets have been manufactured in Durham,Connecticut since 1936. Chapman insert bits are milled from USA tool steel. The ball bearing and spring in every bit are also made in the USA, and the bits are heat treated and finished with black oxide in Connecticut. Chapman's famous midget ratchet is punched from USA stainless steel and all the internals are also made in USA. All three of Chapman's cases are made in the USA, and one of them is made about an hour away from the Chapman shop in CT.

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RevMark Quickdraw Marker

The RevMark quickdraw marker has a patented belt clip design. The marker's cover stays attached to your belt, so you don't loose it while making your mark. The RevMark marker comes in blue, black or red permanent ink and the tip is industrial grade for heavy use. This is the perfect marker for electricians, plumbers, carpenters and DIY'ers!

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American Made Tools: The Source List

Please note: Many of the companies that are listed below also manufacture tools in other countries. We always support any effort a company makes to keep American jobs. Please read labels carefully. 

  • Bondhus is a manufacturer of ball end, hex and star tools located in Monticello, Minnesota.
  • Chapman Mfg.  interchangeable tools, screwdriver sets, are made in Connecticut. Learn more about Chapman Mfg. tools at the top of this article. 
    Made in USA Tools: Chapman Mfg. #usalovelisted
  • Craftsman still manufactures many hand tools like screwdrivers and hammers in the USA.
  • Council Tool has been manufacturing hand tools in the US since 1886. The steel and hickory used to make these high quality tools are both source in America.
  • All Derma-safe utility knives, which are handy when fishing, camping, and even hiking,  are manufactured in New Jersey.
  • Estwing has been manufacturing claw hammers, mallets, axes, and specialty tools in Rockford, Illinois since 1923.
  • Klein Tools has been manufacturing tools in the USA for over 100 years! Klein Tools currently has 4 facilities in the USA that manufacture screwdrivers (Lincolnshire, Illinois), steel foraging (Elk Grove Village, Illinois), high quality scissors and cutlery products (Bolivar, New York), and pliers and wire strippers (Mansfield, Texas).
  • Kraft Tool Co. includes a product line of time tested American made tools for the construction professional. Kraft Tool Co. includes W.Rosea manufacturer of edging tools, trowels, and knives in Pennsylvania since 1798; Sands Level and Tool, a leader in levels and straight edges, all American made; Superior Tile Cutter Inc, a manufacturer of tile cutters, chisels and scribes.
  • Leatherman also manufactures pocket wrenches, and knives in Portland, Oregon.
  • Montana Brand drill and drive sets, drill and drive bits, and other power tool accessories are manufactured by the Jore Corporation in Ronan, Montana.
  • Moody Tools, Inc has been manufacturing the finest precision hand tools in Rhode Island for nearly 60 years.
  • RevMark quickdraw marker with patented belt clip is made in USA. Learn more about RevMark at the top of this article. Made in USA Tools Deal: Save 10% off your RevMark total order with code USALOVE
    American Made Tools: RevMark marker #madeinUSA #usalovelisted #fathersday
  • Studpop magnetic stud finder is 100% made in the USA. The Studpop is VERY simple to use, requires no batteries, and comes in various colors. When I'm not rearranging artwork or putting up wall shelving, my Studpop serves another purpose as a refrigerator magnet, making it easy to find when needed!
  • Vaughan has been manufacturing hand tools like hammers, hatchets, handsaws and claws in the America since 1869.

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Ultimate source list of tools made in the USA.


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