Diamond art painting is a relatively new art form that has caught on with hobbyists and crafters alike. You have landed here because you are on the hunt for high quality diamond painting kits. There are many diamond art kit companies to choose from, but are there any of those diamond painting kits made in USA?

Our readers have asked. Here is our answer. But first…

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-number. Despite its name, ‘diamond painting' does not include the use of paint, a paint brush, or even diamonds. Instead of using paint and a brush, an applicator tool is used to place hundreds of colorful resin diamond shaped pieces to an adhesive canvas that is color coded. The end product is an art piece that is colorful and sparkles like diamonds. A seasoned diamond artist, or someone starting a fun hobby, diamond art is enjoyed at any skill level.

Are There Any Diamond Painting Kits Made in USA?

Diamond painting kits are popular because a kit includes all the tools and supplies you need to complete one diamond embroidery canvas painting. In a diamond art kit you will typically find canvas, adhesive, a diamond applicator pen, tray, paddy wax, and colorful resin diamonds. Because of the variety of items in a kit, it is impossible to find a kit that is labeled (or qualifies to be labeled) ‘Made in USA'.

If you see the ‘Made in USA' label on a DIY diamond painting kit, or in a diamond art company's Google listing, BEWARE!!!

When I was doing research for this article, I noticed that many companies are deceptive with their messaging. Also, I am sure some companies don't fully grasp what the ‘Made in USA' label means. Complete kits might be assembled in the united states from foreign and domestic parts. Their canvas could be designed and printed in the USA. It is false advertising to market the whole kit ‘Made in USA', if a majority of that product is made elsewhere.

For more information on the ‘Made in USA' label, check out our article, What Does the Made in the USA Label Mean? Your Questions Answered.

American Diamond Arts claims to have ‘Diamond Painting Made in USA'. This is misleading to consumers!

I searched the web, and I found several diamond art companies that claim to be ‘Made in USA' when only the canvases are printed in the USA.

Diamond Art At Home and American Diamond Arts both offer custom diamond painting kits created from a submitted photo. They can turn a high quality photo of a loved one, favorite pet, or favorite vacation spot into a unique diamond art kit. Both of their custom diamond painting kits are made to order and include square diamonds. Larger canvas sizes are available. The canvases for the custom diamond art kits are designed and printed in the USA.

Diamond Art At Home states on their website that they have been “3 Years Manufacturing Diamond Paintings in the USA“. I reached out to them to verify this. I also asked if all of the kits they sell include printed in the USA canvases, or just the custom kits. I will update this post when I get a reply!

American Diamond Arts claims on their website, under the FAQS section that “YES! We are the only Diamond Painting Company that actually produces all of our kits in the U.S.A.”. I have reached out to them to clarify what their definition of “produces” is.  I will update this post when I get a reply!

I did notice that both Diamond Art At Home and American Diamond Arts both have the same address and contact phone number and their websites are almost identical.

Popular quality diamond art kits from brands like Diamond Art Club and Diamond Dotz make no claims to be ‘Made in USA'.


What Does the Made in the USA Label Mean? Your Questions Answered.
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