American Made Tools: The Ultimate Source List

The ultimate source list of tools made in the USA.

We often are asked for sources for American made tools. It makes sense that workers and homeowners alike would want to buy tools made in the USA. Here is our list of brands you should seek to build your toolbox.

Please note: Many of the companies that are listed below also manufacture tools in other countries. We always support any effort a company makes to keep American jobs. Please read labels carefully. 

Tools: Made in the USA

RevMark Quickdraw Marker

The RevMark quickdraw marker has a patented belt clip design. The marker’s cover stays attached to your belt, so you don’t loose it while making your mark. The RevMark marker comes in blue, black or red permanent ink and the tip is industrial grade for heavy use. This is the perfect marker for electricians, plumbers, carpenters and DIY’ers!

RevMark quickdraw marker |Made in USA Tool source guide
RevMark quickdraw marker | Made in USA Tools Source Guide
American made tools | Bondhus
Bondhus is a manufacturer of ball end, hex and star tools located in Monticello, Minnesota.
American made tools | Craftsman screwdrivers #madeinUSA
Craftsman still manufactures many hand tools like screwdrivers and hammers in the USA.
American made tools | Council Tool hand tools made in USA since 1886
Council Tool has been manufacturing hand tools in the US since 1886. The steel and hickory used to make these high quality tools are both source in America.


American made tools | Dermasafe #madeinUSA folding utility knife
All Dermasafe utility knives, which are handy when fishing, camping, and even hiking,  are manufactured in New Jersey.


American made tools | Estwing--Framing-Hammers
Since 1923, Estwing has been manufacturing claw hammers, mallets, axes, and specialty tools in Rockford, Illinois.


Klein-Tools #madeinUSA pliers
Klein Tools has been manufacturing tools in the USA for over 100 years! Klein Tools currently has 4 facilities in the USA that manufacture screwdrivers (Lincolnshire, Illinois), steel foraging (Elk Grove Village, Illinois), high quality scissors and cutlery products (Bolivar, New York), and pliers and wire strippers (Mansfield, Texas).


American made tools | W.Rose trowel #madeinUSA
Kraft Tool Co. includes a product line of time tested American made tools for the construction professional. Kraft Tool Co. includes W.Rosea manufacturer of edging tools, trowels, and knives in Pennsylvania since 1798; Sands Level and Tool, a leader in levels and straight edges, all American made; Superior Tile Cutter Inc, a manufacturer of tile cutters, chisels and scribes.


American made tools | Leatherman multi tool #madeinUSA
Known best for its pocket multi-tool, Leatherman also manufactures pocket wrenches, and knives in Portland, Oregon.


American made tools | Montana Brand #madeinUSA
Montana Brand drill and drive sets, drill and drive bits, and other power tool accessories are manufactured by the Jore Corporation in Ronan, Montana.


American made tools | Moody Tools, Inc precision tools #madeinUSA
For nearly 60 years, Moody Tools, Inc has been manufacturing the finest precision hand tools in Rhode Island.
American Made Tools | 360 Products Paint Station Reviewed
360 Products Paint Station fits perfect on any ladder, making it easier than ever before to access all of tools while painting. The Station provides an all-in-one paint tray and accessory holder that safely latches to any ladder, creating an at-your-fingertips workstation, eliminating trips up and down the ladder or the need to leave objects on the steps, creating a crowded, unsafe space. The designer and creator behind the brand, Kevin Schmidt, has more than 30 years in the construction industry.


American made tools | Studpop #madeinUSA stud finder
Studpop magnetic stud finder is 100% made in the USA. The Studpop is VERY simple to use, requires no batteries, and comes in various colors. When I’m not rearranging artwork or putting up wall shelving, my Studpop serves another purpose as a refrigerator magnet, making it easy to find when needed!


American made tools | Vaughn #madeinUSA tools
Vaughan has been manufacturing hand tools like hammers, hatchets, handsaws and claws in the America since 1869.

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Ultimate source list of tools made in the USA.


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  1. The Leatherman multi-tool looks amazing. I would love that for my daughter who just got her own place!
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  2. Alona Y says:

    I didn’t realize Leatherman came out of Portland, which is my hometown! My dad would love one of their multi-purpose tools.

  3. Great list! My tools were mostly given to me by my uncle, the contractor/builder/Mr.Fixit. Almost all are made in the USA and have lasted decades.
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  4. These are great tools for both the experienced home improvement enthusiast and the novice!
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  5. Tamra Phelps says:

    It’s good to know so many tools are still made here. I would buy from these companies, definitely. Craftsman Tools are definitely in our house!

  6. ellen beck says:

    My husband is a carpnter and shadetree mechanic and swears by Cradtsman. He has their tools and toolboxes and he loves their guaranteee. We also LOVE Leatherman and both carry them they are so versitie.

  7. Debbie Welchert says:

    What a great list. We are a Craftman’s Tool family here. My dad always bought them, me and now my grandson buys them. Great tools….

  8. I try to buy Made in the USA as much as possible. I think the quality is better. Especially with tools. I didn’t know there was so many options. I know about Craftsman, and that is a favorite.

  9. Nice to see a comprehensive list of Made in the USA tools. Thanks USALoveList. My husband has collected them since he was a boy.

  10. Craftsman hand tools are mostly chinese!!! Check the labels.

    • David Mayfield says:

      So true. Current exceptions include some screwdrivers, some hand tools, pipe wrenches, etc. Check closely. Most are Asian now.

  11. Please look at Gerber tools also

  12. Lisa Shepherd says:

    Awesome assortment of American made tools!

  13. Geno Klimas says:

    Snap-On Tools made in the USA for 95 years. Best of the Best. Go to any auto dealership and ask any mechanic what they use day in and day out. Nine out of ten say Snap-On.

  14. Careful when shopping for Klein, Craftsmen, and Leatherman. Most of their products available at mainstream stores have a secondary product line thats made in China. ALWAYS look at the back for country of origin!

  15. Win Phillips says:

    Just bought some Klein screwdrivers. They say made in China. Klein? Klein?

    • David Mayfield says:

      Were they the multi-tip? Most of their standard screwdrivers and nut drivers still say made in USA, as well as most pliers. Multi-tip screwdrivers are now Taiwan, I believe. Klein continues to offshore more tools lately, it seems. For example, many of their bolt cutters are now made in Japan.

  16. Byron Perry says:

    Unfortunately, despite what this website states, the craftsman (lower case intentional) line of tools are completely now made in china.

    • David Mayfield says:

      It is sad what has become of Craftsman. They still currently have a scant few USA made tools but that continues to decline more and more.

  17. David Mayfield says:

    Some disclaimers should be added here: Most of the Craftsman line is foreign made now, as are many Klein tools. Most of Estwing is USA, but their Sure Strike line and Handy Bars are Asian. Estwing and Vaughan do in fact make many fine USA made hammers, hatchets, etc. Other USA maufacturers not mentioned include: Eklind (hex keys), Dasco Pro (chisels, pry bars, punches), Mayhew (chisels, punches – most USA), Proto ( many are USA), Channellock (all wrenches and pliers as well as some screwdrivers), Rose (masonry, trowels), Sands levels, SK handtool, Wright, US Tape Co makes a couple of USA measuring tapes, Powerpuller = come along winches, Bully Tool = yard tools, Florian = hand pruners, etc., Bauer = ladders, Buck Bros = some wood chisels, Swanson still makes a few of their levels in USA, as does Empire, Mayes Bros., Johnson Level and Port Austin Level. Armstrong is supposed to still make some USA tools as well. Other smaller ones include: Hardcore Hammer, ABC Hammer, Bionic Wrench, Plate Vise (Lumberlok and Tri-Vise). Lie-Nielsen makes high-end woodworking hand tools like planes and drawknives. Wall Control offers USA made wall tool storage pegboards. There are many, many more; you just have to search. Many of the ones I listed only make part of their tool lines in the US. As always, check labels or contact company for COO if it isn’t clear. Anything on this list is subject to change at any time without notice.

  18. Excellent post for gift ideas for dad!

  19. Great selection. I have some Craftsman tools that were my dad’s. They last forever!
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  20. Thanks for the selection! These would be a perfect gift for dad!

  21. I have seen Craftsman tools at Sears and at OSH.

  22. Very useful info, thanks

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