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The FDA reports that over 600 dogs have died and thousands of other cats and dogs have gotten sick after eating dog treats made in China. Please, save and share this list of American made dog treats

Don’t Compromise on Quality for your Pets

This is one area where you can find everything you need for your fur friends, made by companies you can trust, made in the USA. If you can’t find something you need for your pet: food, treats, beds, toys, ask us and we will point you to pet products you can trust.

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Stay Away from Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Made in China

Chicken Jerky made in China is the treat most often cited as the cause of pet deaths and illness. This issue came up years ago and was one of the inspirations behind the launch of USA Love List. Two years later, thousands more beloved pets have been sickened or killed and the FDA still does not know the cause, but they have issued a new warning against treats from China.  Chinese made jerky treats are easy to find and are often even packaged in western-themed bags making them seem wholesome, even all American, but they are not.

Sources for Dog Treats Made in the USA

There are many great sources for American made treats. If you want to recommend one that is not listed here, please feel free to add it in the comments and we will continue updating this post. Dog treats can be stored so it is easy enough to order online from sources you trust. When shopping in your local stores, PLEASE check those labels.

American Made Chicken Jerky

  • TriPom Chews sells jerky made in Maine. Autumn, the owner of TriPom Chews, started making chicken jerky for her 3 Pomeranians six years ago after learning chicken jerky from China was dangerous. Her labor of love turned into a successful cottage business. TriPom ‘Chicky Strips’ are a single ingredient chicken jerky handmade from slices of whole, human-grade chicken breast–no additives or preservatives. They are sold only online, and each order ships with chicken jerky made that day!
  • Earth Animal makes chicken cutlet jerky and other treats from meat and fruit in Pennsylvania.
  • Kona’s Chips chicken jerky was created after Kona, a black pomeranian became severely ill after eating chicken jerky from China. They also make sweet potato bones, peanut butter cookies, and treats for cats too.

Made in USA Dog Bones and Other Chew Treats

  • Prairie Dog Antlers  are top quality naturally shred deer, elk, and moose antler chews.
  • Wholesome Hide makes rawhide bones and treats in the USA from American Beef.
  • Boots & Barkley Rawhide from Target. Rawhide treats are inexpensive and if you like to give them to your pet, you may have noticed that they are surprisingly hard to find made in the USA. Next time you are at Target pick up this American made brand.
  • Greenies are green, toothbrush shaped consumable dog chews made with chlorophyll, green tea, and other herbal ingredients designed to address the dreaded dog breath. They are made in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Moozle Beef Snout Chews are just one example of the many chewable treat varieties made in the USA from Merrick.

American made Dog Biscuits and Other Treats

  • Cloud Star is a source for natural treats with an ingredient list so readable that you won’t be afraid to take a nibble for yourself.
  • By Nature is a brand of dog food, cat food, and treats loaded with plant-based antioxidants, offering unique blends of American-sourced ingredients.
  • Zuke’s makes a full line of cat treats, dog treats, jerky, and consumable bones. They make wheat free, corn free and soy free hypoallergenic treats, a good source for dogs with allergies, but we can attest that they will be popular with any pet.
  • Licks N’Love is a source for “deliciously healthy dog treats” in flavors like Cheesy Pup Fries and Peanut Butter Oat. They smelled so good that I tasted them myself. No kidding. Baked in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Easy Sources for Made in USA Pet Products

Again, this is just a sampling of the many, many high quality American made pet treats and products that are available to in your local stores or to order online. This is one category where you never need to compromise on buying American. Check the related links below and stick with USA Love List for ongoing information about American made pet products you can trust. If your company makes treats in the USA that are safe for pets, or if you buy a brand that you can recommend, leave a note in the comments or contact us directly.

Make sure your four legged friends only get the best! Dog treats made in the USA

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  1. Such good information to know and I ‘ll share the link with my MIL who just got a cute little doggie.

  2. Great post, thanks you! I am very concerned about this and only buy US made products for my dogs and cats.

    • About boots and Barkley this site says it is made in the USA it is not. It is a product of China. Distributed by target in MN.

      • Greatdane7 says:

        It’s not enough for a treat to be made in the USA. Find out if your treat is sourced in the USA. For example, milk bone products are made in the USA but are made from ingredients sourced from other countries. It does you no good if your jerky is made in the USA from bad chicken purchased from China.

  3. I remember this happend with canned cat food a few years ago. So scary!
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  4. The is a very informative article;our pets are part of the family and we should always be concern about their safety.

  5. Comfort flow orthopedic #dog #beds manufacturer offers superb and very impressive #gifts for your small lovely #pets and large #dogs.
    Visit here for more detail
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  6. Great info thank you. However there are quite a few companies in the US that do make the food and treat products here but acquire much of the ingredients they use from over seas, including China. I was told this from my vet and it also states this on the FDA site.

  7. We distribute other maf. and well as our own American Natural Dog Treats. Our best movers are our 4 different ham bones, beef smoked femur and beef shanks, smoked full pig ears, jumbo bull sticks, we carry a chicken sweet potato product made in Lenior NC. Our location is Cleveland, NC. 27013, Phone 704-278-1447, email at

  8. I’m wondering if I may be added to your website, as a store that only offers American pet products? This is a subject that I am very passionate about. I am opening up my own internet store about this very subject. I am almost opened for business.
    Thank you so much,
    Laura Stann


    • Merrick Dog food is sourced and made all in the United States!

    • We use Life’s Abundance Dog Food. Made in USA. The breeder recommended it.

      • Excellent choice, Leslie. I began using Life’s abundance, myself – about 3 years ago. Liked it so much, I became a rep myself. The formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks is also a holistic vet and puts a lot of thought care into its ingredients. Seems like a lot of reputable breeders and dog care experts recommend it to their clients.

    • Melissa says:

      We use Fromm it has never been recalled and been in bussness over a hundred years and best of all our Shepard loves it and she is healthy with a beautiful coat our pit is just as healthy and shiney silky coat and we now are feeding our 11 yr old cat and 12 week old kitten their food In the last two plus weeks our old kitty has not only shown more energy his fur has never looked better It’s a bit pricey but they are family and all the recalls and poor ingredients of other brands …. Fromm has my business hello Wisconsin

    • My Vet just advised me to take my dog off Blue Buffalo…
      Said he had several dogs that did not respond well to that brand

  10. Maryann D. says:

    How sad that pets had to die because of bad food or treats for them. I will always buy Made in the USA pet products and I will spread the word.

  11. Scary stuff!

  12. Great info. I only buy Zuke’s or other healthy USA made treat for my dogs.

  13. md Kennedy says:

    Even though I am a hardcore label reader, it never occurred to me to read the COO on animal food. Thank you for opening my eyes!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Just learned from my sister that her beautiful 5yr old yellow lab wasd diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure from what the vet feels is chicken jerky made in USA that was given to her one daily last 4 months. Bought at Sam’s Club. This dog is like a child to her as she cannot have children. Breaks my heart she will probably lose her dog in a year or less. Terrible. Vet told her that even though bag says made in USA that ingredients can be up to 60% from another country ie China and still be labeled made in USA. This makes me so mad as I have two dogs as well and try to do my best buying quality food!

  15. Zuke’s was purchased by Nestle. Nestle = CHINA!!

  16. So, by buying “American” you mean anywhere within the continent? Or do you mean buying things made in the United States, therefore buying “USA Made Products”?

  17. For a while, there were “home-made” dog treats on the shelves of walmart. Haven’t seen these in a while, but my dog loved them. They were made by someone in the U.S.A.

  18. Mona Hughes says:

    I have been scouring the web for weeks searching for Smokehouse chicken breast strips, made in USA. They also have a cheaper version with ingredients from china or sourced. They are much cheaper. The brand I purchase is “100% usda inspected”. Has there ever been anything list from this company? My dogs have been eating them for a while with no problems I can relate back to. I would appreciate any feedback. I am considering cutting them out altogether.

  19. We are Preen Pets; a company that makes dog treats that use 100% all natural USA sourced and made ingredients.

  20. Another great American company for dog jerky is Cooper’s Way. They have only ONE INGREDIENT for each product! Awesome!

  21. Does anyone know about the Trader Joe’s jerky treats?
    The package says Made in USA but it just seems to good to be true…I can’t seem to find out if this is 100% pure USA product.
    Thanks for your help.

  22. Etta Says!, out of St. Louis, MO, is another great firm that provides all-American treats, and my dogs love them.

  23. i get my black lab paws for pets beefhide bones. They make some shaped ones in china but they have special american ones which i get her, but they say american beefhide but assembled in mexico so would that be safe? its not like they are making the beefhide and all they are doing is twisting it, and shes fine, so would you say those are safe?

  24. Thanks for your blog post. We believe in supporting USA companies and have the largest selection of made in USA pet products.
    That section is marked on our website with a large red, white and blue paw print. Here is an even bigger list of made in USA pet products:

  25. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    how about colorado Naturals?

  26. Greenies has vitamins from China. I called them Friday and they said so
    Many dog/cat treats vitamins are from China

  27. Unfortunately, they key is not only WHERE it is made. The important thing to do is to call the manufacturer to find out where the ingredients are sourced from. Manufacturers are NOT legally required to site their sources on the labels – ONLY the location of their manufacturing plant. If you call Hills (Science Diet company that most conventional vets prescribe), ask if any of the ingredients are sourced from China. I did. It is quite disappointing. I wrote articles about this:
    Latest Post: Raw Food & Some AlternativesMy Profile

  28. On 4/16/2015 i lost my 3 year old chug to those rawhide bones from walmart. She only had a few out of bag went things went wrong. She was having seizure after seizure and then they wouldnt stop and for a 4 pound little dog thats hard. I never knew the bones were from China. So why do they keep selling them and why isnt someone being held responsible for the pets lost because of this.. R.I.P. Zoe

  29. I Buy Dogswell Chicken Strips . Made in the USA . For my Dogs ..

  30. If it says “Made in USA” does it mean that it is also free from ingredients that are sourced from China? With the dog food poisoning years ago, the dog food was actually manufactured in the USA but included wheat gluten sourced from China.

  31. Anna Campbell says:

    Can’t you recommend a SAFE DOG CHEW…that is not dyed…or bleached and been thru the acid bath..??…and not horns. My dogs ShihTzu..Schnauzer..Yorkie…love a good chewy…ive about given up. Please help…they are picky..but I’m finding out there aren’t too many to be picky over. I’m so frustrated. Ordered horns…then realized they could shatter their teeth. Any ideas…PLEASE

  32. Danielle P. says:

    I found chicken wrapped rawhide online at Lucky Premium Treats in Georgia and also Green Valley Pet in Georgia., both are sourced and made in the USA.

  33. All of Wilson’s All Natural Pet Products treats are made in the USA. And with single ingredient treats made of fish there is no guessing what you are feeding your pet

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