Surfer Essentials Featuring Mi Ola Swimwear and Summer Gear Made in USA

Surfer Essentials Featuring Mi Ola Swimwear Made in USA

Helena Fogarty knows a thing or two about surfing. As the founder of Mi Ola – “Sexy Bikinis That Stay On” she started her business for the need to have a great looking bikini that will stay on while she was surfing.

It’s finally summer!  I can’t wait to get to the beach, kick back, and surf a bit.   And what’s better than looking and feeling great at the beach, than doing it all with products that mix style and function, AND are made in the US?  Not much!  That way you can look great and do so knowing that you’re supporting our economy. We’re excited to feature swimsuits made in the USA.

Here are my surfer essentials:

Mi Ola make it so women no longer have to choose between style and function when going to the beach.  Our favorites are the great pin-up top which supports and enhances the chest, and the striped boyshort (pictured above), which keeps you covered in style. Mi Ola was displaced from its headquarters in Breezy Point, NY by Hurricane Sandy, but is forging on and making the beach better for all women. Believe me, you will look maaahr-velous in these boyshorts.

Mi Ola pin-up top MI OLA BLUE BOYSHORT

Scotty bags are a great totes for the beach or a long weekend.   This water resistant bag is stylish and functional.   Scotty bags are made by Scotty Fashion, a company based in the Rockaways in NY.

Scotty Bag

I love the made in USA blue chevron beach towel from Just Beach Towels.  At $25, it’s a great price, and a good quality beach towel.  This towel is BIG – more than a yard wide and almost 2 yards long – and it’s  super plush.

Chevron Beach Towel Made in USA

I’m also crazy about the Vere Louie sandal and am wearing them – even though I’m a lady.  I’ve already emailed Vere to see if they will come out with a women’s version of this, but until that, I’m stealing from the men.  So cute, super comfy, and made in an environmentally-friendly way, in New York.

Vere Sandal Made in USA

If you’re a surfer, it’s hard to find a board that wasn’t made in China or Indonesia, without paying for a custom job. Infinity Surfboards was started by Steve Boehne in 1970 and is still a family business, located in Dana Point, CA. I love the 6’4” Infinitiy High Noon pictured.

Infinity Surfboard Made in USA

You can’t stay on a surf board without surf wax… but who knows what happens to all the surf wax on all the boards around the world which gets into the ocean.   Stop wondering and stop contributing to the problem, by using an organic, biodegradable, non-toxic wax.   Famous surf wax makes a great one.

Famous Biodegradable Surf Wax Made in USA

As a surfer, I spend a lot of time out in the sun, and I’m a very pale-skinned woman, so protection is key.   Aloe Gator Super Waterproof sunscreen is amazing. It protects against UVA and UVB rays.  It also won’t burn your eyes, if you get it in them. Put it on 15 minutes before sun exposure and you’ll be protected all day long.  And it’s easy to remove in the shower after your day, unlike some of the spray-on waterproof sunscreens!

Aloe Gator SPF 40 Made in USA

We all need sunglasses, and who ever thought ANY of the sunglasses these days would be Made in the US?   Woodwear sunglasses are really chic.  These ones are handcrafted out of bamboo, have polarized lenses with UVA/UVB protection and THEY FLOAT!

Woodwear Sunglasses made in USA

I love to have a cold beer after a day at the beach.  I particularly love Brooklyn Summer Ale, by Brooklyn Brewery. Brooklyn Brewery makes beer. Good beer. And Brooklyn Brewery does a ton to support the communities it serves.  In particular, they have been very present in really hard hit areas post Hurricane Sandy. Support a great organization by drinking good beer.

Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale

 Happy Summer! All made in the USA.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE the Woodwear sunglasses — so retro and cool!
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  2. ..and a little bamboo home decor for the surfer community with Grassracks. (PS. Those boyshorts are ridiculously sexy..)

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