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Is Nutella Bad For You? 6 Healthy Vegan Nutella Alternatives We Love

While many of us may enjoy Nutella, if you look closely, its ingredients are not the healthiest. Nutella's ingredients include sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, soy lecithin, and vanillin. If you're looking for vegan, dairy-free, or even nut-free options to get your Nutella fix, here are our American made vegan Nutella alternatives you can trust, listed alphabetically, made with only the best ingredients. 4th and Heart Original Chocti is perfect for those who love flavor, and are looking for a lactose-, gluten-free, nut-free alternative to Nutella. We love 4th and Heart Ghee, and the Chocti line is...

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American made gifts for enthusiasts of craft cocktails

For everyone who firmly believes in the saying, “It's 5 o'clock somewhere,” this list is for you! We think you'll love USA Love List's American made gifts for enthusiasts of craft cocktails. American Made Gifts for Enthusiasts of Craft Cocktails Garnish is key to making any cocktail at home look like one made with skill and expertise. Be sure to have a razor-sharp knife, like, Alfi High Performance Kitchen Knives to slice citrus peel and add the perfect finishing touch to every at-home cocktail you make. Alfi knives are made in the company’s family owned, lean facility in California. High performance, made ...

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Four MCT Oil Brands We Love, All Made in the USA

Have you heard of MCT oil before? Perhaps you've seen it when you've come across Bulletproof Coffee recipes? MCT Stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides and is known for supporting a healthy brain function while also assisting in keeping you feeling full and satiated. For high intensity athletes and those who follow a higher fat, lower carbohydrate diet, MCTs can serve as a vital source of energy. I've been adding MCT Oil in my morning coffee for over 60 days now. I notice that I can go the entire morning without cravings or energy crashes. I also notice that it has improved...

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Popcorn Time! Make Movie Night American Made

My kiddos and I love to end our crazy busy week with a Friday night movie viewed from the comfort of our own family room couch.  Of course, what is a movie night without popcorn? Make sure that the popcorn you serve your family or movie night guests is only the best with these American made product suggestions. Popcorn Time! Made in USA Movie Night Must Haves Popcorn Popper Did you know that stovetop popped corn is healthier than chemical laden microwave popped corn? Not to mention, nothing beats the flavor of fresh stovetop popped corn. Unfortunately, I never...

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Eight Winter Cocktails To Get You Through The Cold

I love trying new recipes, and cocktails are no exception. I've put together a list of eight winter cocktails that sound like they'd be a hit, and won't be too difficult or time consuming to make. Now it's time to figure out which of these I will make! Winter Cocktails to Get You Through the Cold Spiced Chai Latte with Infused Vodka 1 cup nut milk 5 ice cubes 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar 1 oz  Chai Tea Infused vodka Blend and enjoy! Winter Cocktail #Recipe: Spiced Chai Latte with Infused Vodka #MadeinUSA #USAlove Click To Tweet Christmas Lights...

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