Made in USA Socks: The Ultimate Source List

The ultimate source list for socks made in the USA. So many good choices!
Socks are an easy and inexpensive way to support American made business. We have lots of options. We’re sure there’s something for everyone in your family.
USA Love List readers looking for made in USA socks, you’ve come to the right place. Check out exclusive discounts, and even FREE sock offers. We found made in USA socks starting under $10, so buying American made socks is just another easy way to support our economy!

Fashion Socks for Him and Her

This Night is a new business dedicated to making beautifully designed and milled socks in Reading, Pennsylvania. Kate T. Williamson, the owner and designer, has been working with a mill in Reading for the past several years to develop men’s and women’s versions of what she considers to be the perfect sock – one made with high-quality, US-grown ringspun cotton combined with just a touch of stretch, a slightly wider band that is not too tight yet still stays up, and elegant, graphic designs in a colorful yet refined palette. Discover them for yourself.

American Made Mens Fashion Socks from This Night American Made Womens Fashion Socks from This Night

Preppy Socks For Men and Women

These super soft cotton socks from Zkano are made in Fort Payne, Alabama, the former sock capital of the world. The cotton used to make them is organic and the process to make them happens start to finish right here. Zkano uses organic cotton that is grown in the Southern U.S. and they are the owners of the manufacturing facilities that are used to make its socks. Learn more about this family business and the resurge of sock making in what used to be the former sock making capital of the world.

American Made Organic Socks for Him and Her From Zkano

Women’s Fashion Forward Compression Socks from Lily Trotters

If you’re not familiar with compression socks, I suggest you read ahead. They are an absolute life changer. I wear them almost everyday. I particularly love Lily Trotters fashion forward compression socks, because they are made with cushioned heels, reinforced toes, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial nylon. The 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression offers mild compression that is typically recommended during pregnancy or long flights, and to runners, cross-fitters, or anyone one sits, or stands, for long periods of time.  I love the weight of these socks too – they aren’t too heavy for summer, and offer some warmth during colder months.

Save 25% off with code USALOVE

American Made Fashion Compression Socks From Lily Trotter | 25 percent off coupon code SAVE25NOW

Men’s Fashion Socks from Boldfoot

Boldfoot Socks was founded on the premise that American made means quality. Their dress socks are made from US grown Supima cotton (the top 3% of cotton sourced), and their Athletics use the same materials that Nike and Under Armour use.

Boldfoot also offers three months of Sock Insurance, just in case they should rip, tear or develop holes, no questions asked. Ever more importantly, Boldfoot donates 5% of profits to a non-profit that assists U.S. Military Veterans in need of jobs, housing, improved health, and more. Support the cause.

Code USALOVE for 15% off orders $30 or more.

American Made Mens Fashion Socks - 15% off code USALOVE

Organic Socks from Only Footprints

Purity is a core value to Only Footprints, a small business in Kentucky that knits ankle, crew and over-calf socks from organic cotton grown in Texas.  No dyes, bleach or chemicals of any kind are used to make these ankle socks.  It’s cotton’s natural beige color.  They’re comparable to dress socks in thickness and softness.  For best fit, socks are made for each shoe size.  In addition to the socks being an environmentally friendly product, they’re also shipped in biodegradable mailers.
Organic Cotton Ankle Socks Made in USA From Only Footprints via

Get+Give+Employ: Mitscoots Socks Are On a Mission

Mitscoots socks are on a mission. Every pair purchased is helping the homeless get socks and work. All of their socks  are manufactured in North Carolina and packaged in Austin, Texas. The packaging jobs are given to those in need of employment, paying well above minimum wage. With every pair of socks that is purchased, Miscoots gives an identical  pair to the homeless. GET a pair of socks + GIVE to the homeless + know that someone in need is being EMPLOYed.

American Made Socks That Give Back to The Homeless from Mitscoots Socks American Made Socks That Give Back to The Homeless from Mitscoots Socks American Made Socks That Give Back to The Homeless from Mitscoots Socks

Thorlo Running Socks

Thorlo socks are made with clinically-tested padding that’s proven to reduce foot pain and the frequency and size of blisters.  You can find the right pair of socks based on your activity. Thorlo makes all of their socks in Statesville, North Carolina.

Free American Made Socks From Thorlo

RocknSocks Eco-Friendly Fashion Socks For Men and Women

RocknSocks are made in USA socks knit from recycled yarns. They offer a variety of styles and colors, including arm and leg warmers too. RocknSocks are designed in California and made in North Carolina. With prices starting at under $10, you can feel great about your purchase and know you’re supporting American made jobs. Use promo code USALOVE for 10% off your purchase!


indra_striped_rocknsocks_anklesocks RocknSocks #madeinUSA 10% off with promo code USALOVE

Point6 Wool Socks For All Occasions and For The Entire Family

I love these socks for walking, standing on my feet, or exercising. Since these socks are made out of wool they are super soft and great for any conditions because they regulate heat and moisture.  I especially love Point6 compression socks – they are a must for those who stand on their feet a lot or do any air travel because they promote circulation in the legs. Check out all their American made socks for kids, men, and women. Point6 manufactures all of its socks in Tennessee and Alabama and are based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. American Made compression socks from Point6 made in Tennessee and Alabama

Swiftwick Socks For The Outdoor Enthusiast

I love compression socks because they improve circulation, and it really, really makes a difference when you’re standing or walking for long periods of time. I never knew there were short compression socks; I always thought they were long socks that would hit around the knee. I was delighted to find short American made compression socks from Swiftwick to wear with sneakers or hiking boots. They come in six lengths, from zero to five – one shown here. Swiftwick natural fiber socks are designed and manufactured in the USA from US-sourced merino wool. You can search for socks by cool, fabric, activity, or style/height here.

Swiftwick Short Compression Socks American Made via

100% American Made Socks

Farm To Feet socks have a personality of their own.  The fabric is ridiculously soft and comfortable.  They are 100% American made, including their supply chain, and materials used. You can read more about their company story here. The entire process takes place in South Carolina and North Carolina.  Select from hiking, sporting and everyday socks with specific cushioning for each type.  The reinforced structure provides the perfect fit for your feet.

Farm to Feet American Made Socks


Balega Limited Edition Ultralight American socks are made entirely in Hickory, North Carolina from U.S.-sourced yarns. They are perfect for the sports enthusiast. Enhanced elastic grip construction in both arch and ankle to provide ultimate support and sculptured mesh panels to aid ventilation. This is the only line of socks from the brand that is made in the USA.

American Made Socks From Balega

Boot Socks

No nonsense has an extensive offering of American made socks, tights and hosiery. The company has manufacturing plants in both North Carolina and Tennessee. With styles starting at under $6, buying made in USA socks has never been easier.

American Made Boot Socks From No Nonsense via


Colorful Socks For Men

If you’re looking for super cool colored socks, I love American Trench fine wool and cotton men’s socks. The wool socks are knitted in Reading, Pennsylvania and the cotton socks are dyed and knitted in North Carolina. Use code USALOVE for 15% off thru December 31.

American Made Socks via USALoveList.comAmerican Made Socks on

Remember tube socks? I was born after the 70’s, but they are back in style. Luckily you can find American made tube socks from Skater Socks. The brand offers lots of colors and various lengths.

American Made Skater Socks

Ski and Knee-High Everyday Casual

In case you haven’t heard of them, Fox River Mills is one of the leading outdoor, athletic, and lifestyle sock manufacturers in the world. If you’re familiar with the original Rockford Red Heel sock, it has been made by Fox River Mill for the past 22 years. The company makes its socks in Osage, Iowa. I love Fox River Mills long wool socks. Their ski socks are really great for wearing during the winter months under jeans or leggings for added warmth, even if you aren’t skiing!

Ski Socks Made in USAS4580HQ06227


Darn Tough knows socks. The family mill business started three generations ago in Northfield, Vermont and 10 years ago, the Darn Tough brand emerged as a way to keep the mill running. You can find men, women and kid’s sock in either wool or a Coolmax blend fabric. Give them a try. The brand offers a we offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

American Made Running Socks via USALoveList.comUSA Made SocksSocks Made in America


It was love at first touch with Golden Touch Naturals alpaca socks. The Low Profile Anke Socks and Survival Sock, are made from alpaca raised in Massachusetts. For those of you who may be allergic to wool, alpaca is a great alternative.

  • The arch band wraps around the entire sock for a proper fit
  • The heel and toe have been reinforced with nylon for increased durability and to keep the sock in place and prevent rubbing
  • Hypo-allergenic, un-dyed, and naturally odor resistant

Gifts For Outdoor Adventurer Made in USA SocksGifts for Outdoor Adventurer Made in USA

American Made Socks via

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  1. Jennifer says:

    thanks for this list, its very helpful!

  2. I’m surprised to see B.ella and Wigwam missing from this list. You can see them on me here:

    Also, REI and Smartwool.

  3. I love any fabric made of bamboo — it’s so soft!!

  4. We proudly sell socks from Wigwam as well as great bamboo socks from EcoSox. Both are made in the USA.

  5. md kennedy says:

    Thank you so much for your Made in USA listings – I am trying very hard not to buy anything not made in the USA as I replace them and your lists come in very handy.

  6. natalie nichols says:

    Wow this is great! I’m so glad I found your blog!

  7. So many choices. I especially love preppy looks!
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  8. anna pry says:

    i’ve heard some good things about Flint and Tinder, glad to hear they also give back

  9. We have some great looking socks too. Check out our video:

    Vimeo 74385695


  10. Carol Hines says:

    Maggie’s Organics is making socks in the USA as well. I have a shop dedicated to products made in the USA and everyone loves their socks. They are also made out of organic fibers and are fair trade sourced!

  11. I love that Mitscoots socks donate socks to the homeless
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  12. I love my Zkano socks! They fit perfectly, wash up well, and are made in the USA.

  13. Love my Maggie’s socks! Maggie’s socks have been made in the USA for 23 years with organic cotton and organic merino wool that’s real Fair Trade. The organic merino wool is so plush and No Itch! Everyone I’ve gifted has loved them too.

  14. We love our USA Made Socks! Please check out our Video

  15. Tamra Phelps says:

    How cute! I love the Mitscoots & the idea of helping the homeless at the same time. The Hottie Hosiery is cute, too!

  16. Thanks so much for the list! I requested a free pair of Thorlo socks for my husband. I ordered 6 pairs of socks for my son and one for me from Mitscoots. I signed up for their newsletter to get a discount, but before I got around to ordering, they sent out an even better discount code – 30% off. USA Love List is definitely where I start my shopping now.

  17. I love my Zkano socks!

  18. I love my Darn Tough socks made in Vermont. And Soul Mates unmatched socks are fun and also made in Vermont.

  19. ellen beck says:

    Ahhh you are forgetting Fox River Mills! They make the original monkey socks to make sock monkeys and they are great work socks!!!

  20. Wow, so many great USA made sock options! I can’t wear normal socks, but my husband wears socks out in about a week, so I am excited to learn about the “Darn Tough” company. I am headed there now, for some stocking stuffers.

  21. I get a big, warm hunting socks for cold East Coast winters from this small company who offers a USA made (Penna) “Superwarm” – they call it, Alpaca Sock. These are much better than the other stuff I’ve tried over the years and I’m happy to support small American businesses.

  22. Thomas Kind says:

    FITS Socks are the best socks I’ve ever tried, and I have tried almost every sock on your list. Made in Tennessee!

  23. You have solved my big problem by telling me about best brands of USA socks. I always wear socks matching with my shoes or paints. Now I can buy different brands because before reading your post I didn’t know about these brands. Thanks for raising my knowledge.

  24. I love this list! We also use made in the USA manufacturers, and appreciate you supporting their efforts!!

  25. Martha Miller says:

    I need children’s socks. I have several pairs of Mitscoots for myself and love them. But their kid socks are too big for my children, and their toddler socks are too small. I hope they fill the sizing gap soon!

  26. Jennifer Moyer says:

    Maggie’s Organics is another great brand that is made in the USA. I have several pairs of their socks and love them! My husband and baby love their Maggie’s Organics socks as well.

  27. Jan Pavel Kovar says:

    how about RedWing socks?

  28. I live in Idaho and buy Amelia’s Organic socks, made in the U.S.A. and distributed by Huffman Hosiery Mills, Inc in North Carolina. I have purchased and am very satisfied with their women’s crew style and knee high socks from Amelia’s.

    Check them out at:

  29. You have a lovely selection of socks, but I cannot find short below ankle
    socks in plain shades of beige, tan, off white, brown . . .many of us wear
    earth colors and would like socks to match. Do you plan to manufacture
    some in these colors in the future. Thank you.

  30. I am delighted to see Kate Williamson’s socks on the USA Love List! I love her socks, as does everyone to whom I’ve given them. My son even said,
    “These are the best socks I’ve ever worn!”

  31. Suzanne Singer says:

    I’m looking for wool socks, I believe, made in America, with a decal high up on the socks, sown in, looking like a man standing with a sombrero on his head and 3 rays of sun shining over the sombrero (in a complimentary color)…no name of any manufacturer in or on the socks. the decal, mentioned above, is only a little over 1 inch high…I picked these up from a reputable shoe store in Denver about 12-15 years ago. Any suggestion as to the manufacturer?

  32. What about the Catawba merino wool socks made in North Carolina? I’m not sure whom sources them, but just heard of them & figured I’d ask. They’ve been around a very long time according to QVC with over 3 million sold….thoughts please? Thank you for this very informative article. Never tried compression socks as I tend to get a lot of Charlie horses in my calves & sit a lot more than I should. I’ll have to reasearch them & see what’ll suit me best, thank you!

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