I am sure we all have memories of eating dinner in the living room on a flimsy metal TV tray table as a kid. I know I do. At my Nana's house, at my parents' house, and now today with my own kids, classic TV tray tables have always been used.

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Classic Furniture Pieces for Modern Day Living: Manchester Wood Tray Tables

American furniture maker Manchester Wood has given the classic TV tray table a new modern look.  The tray table isn't just for living room dining anymore! There are many modern uses for the tray table today that make it a functional furniture piece every home should have. These items all make unique and useful gifts for anyone on your holiday list!

Manchester Wood Tray Tables are manufactured in New York from sustainable hardwood and are built to last for generations. Gone are the wobbly metal trays of days past!

Here are a few examples of the Manchester Wood Table Tray functional furniture pieces that we love:

The Contemporary Folding TV Tray Table is available in a set of four or two, and is made in cherry wood or ash. The modern design makes it fold quick and easy for storage. The finish is stain resistant and cleans nicely.  These tray tables are perfect for TV dining or playing a card game.

Manchester Wood modern TV Tray Tables | Made in USA

The Portable Folding Work and Laptop Desk was reviewed by Sarah, back in the early days of USA Love List. This Manchester Wood tray table has a spacious top that gives plenty of room for a laptop and what ever else you need to work on in the comfort of your own home. Sarah and her family like this table tray for it's sturdiness and ease of transport & storage.

Work any where with Manchester Wood TV Tray Tables | Made in USA

I can think of several occasions when the Manchester Wood Tray Table Party Cart would have come in handy while entertaining friends! This “Party Cart” not only has tray tables that guests can use to hold drinks and appetizers, but it also includes a drop leaf buffet table that can be used for mixing cocktails or as snack bar.  The Tray Table Party Cart is a must have for anyone that likes to host parties in their home, whether it be a casual Super Bowl gathering, or a dinner soiree.

Tray Table Party Cart| A must have for anyone who loves to entertain | Made in USA by Manchester Wood

The Bed Tray Work Desk has just been added to my want list! The Bed Tray Work Desk is made from the same design as the other Manchester Wood tray tables.  The top is spacious enough to fit a laptop for early morning, late night or sick day work. The legs fold in flat, so the tray can fit under the bed conveniently for storage.

Work from bed easily with the Bed Tray Work Desk from Manchester Wood | Made in USA

These are just a few examples of the American made table trays available at Manchester Wood, all of which are sure to add convenience to any household where life is always on the go!

Classic Furniture for Modern Day Living | Manchester Wood Tray Tables | Made in USA

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love. Photos provided by Manchester Wood.