Why settle for low quality foreign made outdoor furniture when you can have a whole collection of Adirondack pieces that are actually made in the Adirondacks. Can you get more authentic American than that?!

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Manchester Wood has been manufacturing handcrafted furniture in the forests of the New York Adirondacks and the Green Mountains of Vermont since the 1970s.  A family run business, Manchester Wood prides itself in crafting American made, Eco-friendly furniture that will last for generations.

Introducing the Adirondack Collection by Manchester Wood

The Adirondack Collection is crafted to withstand the outdoor elements. Every piece in the Adirondack Collection is made from durable, high grade red maple hard wood. The finish, which is available in 8 colors, is applied over several layers of a water based primer.  This Adirondack Collection is created to last.

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The Adirondack Chair Deluxe Set, pictured above, is a perfect example of the classic design of the Adirondack Collection.  I would LOVE to be in this picture right now,  but I can be just as content with the Adirondack Chair Deluxe Set on my patio relaxing with a good book and a cocktail and the kids at their Grandma's house….sorry… just daydreaming… back to the collection!

The Adirondack Collection was designed with easy storage and transportation in mind. For these reasons, the Adirondack Chair Deluxe Set consists of 3 functional pieces:


The Adirondack Folding Chair


The Adirondack Footrest


The Adirondack Folding Table


Not only is the Adirondack Tete-A-Tete another great example of the Adirondack Collection's classic, yet timeless design, but it is also an excellent deal.  The Adirondack Tete-A-Tete consists of two Adirondack Folding Chairs, with a connected side table between them, making one large unit. There is even a hole in the table to fit an umbrella if needed. I would consider this the ideal piece to start your collection with.

Visit the Manchester Wood website to check out more of the American made outdoor furniture in the Adirondack Collection. You will find the perfect piece of the Adirondacks for your outdoor space.

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