Reduce REUSE Recycle: Five American Companies That Turn Trash Into Treasure


The five American companies listed below take the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to a whole new level. They specialize in the REUSE part of the three R’s: Reduce Reuse Recycle.  I’ve picked five companies to represent the current trend of up-cycling, and they are doing it all American-made.

Twelve Sources For Made in USA Eco Friendly Jewelry

Eco-Friendly American Made Jewelry on

Stay in style with eco friendly jewelry. Here are my favorite sources for the best Made in USA eco friendly jewelry. This is a source list you’ll want to keep on hand for gifts or splurges you can feel good about.

Easter Bunny’s Shopping List: Ten American Made Easter Basket Essentials

Easter Basket

This year the Easter Bunny will be filling the Easter baskets in my house with only American made treats.  And not because I have declared so. My kiddos have. “Mommy, I hope the Easter Bunny knows to get us ‘Made in the USA’ things for our Easter basket,” said my 4 year old daughter when […]

Four Affordable Made in USA Eco-Friendly Home Goods All Under $35

Eco-Friendly Home Products on

April’s almost here and that means Earth Month is quickly approaching. I love eco-friendly products, especially the ones I use everyday. In terms of eco-friendly, I think having them made in the USA makes them that much more appealing since there’s much less transportation associated with products made here.  Here are four affordable made in […]

What is a CSA? Sponsor a local farm and encourage American Grown through Community Supported Agriculture

CSA post image

Support a local farm. Strengthen American farmers. Reduce your carbon footprint. Keep the people in your community at work. Now is the time of year to find and sign up for a CSA! 

Four Printed in the USA Books To Read for Spring Gardening Inspiration

gardening inspiration

It’s been a long cold winter across the US.  When I look out the kitchen window, I still see my yard completely covered in at least 4 inches of icy snow.  It’s hard to believe that the first day of spring is just weeks away. I am not letting the fact that my gardening spaces […]

5 Tips to Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning With American Made Products

Eco-Friendly cleaning tips

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition at the Hanson house. It begins the first day the weather is warm enough (here in New England, that’s 50 degrees!) to open every window in the house. The germs, dust, and grime of winter are let out as the freshness of spring blows in.  Ha! If only spring […]

Rainy Day Fashion Under $100, all American Made

American Made Fashion Under $100.jpg

Don’t let the rain cramp your style. From brights to florals, I’ve found American made rainy day fashion under $100 that will surely brighten up any drizzly day.

Made in the USA for Over 100 Years: The Original Green Cleaners

original green cleaners

When walking down the cleaning product aisle (or more likely AISLES) of your local department or grocery store, take a look at the products. From bathroom cleaners, to kitchen disinfectants, to laundry detergents, it seems like every manufacturer of household products has come out with an eco-friendly line of green cleaners. It is so tempting […]

Four Practical Picks for American Made Baby Gifts Under $30

Baby Gifts {under $30}

Finding the perfect baby gift can be overwhelming, as there are so many products today to choose from. Even more  overwhelming (and time consuming!), is finding that perfect item when one’s priority is to purchase an AMERICAN MADE baby gift.  Whether you are on the hunt for a baby shower, baby welcoming, or birthday gift, […]

Cold and Flu Remedies for Kids – Five Natural, American Made Goods

Natural Remedies

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, February is one of the peak cold and flu months. Has your family been attacked by the dreaded flu virus yet? Mine has just been hit, and of course, the kiddos are the first ones with symptoms. Nothing makes me feel more helpless than when my […]

Three New Finds for Natural Dental Care, Made in the USA

Natural Dental Care

Today, USA Love List will share with you three American made natural dental care products that are not only helpful in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but that are also natural and Eco-friendly.

February is Children’s Dental Health Month: Four Fun Finds for Tooth Brushing with Kids

Tom's Dental Health

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month The American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month every February to raise the importance of oral care. As a parent, I feel one of the most crucial lessons I can teach my kids is the importance of taking care of their teeth. Making oral care […]

Six Spa Essentials for D.I.Y. Pampering, all Made in the USA

DIY Spa Essentials on

There is nothing like a trip to the spa.  Close your eyes; breathe deeply, and all your senses are met with delight.  With the right products you can create a spa experience at home. The pure ingredients in these American made spa essentials for D.I.Y pampering will speak to all of your senses.

DIY Detox in a Box: A Homegrown Collective Greenbox Review

Homegrown Collective Greenbox

Sure, I have heard about subscription box clubs.  You know, the clubs you subscribe to for 6 months or a year and each month you get a box in the mail that fits the theme of the club that you have joined. I have seen box clubs for new mothers (my kids are no longer […]

Green Valentine’s Day: Six Eco Friendly Gift Ideas (for Her AND for Him!)

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Looking for THE perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone?   Giving a gift that is American Made AND Eco friendly shows that you really put thought into the gift buying process this Valentines Day. Whether you are on the hunt for a gift for her, or a gift for him, USA Love List has […]

American Made Fashion: Tips For Building Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring Fashion American Made

I’m dreaming of Spring. I can’t wait to stop wearing a winter coat and to ditch  my dark colored winter wardrobe. It doesn’t hurt to start shopping for some fabulous made in USA clothes and pretty American-made jewelry to get you in the mood for warmer weather. I thought I’d share my finds with you […]

Aroma of Love: Artisan Chocolate Candles – Enter to Win from Vance Family Soy Candles

Vance Family non-GMO Soy Candles made in USA

There are so many temptations to veer us off track from our New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. Valentine’s Day is no exception. From chocolate to candy, there are sweets to tempt us at every turn. What if you could enjoy a sweet treat without the calories? Our favorite soy candles from Vance made in USA soy […]

The Health Benefits of Tea and Our Favorite American Sources

Health Benefits of Tea

Have you been working hard to keep those New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier and take care of your body? Did you know that something as simple as drinking the right type of hot tea can help? Studies have shown that certain types of teas can improve health, prevent diseases, and even aid […]

American Made Developmental Toys From Seven Acre Toys, Batteries Not Required!

Seven Acre Toys

You can’t walk down the VTech, LeapFrog, and even Fisher Price aisles at the toy store without noticing from the packages and displays that every kid needs to have these products to develop their brains and motor skills!  

American Made Fashion: Best Gifts For Teen Girls {2013 Holiday Gift Guides}

Best Gifts for Teens

Check out our guide that has best gifts for teen girls! I remember dressing in high school and wanting to have everything match, so I’ve found color schemes that go well together. Regardless of how much you are looking to buy or spend, you’re sure to find stylish unique gifts that will have you dubbed […]

American Made Gifts for Beer Lovers {2013 Holiday Gift Guides}

Beer Lovers Gift Guide - All Things Made in USA

For the sophisticated beer drinker, one must  tantalize the senses with the best accoutrements and allure the palette with carefully crafted gastronomic delights. Our beer lovers holiday gift guide is a great place to find the perfect made in USA gift for the beer snob in your life. This bottle opener is perfection. The design is […]

Pumpkin Painting With Kids: Using Non-Toxic, Made In USA Craft Paint

Pumpkin Painting With Kids

We LOVE decorating pumpkins for Halloween at the Hanson household!  This year, the kiddos were excited to find some  little pumpkins at a local farm stand that were just asking to be painted. And I was excited to find paint at the local craft store that is not only made in the USA, but is […]

Winter Essentials $35 And Under From Golden Touch Naturals

Winter Essentials $35 and Under From Golden Touch Naturals

How do you like my new gloves? As you can see my the photo, I love them! I’m officially declaring them among my favorite winter essentials.