Keep our Food Made in the USA: 4 Ways to Support Local Agriculture this Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year to get in touch with your local farming scene - Four ways to Support US Agricuture and have fun with your family.

This article was originally posted last year. We love it so much that we reviewed it, updated it, and shared it again… Summer is gone and Fall has arrived in my neck of the woods, bringing with it brilliant colors and (already!) cooler weather. Local farmers are busy harvesting their bounty, and clearing their fields or preparing […]

Ten Products We Love, Made in Idaho


When people from Idaho introduce themselves to a national audience they get a lot of  “Oh yeah, I know where Iowa is! No? Ohio? No? Wait, did you say Idaho? Potatoes!” Well, we might not be the most well-known (for anything besides a starchy vegetable) of the 50, but this landlocked state is making a […]

Polly Products: Made in USA Green Products for a Green World

Polly Products #madeinUSA "Green Products for a Greener World"

“Green Products for a Green World” is the motto that Polly Products prides itself in following. They are a manufacturer of eco-friendly items for community and commercial use.   Polly Products only manufactures “Green” items, as all of its products are manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled plastics. 

9 American Made Organic Products for a Healthier Lifestyle


Let’s talk about American made organic products. Keeping our body and family healthy is a primary concern.  Creating a home filled with products that are useful and healthy feels good.  Selecting organic goods limit the amount of toxins you bring into your home. Choosing those products of the high quality American made variety reduces your […]

American Made Wedding Gifts: Eight Things They Didn’t Put On Their Registry

American Made Wedding Gifts From Salt Marsh Pottery via

I really love buying American made when I’m purchasing gifts for others. When it comes to wedding gifts, I like purchasing something that will remind the happy couple of their special day. Here are USA Love List’s recommendations for American made wedding gifts they forgot to put on their wedding registry.

American Beauty: Review of Natural Skin Care Products from California Naturel

Natural Skin Care Products from California Naturel

California Naturel created a beauty experience that caters to all the senses with their skin care line.  Their natural skin care products are American made, naturally scented, free of parabens and harsh synthetic ingredients.   All the products have a distinct aroma and beautiful texture.  The effective formulas are all packaged in high quality bottles that embody […]

5 Ways to Save Water At Home With American Made Products

5 Ways to Save Water at Home Using American made products

The heat and dryness of summer takes its toll on our water supplies.  By late summer/early fall, many areas in the United States are experiencing draught conditions. Whether you are living in an area that is experiencing draught, or if you are just looking for ways to save $ on your water bill, USA Love […]

Four Steps to an Eco Friendly School Lunch Using School Lunch Gear Made in the USA

EcoFriendly School Lunch

A typical bagged school lunch contains a sandwich (in a plastic baggie or  wrapped in plastic wrap),  and usually 2 or more store bought, individual serving, pre-packaged items like a yogurt, a bag of apple slices and a package of crackers or cookies . Also included is a juice box (with a plastic wrapped straw) […]

Made in USA Socks – Our Top Ten Source List

Made in USA Sock Brands via

USA Love List readers looking for made in USA socks, you’ve come to the right place. Check out exclusive discounts, and even FREE sock offers. We found made in USA socks starting at under $10, so buying American made socks is just another easy way to support our economy!

How to Fix Dry Skin with 6 Made in USA Solutions You Can Trust


Dry skin can be uncomfortable causing it to be flaky, tight, and crepe like. I am going to tell you how to fix dry skin for good in six simple steps, using basic products I trust.

Earth+America: Made in the USA Eco Friendly School Supplies

school supplies

With cities and towns in the US struggling economically, it is no surprise that many public schools are counting on families to foot the bill for needed supplies and are sending students “suggested” shopping lists.  Whether you are searching for American made items off of that school provided supply list, or you are looking for […]

8 American Made Vegan Beauty Brands We Love


Natural and vegan beauty products are a requirement for many.  People not living a vegan lifestyle may still find these vegan beauty products to be among the most effective and great for their beauty routine.  Natural and vegan beauty products are packed with active ingredients that make a real impact, omitting filler and frivolous ingredients.  […]

Create Family Memories Using Made in the USA Outdoor Gear

Outdoor Gear #madeinUSA.jpg

Kids in America today are becoming more and more disconnected with nature. Neighborhoods are quiet as children are choosing to play video games alone inside over playing and exploring outside with friends. Summer vacation is the perfect time to disconnect from modern technology and take the family on some outdoor adventures. The activities listed below […]

6 Natural Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin


Over processed skin can be a factor to an unbalanced and blemish prone complexion.  Getting back to the basics can be the answer.  I have 6 tips using natural skin care to balance oily skin and restore a clear, radiant glow to your face.

Unique American-made Wedding Gift Ideas for the Eco-Conscious Couple


On the hunt for THE perfect Eco-friendly bridal shower or wedding gift? Looking for a gift with meaning that will be used AND remembered? I’ve got you covered.

Mister Landscaper Micro Sprinkler & Micro Spray Irrigation Kits {Giveaway}

Mister Landscaper Micro sprinkler and Micro Spray Irrigation Kits {Giveaway}

Made in the USA Mister Landscaper Micro Sprinkler Landscape and Shrub Kit & Micro Spray Pot Stake Kit irrigation systems make landscape and potted plant maintenance a walk in the park!

Introducing Eco Friendly Irrigation Systems from Mister Landscaper

Mister Landscaper #madeinUSA Eco friendly irrigation systems

Mister Landscaper, Inc. was founded on the belief that homeowners should have access to high quality landscaping and garden irrigation systems, just like professional growers use to water their crops. Mister Landscaper  has been manufacturing products in Florida that have been doing just that, as well as helping home owners conserve water, since 1991.

6 Summertime American Made Natural Beauty Products


Great American made natural beauty products are among my favorite.  Each season we need to swap a few of our beauty products to keep our skin in optimal condition.   Summertime brings extra sunshine, heat and for some oil production.   Here are some of the best natural American made products to use this summer.

Our Fourth of July Guide to Made in the USA Patriotic Gear and Cookout Supplies

Fourth of July Ultimate Source List

This year celebrate the Fourth of July with true patriotism. Support America’s independence from foreign manufacturers and buy ‘Made in the USA’ whenever possible! At USA Love List, we have worked hard searching for the best American made Fourth of July celebration necessities so you don’t have to! Made in the USA BBQ, picnic and […]

Bee a Part of the Solution! Help Save Pollinators!

Why saving our nation's pollinators helps save American Made

USA Love List is teaming up with Justin’s , Whole Foods Market, and the Xerces Society to spread the word on the importance of saving our nation’s pollinators. Here, we have all of your questions answered and tips on how you can make a difference.

Agritourism: Make memories while supporting our nation’s farms!

Agritourism: Make memories while supporting our nation's farms!

What’s HOT in vacationing this summer is agritourism.  Agritourism is defined as the act of visiting agricultural based businesses for enjoyment and education.  Being an agritourist is a great way to support U.S farms, ranches and vineyards as many of the owners use agritourism to supplement their income and stay in business. It’s an easy […]

How To Stay Cool This Summer: A Guide to Made in the USA Fans


A heat wave has hit New England and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! Here in Connecticut, we are officially melting. Unlike homes in other parts of the country, where high temperatures for days (weeks over here!) are common, most houses in New England do not have central air. And, believe it or not, […]

The Scent of Home: The Good Home Co. Natural, Eco Friendly Products {Giveaway}

The Good Home Giveaway

Luxury fragrances,  Eco friendly products.  The Good Home Co. offers the finest, highest quality, natural fragrances in everything they make.  The Good Home Co. provides, through a vast array of laundry, household, bath and body, and pet products, the opportunity to experience fabulously scented clean WITHOUT exposing your loved ones to dangerous chemicals.

American Made Fashion Giveaway From Jaleh Clothing: Enter to Win a $150 Shopping Spree

American Made Fashion Giveaway From Jaleh

I love practical fashion that doesn’t break the bank. It’s even better when you find American made fashion that’s affordable! I love Jaleh’s stylish collection. Lucky for our readers, we’ve teamed up with Jaleh for a chance to win a $150 credit to its online store. While the winner will get to select what they […]

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