Men’s Dress Shoes, Made in USA: The Ultimate Source Guide

Men's dress shoes  Made in the USA

We’ve had many inquiries about American made dress shoes. I admit, they are difficult to find, but I’ve done the searching for you. Now you can easily shop for men’s dress shoes, made in USA.Hopefully you didn’t miss our American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List and American Made Shoes: Sandals and Flip Flops. Looking for boots? Check out the Men’s Boots Ultimate Source List: Made in USA Workboots, Hiking Boots and More, and 11 Brands Offering Made in USA Boots for the Cold, Snow, and Rain. 

Don’t miss our source lists for American made neckties and bow ties, made in the USA belts, and Made in the USA Men’s fashion dress shirts and polo shirts. 

Men’s Dress Shoes, Made in USA

An American Original: Allen Edmonds

There are numerous men’s dress shoe brands to choose from, but one that I’ve known and love is Allen Edmonds. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, Allen Edmonds’ shoes have been worn by Presidents from Reagan to Obama.

I’ve been familiar with Allen Edmonds since I was young. My uncle has always worn them; in fact he has pairs that he’s owned for the past 20 years. One of the key features of the Allen Edmonds shoes is its recrafting process. You can send your worn shoes back to be refinished, so you don’t have to purchase a completely new pair of shoes. I refinish many of my own shoes because well made shoes are hard to come by and I’d rather recraft a shoe than buy a new one that isn’t as well made.

If you’re on the market for men’s shoes, check outAllen Edmonds. You can purchase their shoes from Nordstrom too. These are a few of my favorites!

Men's dress shoes | Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes | Made in USA men's fashionSource List: Men’s Dress Shoes, Made in USA

Our favorite retailers that offer Made in USA shoes

Have we missed anything on this list of American made men’s dress shoes?  Which is your favorite?  Share other American made shoe brands with us in the comments section!

Men's Dress Shoes Made in USA | Made in USA Men's fashion

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  1. My husband would love some of these — really gorgeous!
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  2. My hubs is a HUGE Allen Edmonds fan, as am I, but be careful as more and more of their shoes are now being imported. The classic styles remain built in the USA, but their more casual shoes are now imported.
    Latest Post: American Classics: The Chambray ShirtMy Profile

  3. Superb verities of trendy fashionable Men Dress Shoes. Love all of it and wish to purchase also. Thanks for the post.

  4. What happened to Bates Floater boots. Cant find them. Not on your list. Just bought a winter hat made in UP of Michigan. Great wool hat called Stormy Krommer.

  5. Robin Wilson says:

    I’m sad to say that I’m not familiar with these companies. But glad to see that there are so many of them on your list. Men deserve to have awesome shoes too!

  6. Alona Y says:

    Thanks for the list! I’ve been searching for american made, well crafted mocs or slippers for my dad.

  7. Kevin Kennedy says:

    Dear Jill,

    I need your advice. I am looking for a pair of dress boots in black, the slip on style. I have been wearing the Australian made R.M. Williams boots; unfortunately, my dress pair did not hold up. Are there any USA made boots of this type? I have been to a number of stores (including Nordstrom’s) but the boots are pretty much all from China or India.

    Thanks for any assistance, Kevin

  8. Just a note. I purchased a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes, primarily because they were made in the USA. I was greatly disappointed to find that they use imported leather to make the shoes. I returned them for that reason.

    • A semi ridiculous reason to return a shoe. Some of the leathers AE uses are actually from Chicago based Horween leather. Yes the leather is from overseas but it’s process and tanned here in the US. It’s about US jobs, not where the cow was eating it’s grass in!

  9. Kristin Lee says:

    Your missing Truman Boot Co., Truman Boot Co. produces beautiful, unique, hand made leather boots in a micro factory located in Eastern Pennsylvania.

  10. You missed a great shoemaker from PA. Perry Ercolino makes fantastic men’s shoes!

  11. You also missed Helm Boots from Austin, Texas. I’m from Chicago and I believe are better quality than Oak Street as well as better styles.

  12. I believe SAS are made in the USA, The only shoe that fits my husbands feet

  13. SAS handcrafts a great many of their shoes in San Antonio and Del Rio, Texas. Some are made in Mexico or Italy as well, but their website will tell you which are made in the US.

  14. Good Review, BTW!

  15. Eastland shoes….have a VERY limited amount of shoes that are actually Made in Maine. 90% of their shoes are cheaply made overseas. I also believe that Rancourt makes their Made in Maine line FYI. RANCOURT is amazing to deal with!

  16. Frye shoes are American made and have been so since 1863. Amazing craftsmanship. Good list though.

  17. You failed to include Johnston/Murphy’s “custom select” line. It is not only made here in the US but can be “custom sized” to fit each foot exactly!
    The company is worthy of mentioning not simply because of the above-mentioned but also their long standing reputation for customer service. I know this for a fact as my wife is a salesperson for them. :):)

  18. Peter Pao says:

    I have Alden shoes and they are great because they are so comfortable and well made. Pricey but worth it. Treated yourself, you deserve it!

  19. Thank you for posting this informative blog about the best dress shoes of America. This blog will serve as a handy guide for those who are looking to buy dress shoes. Please keep on sharing more helpful lists in the upcoming posts.

  20. LOVE this company. They have stylish but classic shoes. And, they are so well made!
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  21. Thanks for a lot of information about where to find great dress shoes.

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