A Source Guide for Shoes Made in California

Shoes made in California

Making shoes in America is no easy feat (pronunciation pun intended!).  Geographically speaking however, some of the hottest brands in fashion footwear are all made within miles of each other in the sprawling city of Los Angeles.  Their proximity to one another is no coincidence as shoe factories were quite vibrant here until the mid 80’s when domestic production began to head overseas to meet the demands of consumers looking for a lower price point.  With them went machines, skilled labor and components, but what they’ve left behind was a pocket of artisanal factory owners who are busier than I’ve seen in my 7 years working as a designer and production consultant to my own (as well as other) footwear brands.

I know it’s difficult to find American made shoes, let alone shoes made in California. I’ve put together a guide to shoes made in California which showcases brands that I not only know best, but who display true examples of the finest American manufacturing.  While making shoes in California certainly poses its fair share of roadblocks, it’s when designers are able to work around them that their collections are forced to strengthen and become unique, due to those same restrictions that bind them.

The Best of Shoes Made in California

1.  Jen + Kim Shoes This is my own made to order, custom collection of women’s footwear.  Headed to wholesale for Spring 2014 the collection vibes high fashion with a down to earth sensibility.

Jen + Kim shoes | Shoes made in California

2.  Well Bred Co. A handsome collection of mens’ footwear launched for Fall 13’ featuring hand tailored looks with an honest approach to design. UPDATE (2/17): Well Bred Co. has gone out of business.

3.  Calleen Cordero My personal role model in the world of California Manufacturing, this collection is not only one of the most successful but the designer actually OWNS her factory.

4.  Gentry Downey A brand new collection offering feminine silhouettes in beautiful supple materials in a massive range of color combinations.

5.  Newbark  The brainchild of a two highly successful stylists, this collection of women’s luxury flats and handbags is selling out of major stores around the world.

Newbark designer shoes | Shoes made in California

6.  Julian Boots  High end men’s boots constructed of fine leathers with old world craftsmanship.  With custom orders for Hollywoods’ finest along with store orders across Europe and Japan, this brand embodies the demand for California made shoes abroad.

7.  Valas Handmade loafers for both men and women featuring traditional mens’ shoe styling that takes the art of detailing to the next level.

8. Salpy Shoes  Truly artisanal shoes designed and built by a husband and wife team and their highly skilled craftsmen and women at their own Los Angeles factory.  Sold nationwide and known not only for their excellent design, but comfort as well.

9. Zuzii Footwear Located in Los Angeles, Zuzii started out as a manufacturer of children’s footwear in 2009. Today, Zuzii Footwear offers made to order sandals, sneakers, and clogs in sizes for baby, kids, and women.

10. Esquivel  Esquivel luxury leather shoes for men and women are handcrafted by skilled artisans in southern California.

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Kim Thomas is a Los Angeles based designer and consultant on domestic footwear/handbag design and production, as well as a co-partner of Jen + Kim Shoes.  She has a long list of clientele that range from start up collections to established  designers.  For more information on working with her or selling her collection, contact her directly at kim@jenandkimshoes.

A source guide for shoes made in California Made in USA shoes

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  1. Your the best! Thank you for making my web shopping easier. 🙂 Its gets overwhelming trying to find shoes that are made here on Google searches. Do you have a list for kids shoes? I really need help finding some shoes for my kids.

  2. Great post! I believe Nanette Lepore is also manufacturing some of her shoes in California as well.
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  3. Thanks for the excellent inspiring article and photos! Is Cydwoq no longer manufacturing in California?

  4. I had no idea that there are so many shoes made here in the US. Thanks for sharing!
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  5. Hi there,
    Love your article, just discovered this. Thought I’d put us out there as we’re a new brand launch just getting started too!
    Wish all these brands the best as it is a challenge but rewarding.
    Warmest regards,

  6. Do you have a list of the actual factories? Not the designers. I’m really glad to hear that footwear production is still robust here in Los Angeles.

  7. Try our natural, hand-made shoes from Mariposa, CA,

  8. Carol Montgomery says:

    I think Seychelles is also made in L.A.?

  9. Tamra Phelps says:

    Wow, these are all great looking! I especially like the Calleen Cordero heels! All are beautiful shoes.

  10. Nice to see that there are still shoes being made here. My father worked in shoe manufacturing in L.A. until about 1990. This once vibrant industry struggled and could no longer compete with imports.

  11. FYI, the Jen + Kim link takes you to a shoe clearly marked Made in China. 🙁

  12. I was just watching a television show that showed some USA made shoes and showed how the shoes were made. It is such an amazing process. I always just took it for granted. So much is involved. It was a really cool thing to watch and to better understand how these products are made.

  13. NICORA
    ethical shoes made in CA

  14. I love your lists of AMERICAN MADE products 《 ♡ 》, I am curious though as to how many of these products get their materials from outside the US? How many are made from substainable products? Cruelty free products?

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