Made in USA Boots For Women: Ultimate Source Guide

Steger Mukluks boots for men and women | Cold weather gear made in USA

We’ve had many inquires about American made boots for women. I admit, they are difficult to find, but I’ve done the searching for you, so you can easily shop for made in USA boots.

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Made in USA Boots for Women: The Ultimate Source Guide

Cold Weather Boots: Steger Mukluks

Steger Mukluks are manufactued in Ely, Minnesota. These cold weather boots are made in the Northern Cree Indian style so they are light AND warm.  They have a flexible moosehide outer, durable treaded rubber soles, and wool felt liners and insoles. Steger Mukluks are so warm and comfortable that they have been worn in Alaska on the Iditarod Race Trail, and on expeditions to the North Pole and South Pole.  You can buy them in regular or wide, depending on the width of your foot. I have a large calf and typically cannot wear boots that go over my calf; I can wear these though. They are really warm and comfortable!

Snow boots for women: Steger Mukluks #madeinUSA #fashion #boots #winter

Made in USA Boots for Women: The List

If we missed your favorite women’s boot brand that is American made, let us know in the comments. This list is frequently updated.

  • sells some serious made in usa boots: men’s and women’s work boots, military boots, combat boots, steel toe boots, fire boots, etc.
  • Chippewa 17″ Vipercloth™ Snake Boot are designed to guard against snake bites, but they also withstand various weather conditions. While they are sold in men’s sizes, they are made as small as a men’s size 6, so any female with a size 7 and up, could wear them too. Note: Most Chippewa boots are made in USA, but not all. Double check country of origin before buying.
  • Danner boots are styled for hiking, and also happen to keep your feet dry, depending on the style you select. A waterproof-yet-breathable Gore-Tex® liner helps to keep your foot dry and comfortable in a rugged, lumberjack-style made in usa boot handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.
  • Kamik, a Canadian company, assembles some of its children’s and women’s snow boots in the USA. You can find a curent selection of them at Nordstrom.
  • Keen has a large selection of its made in USA low- and high-profile snow and hiking boots for men and women available at Zappos. Check country of origin labels carefully with this brand, as only certain lines are made in the USA.
  • L.L. Bean makes its iconic Bean boots for men, women, and kids in Maine.
  • Soft Star makes all of its products to order in the company’s workshop located in Corvallis, Oregon. They offer made in USA boot options for men, women and children.
  • Steger Mukluks makes its cold weather boots for men, women, and kids in Ely, Minnesota.  Learn more about Steger Mukluks at the top of this post!
    Snow boots for women Made in USA #snowboots #winterboots #boots #AmericanMade
  • Schnee’s has been handcrafting boots in Bozeman, Montana for over 25 years. There is a wide selection of boot heights, sizes and styles.
  • UGG has started to make some of its boots in the USA. You can find a current selection of those at Nordstrom. Check labels VERY carefully.
  • Vintage Shoe Company has been hand-crafting shoes since 1833. Not all of this brand’s shoes are lined.


American made Accessories for Boots

If you’re looking for boot liners to make your shoes extra warm for the coldest months, Golden Touch Naturals offers Alpaca Felted shoe inserts. While other brands offer liners, I particularly like Golden Touch Natural shoe liners because alpaca is moisture-wicking, oder resistant, and durable. To make your American made shoes even more comfy, try American-made soft gel foot cushions from Body and Sole Comfort!

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  1. Very unique <3

  2. Definitely could use new boots this season! Super cute ideas
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  3. could use any of them

  4. Matt roeser says:

    Hi, there is at least one company left out, Chippewa Boots originally out of Wisconsin. They make excellent Made in the US outdoor leather boots including hunting, work, emergency service personnel, hiking footwear just to name a few categories. Also Justin Boots, the leader US made western footwear and boots.
    Thank you.

  5. also Sloggers are rain/garden boots and shoes made in USA

  6. Also you have forgotten, tony loma boots, redwing still makes some in the usa, wolverine still has some usa made, and or assembled, and there is hersey custom running shoes, and carolina boots, as well, as thurgood, and belview boots of Ill. and johnason shoes as well as aerolite, and bass still has at least one model shoe made in the states.

  7. We also offer American-made boots. Check out our blog post about them

  8. I love the design of the boots in the photos! So modern and colorful. I do need a good pair especially after last winter.

  9. Talking about USA boots, didn’t u forget about Palladium’s waterproof boots? ( I like their design and I have a pair of them. These boots are perfect for winter

  10. I just adore those TwoAlity Boots. I like the Raspberry color. The idea is so cool looking!

  11. I read on another site that “If every American spent an extra $3.33 on U.S.-made products, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs.” If that is true, it is a reason to buy American in and of itself. Do you think taht statistic can be right?

  12. All of these boot companies seem terrific to buy from. I do like the boots in the photos, the colors are great!

  13. I am glad more American Companies are making boots, so many countries use child and slave labor practice.

  14. I’ve heard of a couple these well known companies, but I’m excited to have this list so I can check out all of them, as I would be looking for boots and want them made in USA!

  15. Caution with Danner Boots: They also make their boots in China and the market is full of them. They do not feel anything like the American made Danner boot.

  16. The ‘Red Wing Shoes‘ company has been making BOOTS in Red Wing, Mn for over 100 years.

  17. “Frye” makes good quality, fashionable, leather boots in USA as well. They are sold in Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdales, maybe Macy’s and other stores for sure too.

  18. Tamra Phelps says:

    I had no idea that UGG was making boots in this country now. There are some really nice looking boots here.

  19. ellen beck says:

    I love mukluks and have a pair- and yes they are USA made. I also believe Minnetonka makes boots and they are in Minnesota. There are quite a few boot makers still in the USA some are quite small and do wonderful work.

    • Ellen, be ure to check your labels when looking at Minnetonka boots. They look like they might be made in USA, but every pair I have ever picked up has not been American made. The Steger Mukluks are a good alternative. I’m thinking about a pair myself!

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