Men’s Boots Ultimate Source List: Made in USA Work Boots, Hiking Boots & More

Men's Boots  Made in USA  Work boots, hiking boots, fashion boots

Our readers asked, so we did the research and compiled this list of made in the USA Men’s boots!

Please remember, not all of the boots/shoes manufactured by most of the companies in this list are American made. We tried to link to the ones that are, but read the descriptions carefully. Also, some of the companies assemble some of their boots in the USA. As always, we support any effort a company makes to keep jobs here in the USA and try to give our readers as much information as possible.

If you are looking for women’s boots, most of the companies listed below also offer women’s sizes. Also check our lists of mens’ dress shoes, made in the USA,  women’s boots made in the USA or our ultimate guide to American made footwear.

This list is updated frequently. If your favorite made in the USA men’s boot company is not here, let us know in the comments and we will add it to the guide. 

Made in USA Men’s Boots: Work Boots, Hiking Boots and more!

  • AFBOOTS  AFBOOTS are work and casual wear boots, made in Tennessee.
  • Bates   Bates tactical military boots and work shoes come in styles suitable for all temperatures. Also available here.
  • Belleville  Belleville has been making a wide variety of tactical and military boots in Illinois since 1904.
  • Carolina   Carolina manufactures a variety of styles of work boots in the USA.
  • Chippewa American made insulated work bootsChippewa    There are many styles of Chippewa boots that are American made, including pull on boots, and lace up work boots.  Check labeling carefully for made in USA. Also available at Zappos.
  • Corcoran   Made in Pennsylvania, Corcoran boots are military boots + security personal boots including styles of  jump boots and field boots.
  • Danner    Danner offers a vast selection of made in USA hiking boots, hunting boots, work boots, and urban wear boots. Also available here.
  • Double H Boots    Double H Boots are built for working on the ranch. American made styles can be found in steel toe work boot, ranch boot, and cowboy boot styles.
  • Frye   The Frye Company has been manufacturing shoes in the USA for over 100 years. American made styles include; dress boots, pull on boots, western boots, & work boots.
  • Gokey   The fine leather boots by Gokey are hand made to order. Styles include hiking boots, pull on boots, and even snake proof boots!
  • Hathorn Explorer boots are made in Washington.
  • Haix  Haix makes hard core firefighter and EMS boots in men’s and women’s sizes.
  • HELM   HELM men’s fashion boots are crafted in Maine.
  • Hoffman Boot pac boots and leather boots are made in Idaho.
  • Justin   There are still styles of Justin work boots + western cow boy boots made in the USA.
  • Keen   Keen hikers are American built in Portland, Oregon.
  • LL Bean    LL Bean rubber bottomed boots are made in Maine and are fabulous in rain and snow.
  • Lucchese manufactures select styles of boots in the USA
  • The classic LL Bean boots are still made in the USA (in Maine to be precise) via USAlovelist.comMatterhorn   Matterhorn is owned by the same company that owns Corcoran boots. Made in Pennsylvania, Matterhorn boots styles include work boots, mining boots, field boots, and security & police boots.
  • McRae Footwear makes all leather and warm weather military-style combat boots.
  • Nicks Boots   Nicks Boots are handmade in the USA and come in hunting, ranching, and logging styles. There are also selections of all purpose work boots, fire fighter boots, and casual fashion boots.
  • Nocona   Many styles of Nocona Western boots are made in the USA, including unique college themed boots.
  • Red Wing   78 styles of Red Wing Boots are made in 2 US factories; one in Missouri, and one in Minnesota.  Styles include Oxford work shoes, work boots, loggers,  & pull ons. Some made in USA styles can be found on Amazon (read description carefully).
  • Reebok   Yes, Reebok has a line of made in the USA work boots; military boots, postal approved boots, and athletic work boots. Also available here.
  • Rocky    The made in USA selection of boots by Rocky include military boots, postal approved boots,  and water proof insulated boots.
  • Schnee’s   Schnee’s rubber bottomed pac boot is made in Montana.
  • Thorogood   Thorogood American Heritage work boots are made in Wisconsin. Also available here.
  • Tony Lama   Tony Lama manufactures many styles of handcrafted Western boots in the USA.
  • Trask Trask makes a stylish chukka moccasin style boot, made of American bison and American steer leather.
  • Men's Leather Boots, Made in the USA by Woolrich Woolrich  We spotted this beautiful pair of made in USA work boots by Woolrich at Nordstrom.
  • Wolverine   Select styles of Wolverine boots are made in Michigan and other factories across the USA. The made in USA styles include steel toe hiking boots, work boots, and a classic style fashion boot called the 1000 Mile Boot.
  • Yuketen    Several styles of Yuketen moccasin inspired boots are handcrafted in Maine.


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 Men's Boots Work boots, hiking boots, fashion boots for men Made in USA

A big high five to the folks at URE Outfitters in Hope Valley, Rhode Island. They have a HUGE selection of made in the USA Boots and a fabulous wall display which I photographed for this post. 
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  1. I had no idea that Reebok has a line of made in the USA work boots; military boots, postal approved boots, and athletic work boots!
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  2. This is an awesome list! I am currently needing to buy a new pair of work boots for my husband. He is really hard on his boots, so we have to get a couple pair a year. I will be looking on this list and choosing USA made boots.

    • I found a pair in sears last year by craftsman. They were $100 but I’ve worn them every working day since and they have no holes/rips yet. Fantastic!! Will definitely get another pair.

    • Alan Osborne says:

      Thorogood American Heritage line is a really good boot. I have ordered twice from them and they hold up very well. I am a bridge inspector so I climb ,go through and under all types of terrain and their boots are still going strong. My first pair I ordered 4 years ago and they are still waterproof but the soles are wearing and so I replaced them with the exact boot. I am going to resole the first pair and use them for yard work. Make sure you look for the Made In USA tag on their site. Good luck!

  3. Ummm. Danner only makes some of their boots in the US.
    The rest are made in either China or Vietnam.

  4. I’d love to have some of these boots for my husband who works construction.

  5. I know some men who could use quality boots like these!

  6. ellen beck says:

    My husband has always made a point off buying American for boots. His feet depend on it since he used to work construction! I know he only made one exception and it was a special shoe when he broke both ankles. It is wort it to look for that USA label.

  7. My hubby needs new work boots so I need to look into some of these.

  8. We have been around for years and believe we have the best boots in our niche market. We’re an American Made Boot Company and pride ourselves on customer service.

    Please check out AFBOOTS.

    A bit about us:
    100% American made boots for farm, field, work and casual wear. We’re dedicated to making quality American-Made boots with quality American materials.

    With over 100 years of footwear experience in our management alone, we at Allegiance Footwear, Inc. we are dedicated to providing the most dependable and affordable service with the highest available quality American craftsmanship the footwear industry has to offer.


  9. Michael Riordan says:

    You missed AFBoots in Mountain City , TN .

  10. Would love to see Oak Street Bootmakers on this list.

  11. This is a great list of many american made boot makers! I am looking at Justin work boots for my son as the price is great and they are high quality with lots of good reviews. He also walks a lot so likes to have 2 pairs so can switch out each day. Thanks for the list of USA boot brand options.

  12. Men like work boots made in the USA that have the best toe protection to keep their feet safe on job sites so always look for composite or steel toe, Steel toe is well known but composite toe boots are light and even stronger.

  13. Reading this and my favorite boots to wear ever arent on the list! Check out the landships from maelstrom.

  14. AngelaKempsey says:

    Finally! I can buy shoes made in USA!

  15. Hi,
    I’m looking for slippers, does anybody know of anywhere I can find a pair?

  16. White’s in Spokane has been making boots in the USA for over 150 years and in the NW almost 115 years. They make the Hathorn boots you mentioned but they are a significantly lesser boots than the top of the line White’s. White’s is a Northwest legend for logging and set the standard for wild land firefighter boots

  17. Tamra Phelps says:

    I had no idea there were so many. I really like the Yuketen moccasin inspired boots.

  18. Any time I set out to buy a new pair of shoes or work boots, I always first look for the options available which are made in the USA. Not only am I a patriot, but I am a firm believer that American quality is unbeatable, and I want only the best when I am out there shopping for new boots and shoes! Thanks for this nice complete list!

  19. So many people are tempted by the lower prices and “deals”, and disregard the importance of quality and durability when investing in a new pair of good hiking or work boots! Thank you for this list, I hope more people will choose American made boots, which are known for their higher quality and sturdiness.

  20. lee edwards says:

    i will not support the being made in usa company that uses imported materials, assembled here, or some that are made here others elsewhere.
    we grow sheep for wool, livestock for leather, cotton for textiles. filson company comes to mind first .
    but boots, i use white custom boost, Washington state. they cost more, but i get them fit to my feet, i get leather lined, type of heel etc
    so many of the boots listed here are cheaply made and i have tried many of them

  21. Ethanej says:

    Wesco boots are made in the USA.

  22. LOVE LL Bean boots. They last forever!
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  23. Brooklyn Boot Company

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