American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List

The ultimate list of every brand still making shoes in the USA.

Everyone is looking for American made shoes. I admit, they are difficult to find, but  I’ve put together this extensive list. It contains brands that make all of their shoes in the USA, but I’ve also listed brands whose lines contain some made in USA shoes and some that are imported.  Always check your labels and look for Made in USA before you buy! (Sandals featured in cover image are by Mohop.)

We have Ultimate Source Lists for Men’s Shoes Made in the USA, Made in USA Work Boots, Hiking Boots & More, a Source Guide For Shoes Made in California, Made in USA Boots for Cold, Snow and Rain,  and Sandals Made in the USA as well. Check out our sources for American made socks too!

Our Top Picks for American Made Footwear

American Made Sneakers: SOM Footwear

If you think there aren’t any American made sneakers out there, think again. We’ve found SOM Footwear, shoes designed for an active lifestyle. The shoe’s minimalist design gives you the freedom and stability of barefoot walking with all the protection and support you need.

The Zephyr model is now available. Named for a gentle breeze from the west, this two-toned blue beauty is made for relaxing. Lightweight cotton canvas keep these soft shoes breathable with the same SOM comfort. All of SOM’s sneakers have the barefoot features you expect including roomy toe box, zero-drop sole, and lightweight flexibility. SOM Footwear is made in Colorado of the highest quality weather-resistant materials.

American Made Sneakers from SOM Footwear

Capps Shoe Company is 100% made in USA in our factory located on the border between Virginia and North Carolina in Gretchen, Virginia. The company has over 175 employees with an average shoemaking experience of over 12 years – its skilled craftsman are among the most talented shoe makers in the world. Capps footwear is approved for use by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Nexcom, and the National Park Service, as well as Police, Sheriff and Fire Departments nationwide.

American Made Mens Boots from Capp Shoe Company - USA made shoes for law enforcement and military

American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List

If you notice that we have missed your favorite American made shoe brand, please let us know in the comments and we will add them to our list!

  • Alden, men’s dress shoes, made in Middleborough, Massachusetts since 1884
  • Allen Edmonds, men’s dress shoes, casual shoes and boots, made in Wisconsin
  • Aurora Shoe Co shoes for men and women are handmade in upstate New York
  • Cade & Co, infant shoes made in Park City, Utah
  • Calleen Cordero women’s shoes are made in California.
  • California Magdesians, made in City of Industry, California
  • Carolina, men’s work boots (only select styles are made in USA)
  • Capps Shoe Company, men’s and women’s dress shoes made in Virginia
  • Chacos’ MyChacos collection that’s made Rockford, Michigan (other styles are not American made)
  • Chippewa Boots, loafers & rugged work & fashion boots for men & women (only select styles)
  • CYDWOQ, men and women’s boots, flats, boots, made in Burbank, California
  • Danner offers select styles of made in USA hiking boots, hunting boots, work boots, and urban wear boots.
  • Eastland, has a ‘Made in Maine Collection’ of shoes for men and women
  • Eliza B, youth and women’s flip flops, made in Connecticut
  • Esquivel luxury leather shoes for men and women are handcrafted by skilled artisans in southern California.
  • Footwear by Footskins, men and women’s moccasins made in Spring Grove, Minnesota
  • Frye, men’s and women’s boots (select styles only)
  • Gateway Shoes tuxedo shoes, marching band shoes, and uniform shoes are made in Missouri
  • Gurkee’s rope sandals are made in West Virginia. They offer any array of colors and styles.
  • Hathorn Explorer boots are made in Washington.
  • Helm, men’s boots, made in Austin, Texas
  • Hersey Custom Shoe Company makes customized sneakers in Massachusetts.
  • Hoffman Boot pac boots and leather boots are made in Idaho.
  • Island Slipper, women and men’s sandals made in Hawaii Island Slipper is listed in 10 Things We Love, Made in Hawaii
  • Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals, women’s sandals, select styles made in Florida
  • Jen + Kim, women’s heels and custom heels made in Los Angles, California
  • Julie Bees, Women’s Flats made in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Kamik, select styles of toddler and little kids snow boots are assembled in the USA
  • Keen has select styles of assembled in USA low- and high-profile snow and hiking boots for men and women available at Zappos.
  • Kepner Scott, infant and toddler shoes, made in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Kepner Scoot is listed in 10 Things We Love,  Made in Pennsylvania
  • L.L. Bean, men and women’s boots, select styles made in Maine since 1912
  • Lucchese manufactures select styles of boots in the USA
  • Manimal, baby and unisex moccasins made in Brooklyn, New York
  • mohop. women’s sandals and flats made in Chicago, Illinois
  • Munro, women’s heels, boots and sandals made in Hot Springs, Arkansas (select styles only)
  • myAnatech, women’s shoes and sandals, made in California
  • Neil M Footwear, made in Wynne, Arkansas
  • New Balance, women and men’s sneakers, select styles made outside of Boston, Massachusetts New Balance is listed in 10 Things We Love, Made in Massachusetts
  • Newbark luxury women’s flats made in California.
  • Nicks Handmade Boots, boots for men and women all handmade in Spokane, Washington
  • Oakstreet Bootmakers, made in Chicago, Illinois
  • Oka b colorful ballet flats and flip flops are made in Georgia.
  • Okabashi, flats and sandals, made in Buford, Georgia Okabashi is listed in 10 Things We Love, Made in Georgia
  • Onex  women’s shoes are handcrafted in California.
  • Perry Ercolino, custom dress shoes are made in Pennsylvania
  • Pierrepont Hicks, women’s chukkas, moccasins, and desert boots made in Maine
  • Piper Sandals, childrens, men and women’s leather sandals, made in San Antonio, Texas
  • PW Minor shoes for men and women are made in New York
  • Quoddy boat shoes are handmade in Maine
  • Rancourt & Co, men’s dress shoes, made in Lewiston, Maine
  • Red Wing, work boots made in Minnesota (select styles only)
  • Russell Moccasin Co. boots and moccasins are handmade in Wisconsin.
  • Salpy Shoes  Truly artisanal shoes designed and built in a Los Angeles factory.
  • SAS (San Antonio Shoes), men and woman’s shoes, made in San Antonio, Texas
  • Scandic Footwear manufactures women’s leather and wood bottom clogs in New England
  • Schnee’s, men and women’s uninsulated rubber-bottom pac boots and hiking boots, made in Bozeman, Montana
  • Sbicca, women’s wedge sandals, select styles made in Los Angles, California
  • Sloggers, women’s rainboots, made in Gardena, California
  • Soft Star shoes for adults and children are made in Oregon.
  • SOM Footwear, quality athletic casual sneaker for men and women made in Colorado Top pick for American made sneakers
  • Steger Mukluks and Moccasins, made in Ely, Minnesota (These are like the made in USA version of UGGs! We love them!)
  • Sven clogs for men, women, and children are made in the USA
  • The Palatines, leather slingbacks, sandals and booties made in Los Angeles, California
  • The Vintage Shoe Company, men and women’s boots, oxfords and flats, made in Pennsylvania
  • Thorogood, men’s boots
  • Truman Boot Co., hand built boots, made in Colorado
  • Vere Sandals, men and women’s flip flops, made in Geneva, New York
  • Walk-Over, men’s casual shoes, select styles made in USA since 1758
  • White’s Boots, men’s jumper boots
  • Wolverine, men’s boots, made in Rockford, Michigan (select styles)
  • Zuzii Footwear manufactures shoes (sandals, clogs, sneakers) for baby, kids, and women in Los Angeles, California.

Our favorite retailers that offer Made in USA shoes

To make your American made shoes even more comfy, try Piggy Pillows’ flip flop insoles or American-made soft gel foot cushions from Body and Sole Comfort. Have we missed anything on this list of American made shoe brands?  Which is your favorite?  Share other American made shoes brands with us.

The ultimate list of shoe brands still manufacturing in the USA.

Disclosure: USA Love List received some products in this post unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.

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Post by Jill Homiak

Lifestyle and Fashion Editor, USA Love List. Follow me on Twitter for all things fashion, made in the USA.


  1. Eliza B also sells flats-including custom made
    OkaB is an off shoot of Okabashi.Okabashi sandals are amazing. They sound ucky because they are plastic,but they have an orthotic type footbed and are incredibly comfortable. Just know the different styles fit a little differently so you may have to try a few to find the perfect fit.
    You missed SAS shoes(San Antonio Shoes)-ot super stylish but a lot of people will only wear this brand
    Johansson-this is the civilian shoe part of a military shoe maker.Their selection seems limited so not sure what is going on with them but the pair I got are beautifully made. Gorgeous leather and actual support in the shoe.Tha is the thing I have noticed with the American shoes I have gotten(Munro and Johansson) is that they actually have proper support in the shoe-like shoes used to have.It makes such a difference.You will never be able to go back to the Chinese made shoes.(Sadly many of which are brands that used to be high quality)
    Those Slogger rain boots are adorable.

  2. This is fantastic – I can't wait to check out these shoe brands!
    My recent post Smart, Chic & Made in the USA – Fresh Produce “No Fuss” Surplice Dress

  3. So happy to see Cydwoq on the list. LOVE their shoes. One more: Schees's. Badass rain/snow boots made in Montana.

  4. Great post! Thanks, I prefer to buy things made in the USA but am shocked at what little selection we have! Is New Balance really the only sneaker?????

  5. Awesome list of American made shoes!
    My recent post Why Buy America Made Products?

  6. The Vintage Shoe Company is a great USA shoemaker based out of Pennsylvania!

  7. I recently purchased some new balance shoes, same style I always purchase, knowing they were made in america. when I got home I was checking out the inside anthe tag said made in china. What is up with that.

  8. I’ve been wearing Carolina work boots made in the USA at a union plant in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for years. The site I purchase them from has the greatest service imaginable.

  9. md kennedy says:

    Would love to see a subset of this list showing vegan shoes!

  10. This list needs to be corrected. Many of the companies make only a small portion of their shoes in the US, yet the post makes the unqualified statement that their shoes are made in the US (Eastland, Redwing, New Balance, etc.).

    • Then I am not the only one who noticed this with sites that say “Made in USA” in big bold letters.

      I decided I was tired of spending money on cheap shoes that fall apart after a month. This was the first time I specifically started looking for Made in USA products.

      I was on the HH Brown site looking at shoes under different names. It says at the top in big letters “Made in USA”. I went to see if there were any on sale at other sites and one of the Born styles I looked at had a big old “Made in China” label inside.

      I went back to investigate further and found a qualifier. Only certain styles are made in the USA. Born shoes are made in Vietnam, China, and Mexico.

      I learned from this that I must check out the Made in the USA claims carefully before buying, and that finding stuff made here isn’t all that easy anymore.

    • I agree. This post is misleading. You need a qualifier or better description on your post!

  11. Jill Homiak says:

    John, thank you for your feedback. Yes, it’s true that not all these brands produce 100% of their shoewear in the USA, but the list is meant to be a resource or starting point for where to find USA made shoes.

  12. Rancourt and Company in Maine makes beautiful mocs and boat shoes. Very high quality.

  13. Nick’s boots, expensive but awesome for people who work. Also, Whites. Weinbrenner has been around forever and also makes US shoes and boots. I searched “american made shoes” in google and you were on the top. I guess since you are on top, you have a responsibility to keep this going and update your list! Lots of companies out there that are missing. Thanks for the info,

  14. Yes, an updated list is coming!

  15. Michele says:

    Piper Sandals in San Antonio, TX. Awesome!

  16. Sarah P. says:

    Frye shoes are made in China, probably should take them off the list.

    • glad someone else noticed…

      • I believe Fry has one line still made in the US. I can’t remember which it is though. In the end, I agree, remove them from the list.
        Minnetonka Moccasin should be added.

        • All the Minnetonkas I have checked are made in China

          • Running Buffalo Woman says:

            There was an awesome company called Taos that made handmade Native American moccs in Toas NM. I am fortunate enough to have 3 pair. Unfortunately they could not compete with Minnetonka. They were forced out of business by them. Minnetonka Moccasins are made in the Dominican Republic and China. They were made in the USA in the beginning but just like other big companies they decided to outsource for cheap labor.

    • Frye boots are made in Mexico I know cause I work for a shoe repair warehouse and I see these shoes and boots on a daily basis

    • Frye isn’t even an American owned company anymore. HONG Kong, China.

      • Frye is still an american company, based in NYC. And they have shoes made all over the world but still make a large portion of their key styles in the USA.

        • Donna Taylor says:

          Where are Frye handbags made? Do they have factories in the USA or do they have someone else make their products under the Frye label? Thank you.

  17. I believe Dansko shoes are made in SE Pennsylvania.

  18. Hmmmmmm I think you missed SAS shoes. Made in San Antonio, TX
    Great shoes btw.

    Thank you very much for your efforts!

  19. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but
    your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road. All the best
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  20. It’d be lovely to see a note on which brands carry wide shoes— us WW folks can’t squeeze our duck feet into every shoe!

    That’s a minor complaint, though, for a great list. Thanks!

  21. I noticed that makes “ballet” flat slippers for men and women.

    And also Linge shoes that makes ballet slipper shoes may be made in the USA as they started their business on etsy.

  22. Gateway Shoes LLC has been making our shoes in the USA for over 30 years. We focus on larger runs of specialty (niche) items and offer a wide variety of vegan options. We have stayed clear of retail of several years as the price pressures of Asia have kept it from being profitable. We produce over 200,000 pairs per year. We are direct attached EXPERTS!!

  23. This is a great list, but I agree that several of the companies listed (mainly the big brands) only produce a small percentage of their shoes here. My family owns the Aurora Shoe Co. We make all of our shoes by hand in upstate New York and we use all American materials. We pride ourselves on using the best materials we can find and produce one of the most affordable hand made shoes on the market. Please consider adding us to your list. Our website:

  24. Hello to everybody,
    We are in Baltimore, MD making “Deer Tracks” comfort footwear for ladies and men’s. Our footwear featuring unsurpassable comfort and comes in variety of sizes and widths ( from M to WW). Our sandals feature cork-latex removable insoles and come in variety of styles and colors to fit a wider foot. Our shoes are approved by PDAC for diabetic patients.

  25. Hello to everybody.
    We are footwear manufacturer based in Baltimore, MD. We make Deer Tracks comfort footwear for ladies and men. Our shoes feature double density soles, cow lining with DRY FAST fabric. They come in variety of sizes and widths (from M to WW). Shoes are approved by PDAC for diabetic patients. We also make nice selection of sandals for wider foot with removable cork-latex insole in variety of colors.

  26. Stacia P. says:

    is anything on this list CRUELTY FREE????

  27. Stacia P. says:

    Stop supporting products and companies profiting off of the death of animals! There are USA made alternatives that are CRUELTY FREE!

  28. New Balance- 1 out of 4 are made or assembled in the US. You probably should take them off the list.

    • Thanks Frank. We’ll keep New Balance on the list even though only 25% of their shoes are made in the USA because that’s 100% more than any other athletic shoe manufacturer. Always read the labels when you buy. Take the time to call customer service and confirm if you are ordering online. Let’s show New Balance how much we value their American-made models so they will make more of them in the future.

      • It is a marketing technique, and Americans fall for it sadly.

        100% Made in the USA shoes do not exist. Proof:

        `Where the domestic value is at least 70%, we label our shoes “Made in the USA.”`
        –NewBalance, source: their website

        They consider 70% percent American made to be American made. They are not trying to redefine what American made means to fit their agenda, which is EVEN WORSE than just accepting reality.

        Here is another one of their delusions:
        `More than 75 years ago, we made our first shoes in the U.S., and we’ve never left.`

        They never left, huh? Yes they did. They left America, there are no 100% made in USA shoes, 70% is the best you can get, and 3 out of 4 shoes you buy are straight up imported or made with imported materials.

        Please take New Balance off the list, let them know why they are off the list, and thank you for the great resource to keep these corporations under control.

        • *now trying to redefine what American Made means

        • 100% of Danner boots are made in Portland, Oregon

        • Yo “Anonymous”, do you realize that New Balance actually employees American workers? Unlike Nike, Reebok, Adidas and the rest, they actually have created manufacturing jobs for Americans. If other companies would do this, we would not be in the mess we are in now. Take a tour and tell me the shoes they are making in the factories in Massachusetts and Maine weren’t made here. Please be informed when you make comments, because you will be called out on it. I buy New Balance BECAUSE they employ Americans. I am loyal to the brand because of that. I won’t ask what country the shoes you are wearing come from or what kind of car you drive… I can guess…. I also bet you “fell for” Nikes…. They employ American factory workers. Congrats!

        • And the shoes that New Balance does make in the USA are made by primarily Dominican immigrants/ migrants at their factory in Lawrence, MA. Not sure what the immigration status of their employees are, but judging by the population of non-native born in Lawrence, it might be questionable.

      • List of specific models of New Balance Made in America.

  29. I believe Danner boots are made in the USA

  30. May I suggest that when the list is revised to add words such as “all” or “some” after brand name to clarify if companies’ products are all Made in USA vs select models.
    Also Keen has a few shoe models Made in USA.

  31. Doug Pillow says:

    Thorogood work shoes made in USA by Steinbreener of us made leather. Most comfortble work boots I’ve owned. So much of Wolverine and Red wing now China

  32. Chippewa boots. Made in Chippewa falls, WI.

  33. I believe Rainbow sandals as well as Saltwater sandals make a portion of their shoes in the USA.

  34. This list will help people but also here can get more reviews for hiking boots. Get more reviews visit
    Latest Post: Hiking near Kansas CityMy Profile

  35. Unfortunately, Frye sold in 2003 and as someone mentioned most of their shoes are made in China. Some are made in Mexico and a very few in Arkansas but not with the actual Frye machines/molds, etc.

    Please add Lucchese boots to your list! Made in San Antonio, TX!

  36. Don’t forget Danners made in the USA

  37. Soft Star Shoes (made in Corvalis, OR) and Quoddy (made in Maine I believe), both quality, 100% MUSA

  38. I LOVE my kiwi sandals. made right here in california. most comfy sandals ever.

  39. Thank you for the great list. Unfortunately, many Red Wing boots (not just their accessory brands) are made in China. Sad.

  40. Frye is not american made…its made in mexico..why is it on the list?

    • frye people told me on the phone: “we use factories in china,mexico and usa”. all the while trying to maintain the image of a good ol’ american shoe maker on their website. it’s horse%# my last 3 frye pairs turned out to be made in china. i wonder, did anyone receive a pair of fryes made in usa recently?

  41. broken homme is also great american make boot!!!

  42. Doesn’t anyone make children’s sneakers in the USA anymore? Does anyone know of any? Thanks.

  43. SOIYL shoes – Mexican inspired sandals (huaraches) made in Los Angeles.

  44. No. 6 clogs, Sven clogs, and Freshly Picked baby mocks.
    Latest Post: Christmas Fun!My Profile

  45. Great list! I just saw it today, thanks to a friend posting it on facebook. I would love to see my product, Ozark Rope Sandals, included on your list. They are 100% made in the US, even the rope that I use is spun here. My website is

    Many thanks,
    Autumn S

  46. in Portland, OR you can sort by made in the USA.

  47. Minnetonka – their website states they originated here but is a little wishy-washy on the language re the manufacturing process. In any case, love their products.

    • Minnetonka is made in China or Dominican Republic. I was just in a moccasin store in Minnesota and couldn’t find on made in the US and there were a lot!

  48. Found your website and was interested in Donovan Slippers, but when the link is clicked on I get: ‘ flannels4baby ‘ – Perhaps a hint I may have to make my own…?? LOL!

  49. Stephen A. Montgomery says:

    My late father ran in track while in high school (The Dalles OR class of 1938). He wore a pair of Wisco shoes. they had cleats in the ball of the sole and a leather upper. Any one heard of this brand and know anything about it?

  50. thanks for this list….we review shoes and i was looking for a good list of American made shoes. youre right. theyre tough to come by nowadays.

  51. Really very good reviews for people.i found your site and click on a boot but getting problem.I dont know what was it.Thanks for nice sharing
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    • Please elaborate which styles are made in the US. Redwing DOES NOT make all of its models in the US. MY women’s composite toe are now made in China. I was embarrassed I posted this without reading first and it was pointed out. Thanks for your efforts, lets go the extra effort.

  52. New Balance needs to be removed from the list. They have “Made In Vietnam”. At least the last two pairs I bought were.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. Last visit to NB store turned up Vietnam, Indonesia, and China on inside. Gluing two pieces manufactured in two different foreign countries is NOT Made In America.

      • probably the reason they fall apart a lot faster these days. good for them, they got to keep the price high while finding the extra savings at the expense of a consumer…

    • Totally agree. Just bought a pair yesterday and found when I got home they were made in China.

    • NB has one or two lines made in America. You have to read the labels, because the others are still made elsewhere.

      • Exactly on the New Balance–check to see if US made or not. Wolverine, Red Wing, and a bunch more of the above have lines made overseas. New Balance is still aces with me. They are the ONLY quality athletic shoe that still has ANYTHING made in the US. Check the websites–they will usually have a MADE IN USA filter.

    • They have one line that is made in the U.S., not all of them are.

  53. You need to mention that not all styles of Wolverine Boots are made in the US. I recently bought a pair and was angry to find out that they were made in China.

  54. soft Star is a great shoe maker here in Corvallas,OR

  55. P. W. Minor Shoes, made in upstate New York since 1867.

    150 years and four generations later, the Minor family remains true to this commitment. Still crafting shoes in their factory in Batavia, New York. Still engineering and building comfort and precision fit into every pair.

  56. You forgot to put Lowa. Made in Slovakia.

  57. The last three pairs of frye i purchased were made in china!!! Contacted frye and they were evasive about it. I don’t care, frye, if you call it “put together in china” it’s the same thing as made in china which is what the stamp says. No way in hell should you charge hundreds of dollars for shoes made in China pretending that your shoes are US made! The way they get around it: “Oh, we use factories in Mexico, China and USA.” Frye had gone cheap and became nothing but an advertising ploy.

  58. New Balance currently still makes a couple of their shoes in Boston: the 990 being one of them. US consumer buying habits have caused these companies to manufacture oversees. If you see a company manufacturing in the US, then support their efforts. Every product has to show where it’s made. If it’s not made here, don’t buy it. As Americans, we’ve become addicted to cheap crap.

    • You make a very good point about US consumer buying habits. That’s the crux of the matter. Lately I’ve been trying to buy high quality products made in the US but buying way fewer of them, so lists like this are very helpful.

  59. Chippeawa makes great boots In USA so does Danner

  60. Sebago sent out a release saying that they are bringing a line or two back to the US. Also, Sperry Topsider has a VERY small US production of original topsiders. They are about 5 times the price of the Chinese stuff. (Levi Strauss also has the same thing with a small US production of jeans, that cost $$$)

  61. Jeff Bolton says:

    Danner boots of portland oregon while not all of thier line is made in usa as much is as red wing

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  63. Thanks for writing this article! I just started working at Cove Shoe factory in Pennsylvania. A few of the brands on this list are made there: Frye, Carolina, and Walkover – but we make a whole lot more. Increasingly more shoe companies are running a “made in the USA” line, so keep buying USA made! It’s working. 🙂

    • I thought ALL Frye were made in USA and then my shoe repairman said some are made in Mexico. I needed him to put rubber non-slips on my FRYE Ballerina Flats and we could not find the imprint usually around the heel area. Well, I finally found it “hidden” up by the big toe area….MADE IN CHINA !!!!!

  64. Hi Jill,

    Our company, Scandic Footwear, LLC, makes handcrafted clogs and clog boots in New England. Check us out at
    Latest Post: Scandic Footwear Clogs Handcrafted in the USA!My Profile

  65. Please support made in the USA! This brand is launching JULY 4th 2014! American made CHILDREN’S shoes!

  66. Hi Jill,

    Don’t Forget Okabashi, sister company to Oka-B here in Buford, Georgia!

    • I can’t believe I forgot to mention, they are not only made here in the USA but also recyclable and made using recycled materials!

  67. Hello, you are forgetting a shiny “star” literally. Soft Star Shoes. Made in Oregon of only USA-made materials, super Eco friendly, includes moccasins, running shoes, slippers, and boots.

    • You can delete my post above. I found them — they’re minimalist running shoes, which are pretty cool. No traditional-type running shoes, but at least the made-in-USA ones won’t be falling apart in two weeks like the slave-market foreign-made brands.

  68. Great list!
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  69. What a great list, thanks!

  70. Lindsay M. says:

    There are so many American-made shoe brands that I never knew where out there. It’s good to learn something new!

  71. David Froment says:

    Jill, check out Scandic Footwear in NH. They handmake incredible clogs!

  72. Please don’t forget G.H. Bass shoes. While some are now made abroad, the Bass Weejun loafers (Penny and Tassel) are still made by hand in Wilton, ME. They were my favorites in college (many, many years ago) and have stood the test of time, both in fashion and wear.

  73. w.c.LaRowe says:

    I challenge you to find a pair of New Balance shoes that were made in America

  74. Robin Wilson says:

    This is an awesome list! I’m so happy to say that I see most of the brands that are in my closet now on it.

  75. American Apparel makes a wide selection of shoes in the USA. Including tennis shoes for men and women. Lots of women’s styles.

    Look for the little American flags on the items on their website.

  76. I noticed no mention of Justin boots made in Texas.

  77. Two weeks ago I saw a pair of New Balance shoes in Cabelas. They, I believe, were made in Vietnam. What the deal with NB? <

    • Jill Homiak says:

      Not all of New Balance shoes are made here. Look for the 990 and 993 series shoes; those are made in the USA. The link in this post directs you to the models that are made here.

  78. Sydney Brown shoes are 100% made in Los Angeles, USA!

  79. I really like Quoddy Footwear. They make boat shoes, moccasins, boots, and the like in Maine.

    Regarding New Balance, their website shows their “USA collection”. The 993’s are fantastic – high American content – way more than any other sneaker manufacturer – exceptional durability.

  80. Pardon me, but this list is outdated. Wolverines are 100% imported from china these days.

  81. This list is a great starting point. I would also love to see Sven Clogs added to the list.

  82. I’m always looking for U.S.A. PRODUCTS. However, when you find one you have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Looked at some moccasins and the “cheap” pair start at $159.99. With tax and shipping I’m near $200.00 for very little material and it’s made in “no sane person wants to live” Minnesota. Where you buy a mansion for $20,000.00. Yet they rob you. What I am finding is that these “made in America” are jacking up the prices and are living large under the guise that they are doing it for Americans. One boot was $500.00 and it was a plain old boot. No one and I mean no one is doing what they do because they love America. Alright, maybe a few, but come on people we should get quality boots for under a $100.00. And if you want to stop it, things being made in China and the like, well talk to your self employed neighbor that owns the painting business and only hires foreigners. You have to overhaul the whole judicial system, get rid of these judges and then work on politicians. You, kind of , have to go a little extreme with some of the candidates. Other wise those foreign countries are laughing at us.
    God Bless and stay well.

  83. Frye is no longer made in America. Li & Fung bought the company in 2010, a Hong Kong company and now they are made in China. Maybe this list needs to be researched better.

  84. One great company to follow is LASCO- Los Angeles Shoe Company!!!!!!!!!
    and a side brand of Lasco. I own the flipflops and they are comfortable!!!

  85. Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals are my favorite. I have a pair of hot pink and white ones that have got to be seven or eight year old. They just never wear out!
    Latest Post: It’s the season to shine! uShine vitamin and nutrient complex supports beautiful skin, nails, and hair!My Profile

  86. Patriot-Made Audiocast Team customizes audio stories(podcasts) that showcase American businesses that source materials and labor in the USA. We would love to hear from you to learn more about what you all are doing and how you got started. We have an extensive and ever growing list of US Made and Union Made Products on our blog (which is free to everyone) and would love to encourage c0-collaboration, if you like. I encourage a listen to our latest interview with Labor411 as they have an extensive US Union Made Directory of products as well! Take a look here and let us know what you think. I would love to add more US Made Shoes to our blog directory, btw.

    All the best, and we hope to hear from you!
    Latest Post: Like Us on Facebook!My Profile

  87. Russell Mocassins are still made in Wisconsin.

  88. Bernard Figueroa says:

    Hi Jill,
    I am a shoe designer and I am looking for a sandal factory in the US.
    I’d like to ask you if you have any recommendations.

    Thank you,

  89. Just left redwing store most boots made in China a few still made in usa not many. This country is in bad shape when you can’t find american made on any store shelves.

  90. I didn’t see the United Shoes of America on here. They have super cute shoes for kiddos! You can’t buy them through the site, but they are some on Nordstrom.


  92. I use 10- 1/2 wide shoe , hard to get.

    • P.W. Minor Shoes will be bringing their manufacturing back to Batavia, NY in the months ahead. They specialize in extra-depth, orthopedic shoes, standard fit, half sizes, and wide widths!

  93. Aloha,
    We have been working and researching advanced composite (carbon fiber and Kevlar) orthotic systems for the US Department of Defense and have had the privilege to work with the Crary Shoe Company of Portland Oregon. They custom built some of our boots in the good ole’ USA.

    The rewarding part was the good experience working with Bill Crary the owner and the son of Bill Danner of Danner Boots before it was sold to ABC Mart of Japan.

    If you want to view the research results on safer American made combat boots with the advanced orthotics for our soldiers follow the link. This could border on spam or on higher education,,your choice.

    Dr, Steven King
    Co-PI SBIR A11-109
    Kingetics LLC

  94. Some Justin cowboy boots and all of Tony Lama boots are made in America.

  95. I’m glad I found this list! I’m sure most everyone has heard of a few of these companies, but so many I haven’t, and I want to check them out, each one!!!

  96. Maryann D. says:

    This is a super list and wonderful selection of American made shoes. My daughter looks for American Made Vegan shoes.

  97. Always, always ranting on about this subject. New pair of NBs coming my way today because of this site. Didn’t know – thought they were Chinese.

    Thank you.

  98. Aurora Shoes are made in Aurora, New York.

  99. A few more I found this summer:

  100. I was looking through your list while at the stores. Wolverine, new balance and many more of some of the listed companies are AOL tagged made in china, Indonesia, Vietnam and other such places. I have been extensively looking for American made apparel and footwear. It is near impossible to find anymore. I was under the impression that Merrel and Columbia were also of U.S. origin, I was again disgruntled to find otherwise. It is becoming so overwhelming to have to do so much research and investigation to find things made here. It’s disgusting to find all of our favorite things not local and or American anymore. I was actually disgusted with a retail company recently who proclaims they support American made products yet a hat I was very interested in, that actually had a slogan saying ” American Pride ” , yet the tag says made in china. THAT DISGUSTED ME! You would think store owners who proclaim supporting American products would at least work on seeing that their products that insinuate American industry are actually made in an American facility. Just ranting on the loss of American jobs and products, the reason we are becoming an aggressive society.

  101. What a terrific list to see. I know several people that I will send this list to.

  102. I love shoes and love this list!

  103. pat hanson says:

    Allegiance footwear in Tennesee are all made in the USA .Workboots

  104. Where is the mention of Quoddy of Maine?
    Latest Post: Eight American Made, Italian Inspired Provisions We LoveMy Profile

  105. ellen beck says:

    There are also very small Mom and Pop businesses that make shoes. A friend’s father was a cobbler and our friend took over the business but had to close up due to people buying cheap shoes that when a sole or a heel went it was cheaper too replace the shoes than have them fixed as they used to .
    Years ago there was a shoe repair shop in every small town and many of them in larger towns. Now try finding one!

  106. Carson Footwear (run/trail shoes) are made in the USA:
    “Based on the 10/10 polyurethane sole these shoes are 100 % constructed in Milwaukie Oregon. All materials are made in the USA with the exception of some TPU used on the heel cap, toecap and logo base. As of now we have not been able to find a US supplier…”

  107. Anyone know any brands that make horseback riding boots in the USA ? Thanks

  108. Shannan Brigode says:

    I have been looking for a great place to make me a custom fit knee high, high heeled, boot, that I can wear both in the office and on my Harley, I have a very narrow foot and thin short legs any suggestions?

  109. Aurora shoe company, upstate NY

  110. svens clogs, made in wisconsin I think

  111. Hal Summers says:

    Quoddy. Handmade in Maine

  112. Jo Ann G says:

    Tic Tac Toes are made in Gloversville, NY. I am quite fond of them.

  113. Danner shoes made in USA. also when you click on your Red Wings link it goes to Nordstrom website for some reason

  114. Soft star also handmade in USA

  115. Hi all.. Anyone need to purchase quality leather in flexible price.. From India.. Feel free to contact me…

    Uniox international

  116. William Novak says:

    You didn’t mention made in USA W C Russell. Boots and shoes. Ready made and custom made. Great American shoe and boot company

  117. New Balance is not 100% made in america, as they claim.

  118. Duane Brodnick says:

    Hello. I’m trying to find shoe manufacturers who make larger size men’s shoes. I’m not referring to those who suffer from infliction where their feet are larger than normal or for basketballs players. In my case, this is my situation. I used to wear 10.5 3E. Now that size is pinching my feet. I buy my clothes through the Haband company in PA. They do sell larger size shoes. I have been able to buy 2X wide 10.5 4E. But they only sell sneakers in that size. I’d like to purchase dress or casual shoes. Does anyone know where I can buy the shoe size I mentioned above that won’t cost me an arm and a leg? Thank you.

  119. There is another company that I think should be included: Be Real Shoes.
    Minimalist shoes made in USA !

  120. The black striped sandals in the picture are adorable. Who makes them?

  121. Sven clogs are made in Minnesota.

  122. J. W. Russell, custom-fitted, made to order boots, moccasins, and shoes, made in Michigan.

  123. Please add my shoes to your list. I hand craft custom wool shoes. I am the first maker of 100% USA made Wet Felted Wool boots. They are seamless boots that are made by sculpting the wool to conform to my customer’s foot and they look like a classic hiking boot. I use only US raised wool, a Vibram sole manufactured in Massachusetts, even my cobbler’s glue and grommets are made in the USA! Wool is naturally antimicrobial, flame retardant, durable and because the footbed is part of the seamless shoe it naturally molds to the shape of the foot, providing perfect arch support.

  124. Oh, I forgot to mention where you can find them. Find me on facebook at or on Etsy at Coming soon – children’s wool shoes. I also teach people who to make their own custom wet felted shoes for those of you who are dying for an exact custom fit.

  125. Jill Weinberger says:

    All the Athena Alexander shoes available from the link here are listed on the Nordstrom site (the destination of the link) as “imported.” Just purchased three pairs of Athena Alexanders from Amazon & every single pair was made in China, despite info on their Amazon page saying they make all their shoes from Italian materials in California. I don’t know where the “imported” ones on the Nordstrom site are made, as I’m not going to make the mistake of ordering online again and there was no further info on their site.

  126. I have not heard of many of these brands. I am glad to know about Made in the USA shoes and I can look for these now.

  127. Truman Boot company. Recently moved to Boulder, CO. Have been making boots in the USA for several years.

  128. California Magdesians Is this company even still in existence? Your link goes to Amazon which are clearance shoes. They used to be sold by other retailers.

  129. Someone else has mentioned Carson Footwear, a small company making minimalist running shoes in Oregon. I would like to add that I have been running in the Carson Black-Ops shoe for a couple of weeks, and it is a superbly built and very comfortable shoe.

  130. Filson has boots made in USA.

  131. Emmanuel Koduah says:

    I am Emmanuel from Ghana,i am a professional shoe maker seeking for a job in you reputable company.

  132. What a comprehensive list! Thanks!
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  133. Steven Gwynne says:

    You missed quite a few small artisan shoemakers. All of them are either bespoke or made to order:

    Crary’s in Portland, Oregon

    The Sandhills Boot Company in Cody, Nebraska

    Daphne Board in Holyoke, Mass

    Cord Shoes & Boots in Atlanta, Georgia

    Hark Weber Studio Shoes in St.Paul, Minnesota

    Paul Opperman Custom Boots in Dubuque, Iowa

    Kika Bespoke in Brooklyn, New York

  134. Ruth James says:

    I would like to have a pair of Moon boots made who do I call

  135. i need some usa shoes manufacturer, +919528191978 pls whats app detail

  136. I haven’t heard of a lot of these brands. Totally didn’t know that so many of them were still made in the USA! Love it!

  137. Cynthia C says:

    Thank you for the list. As some have stated, only some of New Balance styles are made in the USA. You need to check the country of origin.

  138. Tamra Phelps says:

    I need to check into the SOM sneakers for hard to fit feet. I’m diabetic, so I need wider shoes that fit reall comfortably & won’t irritate my feet.

  139. The shoes I found were all marked “imported.” That does not sound to me like Made in the US!

  140. Please add Wassookeag Moccasins to your list, we make 100% Leather, 100% Handcrafted, 100% Made in America Moccasins.

    Thank you in advance!!


  141. I didn’t see Gokey from Tipton, MO on your list. They are fantastic shoes totally made here in USA. J

  142. The people at just announced a June 8, 2017 Kickstarter launch for their convertible platform sandals—and their top stated values are American made and reducing waste.

  143. You missed Orvis shoes and boots. They offer both USA-made and imported shoes, but their camp mocs are made in Tipton, MO.

  144. Merrell has just started producing hiking boots made in Michigan – the model is called Magano. In reading the comments sections – many first time readers are baffled by what is made in the USA and what is not. There are really very few shoe manufacturers that all the material is all made in the USA and assembled in the US. I feel that assembled in the US is more important than where the materials come from.

  145. Hi Jill,
    If you revise, you can add Mark Albert boots. They are amazing and made in the USA. And new styles are being added.
    : )

  146. Hi!
    Does anyone have a list of vegan shoes made in US?
    Thank you!

  147. Do any of those outfits make women’s shoes that are wide?

    It is an issue for me. Each time I go shopping for shoes all I get is aggravation, because I cannot get into shoes because I have wide feet, and no one bothers to make wide shoes.

    I have reached the point where I live in Crocs in summer and Ugg boots in winter.

    I would love to be able to wear nice shoes.

    Why do shoemakers treat me as if I do not exist?

  148. I’m now not certain where you’re getting your information, but great topic.

    I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding
    more. Thank you for fantastic information I used to be looking for this information for my mission.
    Latest Post: nanooMy Profile

  149. I love the quality of leather sandals made by American manufacturers.

  150. Nice list, but everything from all of these companies is insanely overpriced. I guess I’ll have to stick to Chinese apparel.

  151. Kino Sandals, Inc.
    Handmade in Key West, FL

  152. Wow! In the end I got a web site from where I be capable of really get valuable facts concerning my study and knowledge.
    Latest Post: BernardoMy Profile

  153. Abilene Boots

  154. Helen A Root says:

    i’m looking for shoes for my 5yr. old grandson that are made in America suggestions please.

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