American-Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List

Shoe Brands Made in USA

We’ve had many inquires about American made shoes. I admit, they are difficult to find.  I’ve put together a pretty extensive list. Let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Source List:  American Made Shoes

To make your American made shoes even more comfy, try Piggy Pillows’ flip flop insoles or American-made soft gel foot cushions from Body and Sole Comfort. Have we missed anything on this list of American made shoe brands?  Which is your favorite?  Share other American made shoes brands with us. Disclosure: USA Love List received some products in this post unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.

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  1. Really very good reviews for people.i found your site and click on a boot but getting problem.I dont know what was it.Thanks for nice sharing
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    • Please elaborate which styles are made in the US. Redwing DOES NOT make all of its models in the US. MY women’s composite toe are now made in China. I was embarrassed I posted this without reading first and it was pointed out. Thanks for your efforts, lets go the extra effort.

  2. New Balance needs to be removed from the list. They have “Made In Vietnam”. At least the last two pairs I bought were.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. Last visit to NB store turned up Vietnam, Indonesia, and China on inside. Gluing two pieces manufactured in two different foreign countries is NOT Made In America.

      • probably the reason they fall apart a lot faster these days. good for them, they got to keep the price high while finding the extra savings at the expense of a consumer…

    • Totally agree. Just bought a pair yesterday and found when I got home they were made in China.

    • NB has one or two lines made in America. You have to read the labels, because the others are still made elsewhere.

      • Exactly on the New Balance–check to see if US made or not. Wolverine, Red Wing, and a bunch more of the above have lines made overseas. New Balance is still aces with me. They are the ONLY quality athletic shoe that still has ANYTHING made in the US. Check the websites–they will usually have a MADE IN USA filter.

  3. You need to mention that not all styles of Wolverine Boots are made in the US. I recently bought a pair and was angry to find out that they were made in China.

  4. soft Star is a great shoe maker here in Corvallas,OR

  5. P. W. Minor Shoes, made in upstate New York since 1867.

    150 years and four generations later, the Minor family remains true to this commitment. Still crafting shoes in their factory in Batavia, New York. Still engineering and building comfort and precision fit into every pair.

  6. You forgot to put Lowa. Made in Slovakia.

  7. The last three pairs of frye i purchased were made in china!!! Contacted frye and they were evasive about it. I don’t care, frye, if you call it “put together in china” it’s the same thing as made in china which is what the stamp says. No way in hell should you charge hundreds of dollars for shoes made in China pretending that your shoes are US made! The way they get around it: “Oh, we use factories in Mexico, China and USA.” Frye had gone cheap and became nothing but an advertising ploy.

  8. New Balance currently still makes a couple of their shoes in Boston: the 990 being one of them. US consumer buying habits have caused these companies to manufacture oversees. If you see a company manufacturing in the US, then support their efforts. Every product has to show where it’s made. If it’s not made here, don’t buy it. As Americans, we’ve become addicted to cheap crap.

  9. Chippeawa makes great boots In USA so does Danner

  10. Sebago sent out a release saying that they are bringing a line or two back to the US. Also, Sperry Topsider has a VERY small US production of original topsiders. They are about 5 times the price of the Chinese stuff. (Levi Strauss also has the same thing with a small US production of jeans, that cost $$$)

  11. Jeff Bolton says:

    Danner boots of portland oregon while not all of thier line is made in usa as much is as red wing

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  13. Thanks for writing this article! I just started working at Cove Shoe factory in Pennsylvania. A few of the brands on this list are made there: Frye, Carolina, and Walkover – but we make a whole lot more. Increasingly more shoe companies are running a “made in the USA” line, so keep buying USA made! It’s working. :)

  14. Hi Jill,

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