Mission Impossible? American-made Gifts for Tweens and Teens


Tweens and Teens – American Made Gifts

No big surprise that ipods, iphones, laptops and video games top the Christmas lists of the tweens and teens in our lives. We all know none of those items are to be found manufactured in America, but here are some great gift ideas that are. Now I’m not saying that you will get the same reactions to these gifts as you would the iPhone5 on Christmas morning, but hey, they’re made in the USA (and tweens/teenagers are too cool to react much anyhow).

For the sports minded tween/teen on your list, Louisville Slugger wooden baseball bats and Wilson footballs are both American made.  Fun fact: According to the Wilson website, the NFL is the only sports league that uses balls manufactured in the USA.

For the skateboarder, SHUT skateboards are made in New York City.

For the artsy and crafty tweens and teens, the Earth Oil Paint Kit is nontoxic, made from natural clay colors and is professional artist quality paint. The Paint with Wool Portrait Kit and the Wire and Bead Art Kit are just a few of the Eco-friendly creative art kits assembled in the USA by Artterro. They use as many USA-made components as possible and the kits are assembled through Goodwill.

Anything Hunger Games themed, like this made in the USA Hunger Games sweatshirt from Cafepress, will be a winning gift for that tween/teen who read all the  books and saw the movie over and over and….

For the beauty conscious tweens and teens on your list,Good For You Girls is a product line of non-toxic, vegan, gluten free skin and body care items. Piggy Paint, non toxic nail polish, is LOVED by us here at USA Love list (and is on my shopping list!). Hair feathers, like those pictured from Fine Featherheads are a huge hit with girls of all ages this year.

Tweens and teens like making their bedroom their own personal space, so how about getting them a gift for their room? The Wake Up Frankie website is THE place to go find items to GLAM the bedroom of the tween/teen on your list. Almost every item on their website is manufactured in the USA, except for the lighting, and some of the seating items. The Wake Up Frankie Team is easy to reach via Message on Facebook and will answer you back with any questions you have about their products. American Made Dorm and Home is also a great site to check out for American made bedding and curtains. They even carry college themed rugs for the sports enthusiast.

And last, but not least, you can never go wrong with supporting local businesses and purchasing gift cards or gift certificates.  Gift cards to the local movie theater, and popular diner or cafe hang out would make a great gift for the ever cash strapped kiddos of this age group. A gift certificate for voice or music lessons, one on one coaching, or art classes could also be welcomed gifts.  Tweens and teens love gift cards.  This allows them to make their own choices.  We all know that teens and tweens love to have a little freedom of choice!

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  1. Love the suggestions! I got Fine Featherheads and Piggy Paints for my tween niece because of your suggestion. I know she'll love them! Thank you!
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